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Danny Sway

Alice Newell-Hanson

OC Worldwide

Oxford, England


Nom nom nom

Free to Be You & Me


Jules et Jim

Alice's blog posts:

  • Mon, November 25, 2013
    It takes one week to make a J oya candle from start to finish. Watching this process at the fragrance company's Brooklyn studio last week was like watching an artisinal version of the Science Channel classic  How It's Made . ... MORE

  • Tue, December 3, 2013
    These days, chefs are treated like celebrities who also have superhuman powers. So who are these Croc-wearing food wizards? Where do they find their BITES ON A BUDGET ? And where do they go to splurge? In " TOP CHEF, TOP EATS ," we ask ... MORE

  • Thu, November 21, 2013
    Resort season is all about getting away; escaping the city to the sound of a revving engine, your hair flying in the wind. Or, let's be real, maybe you get a Zip Car and drive upstate. ... MORE

  • Mon, December 9, 2013
    The mission: to find inspiration pieces for Venessa Arizaga 's Fall/Winter 2014 collection. The destination: CJS, a wholesale vintage jewelry warehouse in New York's garment district, whose owners' only requirement for entry is that you know ... MORE

  • Tue, November 19, 2013
    Jude Kazer, aka Yung Bambi , is a long-time favorite of OC   editorials, most recently, Rihanna for River Island . A bona fide downtown girl, Jude works at the Jane Hotel and shoots photography in her spare time. ... MORE

  • Fri, November 22, 2013
    Earlier this month, behind a lavender curtain in a fitting room in New York's East Village, I found out everything I ever wanted to know about latex. ... MORE

  • Mon, November 18, 2013
    As French designer Anaïs Lalu explains below, Brussels fashion school La Cambre is a breeding ground for the big fashion houses. ... MORE

  • Wed, November 13, 2013
    I spent my one allotted minute inside Yayoi Kusama 's brand new infinity room trying to take a good Instagram. Regrets! Instagram is an oddly fitting medium for proliferating the work of an artist whose lifelong themes include self-reflection and ... MORE

  • Mon, November 11, 2013
    In July of this year, Belgium crowned a new queen, Queen Mathilde—incidentally, the first-ever Belgian-born Queen consort—who is frequently spotted in homegrown designers like Dries Van Noten . ... MORE

  • Tue, November 5, 2013
    I love a pet portrait (who doesn't?). And when that pet is a poodle? And it's holding a bouquet of roses? I can't. The poodle in question is the star of Belgian designer Jezabelle Cormio 's bravura graduate collection, "The Continental. ... MORE

  • Fri, November 1, 2013
    Today is November 1st. In case you couldn't tell by the witch sitting next to you on the subway this morning. It's a truth universally acknowledged that the worst walk of shame is the one which happens on Halloween. ... MORE

  • Fri, November 1, 2013
    WeberHodelFeder is a mouthful, granted. But it's a name you should commit to memory. The one-year-old Belgian shoe line, founded by friends Matthias Weber, Niklaus Hodel, and Florian Feder, has already honed its signature style, a mixture of ... MORE

  • Thu, October 31, 2013
    Gerlan Marcel's latest collection is like the living embodiment of Diana Vreeland's legendary Harper's Bazaar column "Why Don't You. ... MORE

  • Mon, October 28, 2013
    Last-minute Halloween costume meltdowns. They can happen to anyone. Sometimes that thrift store doesn't have the right Carrie prom dress or Garth glasses. ... MORE

  • Fri, October 25, 2013
    You literally could not have missed Kenzo's fall ad campaign. The images are on billboards; they're in every magazine. Last month double-decker  BUSES  in Paris were plastered with them. ... MORE

  • Thu, October 24, 2013
    "My wife's mom takes Italian classes with Dirk Van Saene's aunt," laughed  Devon Halfnight LeFlufy as we walked down a street in Antwerp's southern quarter last month. ... MORE

  • Tue, October 22, 2013
    1.7 billion servings of Coca-Cola are sold every day. In over 200 countries. Which makes the megabrand's latest project even more unique. Coca-Cola has teamed up with LA-based designer Dr. ... MORE

  • Mon, October 21, 2013
    Mark your calendars, RihannaNavy. On November 7th, Rih launches the second capsule of her Fall/Winter 2013 collection for British high street retailer River Island . ... MORE

  • Fri, October 18, 2013
    In " The Look " OC friends drop by to try on our favorite new arrivals, and tell us about their wardrobe preferences past and present. ... MORE

  • Wed, October 16, 2013
    WTF is an Internet-generation opera? Ask Nico Muhly, a classical composer and an active tweeter who regularly throws words like "homegirls" into conversation. A Philip Glass protogé, Muhly has worked with everyone from Usher to Björk. ... MORE

  • Wed, October 16, 2013
    Attention, attention!  M.I.A. and Donatella Versace have collaborated on a collection for Versace Versus—inspired by Versace counterfeits—and it launches in Versace stores today. OK, you already knew that. ... MORE

  • Tue, October 22, 2013
    Cult European brand  COS  has officially landed in the US for the very first time—exclusively at Opening Ceremony. ... MORE

  • Mon, October 21, 2013
    Cult European brand COS has officially landed in the US for the very first time—exclusively at Opening Ceremony. To celebrate, we enlisted photographer Thomas Lohr to shoot a COS at Opening Ceremony EDITORIAL featuring some of our favorite ... MORE

  • Fri, October 18, 2013
    Cult European brand COS has officially landed in the US for the very first time—exclusively at Opening Ceremony. To celebrate, we enlisted photographer Thomas Lohr to shoot a COS at Opening Ceremony EDITORIAL featuring some of our favorite ... MORE

  • Thu, October 17, 2013
    Cult European brand  COS  has officially landed in the US for the very first time—exclusively at Opening Ceremony. ... MORE

  • Wed, October 16, 2013
    Cult European brand COS has officially landed in the US for the very first time—exclusively at Opening Ceremony. To celebrate, we enlisted photographer Thomas Lohr to shoot a COS at Opening Ceremony editorial featuring some of our favorite ... MORE

  • Thu, October 17, 2013
    Manga monsters fascinate  Minju Kim . We're not talking Sailor Moon  oversized eyes and knee-highs, but actual stuff-of-nightmares monsters drawn by Japanese horror artist Junji Ito. ... MORE

  • Tue, October 15, 2013
    Cult European brand COS has officially landed in the US for the very first time—exclusively at Opening Ceremony. To celebrate, we enlisted photographer Thomas Lohr to shoot a COS at Opening Ceremony editorial featuring some of our favorite ... MORE

  • Tue, October 15, 2013
    The people have asked and Eytys has provided. Ever since the Swedish sneaker brand dropped its first collection (well, its first two colorways) of simple canvas shoes last spring, the hype has been building. ... MORE

  • Mon, October 14, 2013
    Cult European brand COS has officially landed in the US for the very first time—exclusively at Opening Ceremony. To celebrate, we enlisted photographer Thomas Lohr to shoot a COS at Opening Ceremony editorial featuring some of our favorite ... MORE

  • Mon, October 14, 2013
    Wool sweaters, check. Plaid shirts, check. It’s suddenly fall and Patrik Ervell ’s latest collection has everything you need to do it in. ... MORE

  • Fri, October 11, 2013
    The wait is finally over: cult brand COS is launching in the US this season with an exclusive pop-up shop at Opening Ceremony! COS has long been one of our favorite labels to pick up on trips to Europe, so we are beyond excited to introduce it to ... MORE

  • Fri, October 18, 2013
    Like any museum, the ModeMuseum (or MoMu ) in Antwerp, works like an iceberg: what you see on a surface level is just a tiny fraction of its full size. ... MORE

  • Tue, October 8, 2013
    From bucket hats to Birkenstocks, what goes around comes back around. In " TRACE THE TREND ," we take a look at our favorite pieces of the moment as worn by our favorite icons. This fall, OC is lovin' the loafer. ... MORE

  • Mon, September 9, 2013
    This year, the fashion department at Antwerp's Royal Academy of Fine Arts hits the big five zero. To celebrate, MoMu , the Mode Museum in Antwerp, has mounted an unmissable retrospective exhibition of the school's history. ... MORE

  • Mon, October 7, 2013
    Looking back, the idea of Walter Van Beirendonck , Dries Van Noten , Dirk Van Saene, Dirk Bikkembergs, Marina Yee, and Ann Demeulemeester all being in the same classroom is kind of ridiculous. But that's what happened. ... MORE

  • Mon, October 7, 2013
    Building on her (and our) favorite themes, Serafina Sama's second collection delivers sequined tops, perfect pants, and coats made of teddy-bear fur. If there's anything that could make you look forward to winter it's teddy-bear fur coats. ... MORE

  • Fri, October 4, 2013
    The Royal Academy in Antwerp and La Cambre in Brussels are arguably two of the best fashion schools in the world, and they both happen to be in Belgium. ... MORE

  • Tue, October 1, 2013
    Each season TSUMORI CHISATO reveals something new and exotic from the world inside her head. Throughout the year, sketchbook in hand, she travels the world (the one the rest of us live in) for inspiration, and for Spring/ ... MORE

  • Tue, October 1, 2013
    Melting fish prints, spiral necklaces, sunglasses with detachable earrings... You can rely on Kenzo 's creative directors, OC's Carol and Humberto, to bring it when it comes to accessories and finishes. ... MORE

  • Sun, September 29, 2013
    At 10am Paris time today, the enormous Cité du Cinéma became  Kenzo 's latest surprise show venue. Nicknamed "Hollywood-sur-Seine," the former electrical plant in the northern suburbs is now a studio complex run by director Luc ... MORE

  • Fri, September 27, 2013
    Remember those plastic stretch chokers you used to buy at the mall? Guillaume Henry does. His spring girl was that first cool girl you saw wearing one––the girl who made you run straight to Claire's. ... MORE

  • Mon, September 30, 2013
    From the blinding white walls to the 15 or so pairs of pristine basketball socks worn by the models, Christian Wijnants ' spring show was FRESH. Pops of eclectic blue made his whites look whiter, and sheer fabrics kept things lighter than light. ... MORE

  • Fri, September 27, 2013
    Olympia Le-Tan 's show last night made you wish that more fashion shows involved sharks, nipple tassels, and a sense of humor. ... MORE

  • Wed, September 25, 2013
    Today I heard Radiohead bass guitarist Colin Greenwood play and saw one of my favorite Dries Van Noten collections of all time. At the same time. To be honest, it's still a blissed-out blur. But here's what happened (I think). ... MORE

  • Fri, September 27, 2013
    Simon Jacquemus presented his spring collection in a basement-level arcade in Paris' 2nd arrondissement yesterday. There was a mob—an actual mob—outside the door that made you feel like you were elbowing your way into a record signing ... MORE

  • Fri, September 27, 2013
    Julien David 's world is a magical place where cute and cool live together in harmony. Sweet but never cloying, forward but never faddy, his street wear-inspired clothing is full of little details that make you go "oh!" His spring ... MORE

  • Wed, September 25, 2013
    Cédric Charlier is made of tougher stuff than the sugar and sweetness he treated us to at Cacharel. His spring show yesterday was held at the beautiful, slightly Spartan Palais des Beaux Arts in Paris, where models stormed down a red clay runway to ... MORE

  • Mon, September 23, 2013
    Paging all ravers, clubbers, and latex lovers: This season, as part of OC's year of Belgium , we are stocking a selection of limited-edition archival pieces from W&LT , Walter Van Beirendonck's now defunct 90s women's and menswear line. ... MORE

  • Thu, October 3, 2013
    Is there a word for chic in Italian? If there is, Bionda Castan a 's lace pumps, velvet boots, and buckled brogues are it. The label is the project of two half-Italian Londoners, friends Natalia Barbieri and Jennifer Portman, and was named after the ... MORE

  • Thu, September 12, 2013
    Suede, suiting, and wool that looked like shag carpeting. It may sound like a heavy mix, but the spring collection Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez showed yesterday was light as air. ... MORE

  • Mon, September 23, 2013
    Within two minutes of meeting Odile Gilbert you know that: she smokes, she drinks cappuccinos ("with none of that cinnamon Americans love to add"), she speaks her mind, she is very chic (she loves an Alaïa legging), she is totally ... MORE

  • Tue, September 10, 2013
    Last season, Kate and Laura Mulleavy looked to their native Santa Cruz for inspiration. For Spring/Summer 2014 things were looking more Rodeo Drive than tie-dye-touting beach town. ... MORE

  • Mon, September 9, 2013
    Some reasons why Mark McNairy's shows are always fun: the soundtrack is the kind of classic rock you blast on road trips; the models aren't always just models (this season Nick Wooster, Pusha T, and Mark's daughter Daisy all walked); sometimes ... MORE

  • Mon, September 9, 2013
    The audience at Delpozo was in raptures after the brand's spring show on Saturday. While they mostly spoke in very fast Spanish, my grade-school level vocabulary could pick up  que hermosa . ... MORE

  • Tue, September 10, 2013
    What eye makeup do you wear with a futuristic pinafore dress? What's the best hair to complement a storm trooper visor? For our first-ever OC runway show on Sunday, we called in the experts to ensure our Spring/ ... MORE

  • Mon, September 9, 2013
    Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta showed their spring collection in an ALDI supermarket car park in Berlin this weekend. It was streamed live to a packed theater at the Anthology Film Archives in New York. ... MORE

  • Sun, September 8, 2013
    The stars of Ostwald Helgason's spring presentation last night were a pair of humping balloon dogs. (At least, according to all the photos on Instagram). ... MORE

  • Sat, September 7, 2013
    It was T-10 until SUNO's spring runway show. Backstage, models were trying to have their picture taken with Tyson Chandler (who made a surprise appearance), while also having their hair finished (slicked back but natural) by super-stylist ... MORE

  • Fri, September 6, 2013
    The hair was one of the first things you noticed at Highland's presentation last night. It was Hanson hair. As in of the seminal boy band Hanson, whose members, at their prime in 1996, had FLAWLESS honey-blond surfer cuts. ... MORE

  • Mon, September 30, 2013
    David Vandewal's collages were just a myth before we called him up for confirmation earlier this year. David is now a freelance consultant and stylist based in New York. ... MORE

  • Thu, September 5, 2013
    Last night, Rachel Comey hosted the best kind of fashion week event—one that involves food. And she kindly invited us backstage to scope out the collection before her other dinner guests arrived. ... MORE

  • Wed, September 4, 2013
    It's Fashion Week. And however you may feel about that, you can't hate being offered champagne before noon. This morning, James and I stopped by the Anndra Neen showroom, which also happens to be the home of designers Phoebe and Annette Stephens. ... MORE

  • Wed, September 4, 2013
    From bucket hats to Birkenstocks, what goes around comes back around. In " TRACE THE TREND ," we take a look at our favorite pieces of the moment as worn by our favorite icons. ... MORE

  • Fri, August 30, 2013
    I have major fauxmo right now. There is so much faux fur around, I'm missing out, and I want in. The question is, do I want a Kara backpack, a Chloë for OC coat, or a Proenza clutch? Decisions, furcisions. ... MORE

  • Tue, August 27, 2013
    From bucket hats to Birkenstocks, what goes around comes back around. In " TRACE THE TREND ," we take a look at our favorite pieces of the moment as worn by our favorite icons. ... MORE

  • Mon, September 30, 2013
    From bucket hats to Birkenstocks, what goes around comes back around. In " TRACE THE TREND ," we take a look at our favorite pieces of the moment as worn by our favorite icons. ... MORE

  • Mon, August 26, 2013
    Along with Skechers and UFO pants, studded jewelry was a point at which my ideas about what I should be wearing and my mom's diverged. And then came summer camp and my first exposure to American malls. ... MORE

  • Wed, August 28, 2013
    When the word Belgium began being whispered around Opening Ceremony, the name Dries Van Noten soon followed. One of the true Belgian fashion greats (and the famous Antwerp Six), Dries has arrived at Opening Ceremony stores this season—as we ... MORE

  • Fri, August 23, 2013
    When a friend sent me the link to a couple of weeks ago, I thought,  Urgh, stop sending me links to online dating sites guys . But then I read it, realized what it was, and kept reading it until one in the morning. ... MORE

  • Wed, August 21, 2013
    The new Jacquemus collection has arrived at OC and I'm obsessed with the pieces. All the pieces. Titled "La Piscine," the collection is an ode to the swimming pool in blue, white, and red. ... MORE

  • Mon, August 19, 2013
    In " The Look " OC friends drop by to try on our favorite new arrivals, and tell us about their wardrobe preferences past and present. ... MORE

  • Thu, August 15, 2013
    Angora, ankhs, and teen angst! Today,  Chloë Sevigny ’s fifth collection for OC launches in stores and online. Inspired by the protest movement, Chloë adopts mod-ish silhouettes for Fall/ ... MORE

  • Tue, August 13, 2013
    From bucket hats to Birkenstocks, what goes around comes back around. In " Trace the Trend ," we take a look at our favorite pieces of the moment as worn by our favorite icons. ... MORE

  • Mon, August 12, 2013
    In "The Look" OC friends drop by to try on our favorite new arrivals, and tell us about their wardrobe preferences past and present. In New York in the summer you feel like it could rain at any moment. ... MORE

  • Thu, August 8, 2013
    The Belgians are coming! This morning we reintroduce Alexandra Verschueren . For those of you to who her name is unfamiliar, first of all, read our blog ! To fill you in: Alexandra is a former student of the Royal Academy (you know, just that ... MORE

  • Wed, August 7, 2013
    We've been waiting for Highland 's fall collection to drop in stores ever since the brand's lava-lamp-lit and smoke-filled  presentation back in February. ... MORE

  • Tue, August 6, 2013
    From bucket hats to Birkenstocks, what goes around comes back around. In "Trace the Trend," we take a look at our favorite pieces of the moment as worn by our favorite icons. ... MORE

  • Fri, August 2, 2013
    With so many fresh items popping up each day, OC's fashion editor, Alice, brings you her favorites in " THIS JUST IN ." One of my favorite looks of all time is sweater over dress. ... MORE

  • Fri, August 2, 2013
    This season, we're excited to bring you the first line of women's playthings from Japanese brand Tenga !   Named Iroha, the collection of three mochi-colored toys is a perfect union of delectable design and seriously advanced technology. ... MORE

  • Thu, August 1, 2013
    Code red! Code red! Kenzo skirts, Gaultier clutches, Acne Studios shoes—this season we're seeing every shade of red. Is it the new black? We'll let you decide! Clockwise from bottom left: clutch by  JEAN PAUL GAULTIER ; s kirt by Kenzo ; ... MORE
  • Fri, August 2, 2013
    Thanks to the ADIDAS ORIGINALS X OC  Fall/Winter 2013 collection, we're feeling sportier than ever! In the " LET'S GET PHYSICAL " series, we check in with friends to find out how they stay in shape. ... MORE

  • Tue, July 30, 2013
    The best bagel in London can be yours for 25p at 159 Brick Lane. 25p! One of the best meals in London for less than 40 cents (discounting the fillings, which will cost you a bit extra). It's like a price that time forgot. ... MORE

  • Mon, August 5, 2013
    Look at Simone Rocha 's new collection and then tell me how much you want to meet her grannies. Inspired by Granny Rocha and Granny Gleason, Simone's fall collection offers a more grown-up spin on her much-loved signatures: lace, pastels, bows, and ... MORE

  • Tue, July 30, 2013
    If you make something perfect, why change it? Jonathan "J.W." Anderson is the grand master of mixing things up (bustiers for boys, anyone?) but he also knows when he's got a good thing going. ... MORE

  • Fri, July 26, 2013
    With so many fresh items popping up each day, OC's fashion editor, Alice, brings you her favorites in " THIS JUST IN ." With the fall deliveries of Dries Van Noten and Raf Simons arriving in stores, a walk through OC means I'm kind of ... MORE

  • Thu, August 1, 2013
    Last week I met the designer of my new favorite bag line at my new favorite juice spot. Over watermelon coolers (seasoned with lavender!) at The Butcher's Daughter on the LES, Sarah Law, the creator of New York-based label KARA , chatted to me about ... MORE

  • Wed, July 24, 2013
    Hi-tech cornrows? Compression boot pants? Dominican designer Raul Lopez is a visionary because every season he shows us something we haven’t seen before. Ever. Like fall's "orthopedic sling-backs. ... MORE

  • Tue, July 23, 2013
    Maybe it's the escalators and shining counters in the lookbook, or the metallic handbag that reminds me of a Fendi Baguette, but Kenzo 's pre-Fall collection brings to mind a golden era of shopping. Like Rodeo Drive in the 90s. ... MORE

  • Thu, July 18, 2013
    With so many fresh items popping up each day, OC's fashion editor, Alice, brings you her favorites in " THIS JUST IN ." I love polo dresses. ... MORE

  • Thu, July 18, 2013
    We heart Rodarte 's new 3-D logo T-shirts and sweaters. As in, we can't stop staring at them. When we walk past them in the store we just want to touch them. We think about them when we're supposed to be working. ... MORE

  • Tue, July 16, 2013
    This season, Scott Sternberg imagined what his very own city of the future would look like, and what its inhabitants would wear. I mean, most people envisage space suits, right? And floating taxis? No, no. ... MORE

  • Mon, July 15, 2013
    When the swimwear samples arrive at the Prism offices in London, designer Anna Laub makes  everyone  try them on. "I want to see what they look like on big boobs, small boobs, medium boobs; it's about everyone’s shapes and ... MORE

  • Mon, July 15, 2013
    Last Thursday, at about four in the afternoon, I was standing in a sub-zero freezer with Klaus Beisenbach . The director of MoMA PS1 was halfway through giving us a personal tour of the gallery's current exhibition, Expo 1: New York. ... MORE

  • Fri, July 12, 2013
    A toad in a burger bun. A bar of soap with a bite mark... For this super, super limited-edition collection of surrealistic sweaters, Italian brand MSGM raided the image bank of the one and only Toilet Paper magazine—run by artist Maurizio ... MORE

  • Thu, July 11, 2013
    This season Keenkeee is iced out with blinding 100-carat prints. The Korean brand is all about eye-poping digital prints (see last season's splash, camo, and tartan pieces) and for Fall/ ... MORE

  • Thu, July 11, 2013
    OK, let's play word associations. I say Armani, you say: suits, suntan, babes on speedboats? The name "Armani" has become shorthand for a specific kind of well-oiled European luxury. ... MORE

  • Tue, July 9, 2013
    After having her second baby, Rachel Comey wanted to design clothes for a wider range of bodies. Is it cheesy if I say "Amen" right now? Whatever. Amen . Pre-Fall 2013 is Rachel's "I'm Every Woman" collection. ... MORE

  • Wed, July 10, 2013
    This summer, we present our latest editorial: Calendar Girls + Boys , a swimsuit calendar done OC's way! Shot by Marcelo Gomes and styled by Catherine Newell-Hanson, the subjects include a cast of OC friends and family. ... MORE

  • Thu, July 4, 2013
    This summer, we present our latest editorial: Calendar Girls + Boys , a swimsuit calendar done OC's way! Shot by Marcelo Gomes and styled by Catherine Newell-Hanson, the subjects include a cast of OC friends and family. ... MORE

  • Tue, July 2, 2013
    With so many fresh items popping up each day, OC's fashion editor, Alice, brings you her favorites in " THIS JUST IN ." The Fourth of July is about being outside, eating, drinking, and hanging out with friends. ... MORE

  • Wed, July 3, 2013
    Opening Ceremony's latest men's collection is a collection full of firsts. For Spring/Summer 2014, we launch a host of new shapes including our very first swim trunks and our first-ever sneaker! Taking inspiration from Korea, the collection reworks ... MORE

  • Tue, July 16, 2013
    Having your hair braided often leaves you feeling like a show pony. I LOVE people playing with my hair but then I usually sneak off to the bathroom to undo it. Fishtail braids are culprit number one for this. ... MORE

  • Mon, July 1, 2013
    Wooyoungmi's spring presentation in Paris last week gave us serious vacation envy. Cornflower blue and bright white complemented each other like colors on a Mediterranean postcard. ... MORE

  • Thu, June 27, 2013
    In the city, you have to exercise wherever you can, on sidewalks, rooftops, even subway trains (apparently). We took our favorite sporting goods up to the roof for a summer soccer session. ... MORE
  • Fri, June 28, 2013
    We woke up on Wednesday morning to the news that both DOMA and Prop 8 had been defeated. (Cue tears, parties, and PRIDE!) These incredible and long-overdue rulings were a landmark victory in the fight for equal rights. ... MORE

  • Thu, June 27, 2013
    "If you invest in one piece every season, make it a jacket," people often say. Something no one says: "Leather jackets are so passé. ... MORE

  • Wed, July 10, 2013
    Hair knotting. You heard it here first. For our latest hair tutorial, Bumble and Bumble stylist Mischa inducted OC into the unexpectedly amazing world of good  knots. The kind you don't want to go at with a Tangle Teezer. ... MORE

  • Fri, June 21, 2013
    Today, on the summer solstice, James Turrell's first solo museum exhibition in New York since 1980 opens at the Guggenheim. As part of a cross-continental retrospective of the artist's work (in association with LACMA and the Museum of Fine Arts, ... MORE

  • Mon, June 24, 2013
    This summer, Rivieras invited architect Rafael de Cárdenas to collaborate on a shoe. (In case you missed it, check out our interview with the Architecture at Large founder here . ... MORE

  • Fri, June 21, 2013
    This season Venessa Arizaga 's charms include: eye balls, dollar signs, donuts, and roast chicken. Blood-shot eye balls, snacks—we'll let you do the math. And, note, it's not easy to make a roast chicken look cute. ... MORE

  • Thu, June 20, 2013
    This season, the Opening Ceremony  girl is on the road with the bright lights of Las Vegas in her sights. And as many wise people/fortune cookies have probably told you, "it's all about the journey. ... MORE

  • Tue, June 25, 2013
    Can you wolf-whistle in type? I don't know, but insert wolf-whistle here. This summer, we are beyond excited to be stocking Anzevino + Bob Mizer , a capsule collection of tees made in collaboration between NYC-based clothing line Anzevino and the ... MORE

  • Wed, June 26, 2013
    Norma Kamali is the queen of jersey. The bikini whisperer. The woman responsible for Farrah Fawcett' s iconic red bathing suit moment. No one is better equipped to help you find the perfect swimsuit than Norma. ... MORE

  • Tue, July 2, 2013
    In a world in which J-Lo insured her butt for $27 million and Tom Jones insured his chest hair for $7 million, how would Jerry Hall even begin to work out her premiums? The Texan model's super-human attributes include endless legs, an endless smile, ... MORE

  • Mon, July 15, 2013
    This summer, we present our latest editorial: CALENDAR GIRLS + BOYS , a swimsuit calendar done OC's way! Shot by Marcelo Gomes and styled by Catherine Newell-Hanson, the subjects include a cast of OC friends and family. ... MORE

  • Fri, July 19, 2013
    This summer, we present our latest editorial:  CALENDAR GIRLS + BOYS , a swimsuit calendar done OC's way! Shot by Marcelo Gomes and styled by Catherine Newell-Hanson, the subjects include a cast of OC friends and family. ... MORE

  • Tue, July 9, 2013
    This summer, we present our latest editorial: CALENDAR GIRLS + BOYS , a swimsuit calendar done OC's way! Shot by Marcelo Gomes and styled by Catherine Newell-Hanson, the subjects include a cast of OC friends and family. ... MORE

  • Wed, July 17, 2013
    This summer, we present our latest editorial: CALENDAR GIRLS + BOYS , a swimsuit calendar done OC's way! Shot by Marcelo Gomes and styled by Catherine Newell-Hanson, the subjects include a cast of OC friends and family. Below, Mr. ... MORE

  • Thu, July 11, 2013
    This summer, we present our latest editorial: CALENDAR GIRLS + BOYS , a swimsuit calendar done OC's way! Shot by Marcelo Gomes and styled by Catherine Newell-Hanson, the subjects include a cast of OC friends and family. ... MORE

  • Fri, July 5, 2013
    This summer, we present our latest editorial: CALENDAR GIRLS + BOYS , a swimsuit calendar done OC's way! Shot by Marcelo Gomes and styled by Catherine Newell-Hanson, the subjects include a cast of OC friends and family. ... MORE

  • Thu, July 18, 2013
    This summer, we present our latest editorial:  CALENDAR GIRLS + BOYS , a swimsuit calendar done OC's way! Shot by Marcelo Gomes and styled by Catherine Newell-Hanson, the subjects include a cast of OC friends and family. ... MORE

  • Mon, July 22, 2013
    This summer, we present our latest editorial: CALENDAR GIRLS + BOYS , a swimsuit calendar done OC's way! Shot by Marcelo Gomes and styled by Catherine Newell-Hanson, the subjects include a cast of OC friends and family. ... MORE

  • Fri, July 12, 2013
    This summer, we present our latest editorial: CALENDAR GIRLS + BOYS , a swimsuit calendar done OC's way! Shot by Marcelo Gomes and styled by Catherine Newell-Hanson, the subjects include a cast of OC friends and family. ... MORE

  • Tue, July 16, 2013
    This summer, we present our latest editorial: CALENDAR GIRLS + BOYS , a swimsuit calendar done OC's way! Shot by Marcelo Gomes and styled by Catherine Newell-Hanson, the subjects include a cast of OC friends and family. ... MORE

  • Wed, June 19, 2013
    I watched a lot of  Cribs  growing up. So, when I eventually moved to America, I assumed that most people had enough white sneakers to wear a clean pair every day, fresh underwear delivered to their door each morning, and enough ... MORE

  • Mon, June 17, 2013
    The brick print in Sunsea 's spring collection reminds me of old Bandai games or Tetris (circa the original 1989 Game Boy). But, aesthetically, the brand is a million miles away from arcade games, malls, and Japan's kawaii culture. ... MORE

  • Fri, June 14, 2013
    Until recently, when I thought about pearls, I thought about my grandmother's oversized earrings. Now, I think about those but I also think about Nektar de Stagni 's smiley pearl pendants and rings. ... MORE

  • Wed, June 12, 2013
    Christopher Kane grew up watching a lot of TV. Clearly, it didn't rot his brains though (so there, mom). Inspired by late-night horror specials, his fall men's collection features the faces of Frankenstein's monster and the creature from  ... MORE

  • Tue, June 11, 2013
    With so many fresh items popping up each day, OC's fashion editor, Alice, brings you her favorites in " THIS JUST IN ." Tonight Opening Ceremony presents its Resort 2014 collection Bluth-style, on a boat on the Hudson River, and New York ... MORE

  • Mon, July 8, 2013
    This summer, we present our latest editorial: CALENDAR GIRLS + BOYS , a swimsuit calendar done OC's way! Shot by Marcelo Gomes and styled by Catherine Newell-Hanson, the subjects include a cast of OC friends and family. ... MORE

  • Tue, June 11, 2013
    Scott Sternberg's collections always tell a story, drawing inspiration from a specific reference (Fall: Billie Holiday; Spring: The Hunger Games ). ... MORE

  • Thu, June 6, 2013
    My sister and I turned up to a family dinner in double double denim last week. I guess that's quadruple denim. We looked like Britney and Justin, or a country music sister act (dreams do come true), or toddlers whose parents dress them in matching ... MORE

  • Wed, June 5, 2013
    Gingham in Opening Ceremony 's spring collection, "Rock Around the Clock" on Olypmia Le-Tan' s spring bags—this can only mean one thing... ... MORE
  • Wed, June 5, 2013
    Since my first day as an English girl at an American summer camp, I have been obsessed by prep (read: preppy boys). Monograms! Polo shirts! Tennis-toned arms! How could you not love this cricket sweater (left) by prep's newest double threat, J. ... MORE

  • Tue, June 4, 2013
    You can tell by looking at a Sidian, Ersatz & Vanes shirt that its designers are all about proportions. Since the brand's beginning in 2011, its three anonymous founders have been nerdily obsessed by creating button-downs with just the ... MORE

  • Mon, June 3, 2013
    Like a darker sequel to spring's sugary Franken-fest, Christopher Kane 's pre-Fall collection has just arrived at OC. Christopher Kane's  first pre-Fall collection. ... MORE

  • Fri, May 31, 2013
    This season, we teamed up with Jupe creative director Jackie Villevoye to produce two OC-exclusive ties. And guess what we decorated them with. Smileys and diamonds (of course). ... MORE

  • Thu, May 30, 2013
    With so many fresh items popping up each day, OC's fashion editor, Alice, brings you her favorites in " THIS JUST IN ." Forget doilies and plant holders, crochet is hot. And better still, it's good for hot weather. ... MORE

  • Mon, June 10, 2013
    Cats! OLT! Just stop it. In case you're as slow as me: chat is the French for cat, so the cha cha cha on this record sleeve-inspired bag kind of sounds like cat cat cat . Too cute. ... MORE

  • Wed, May 29, 2013
    You know what they say about all good things. This season is the final season of Christopher Kane's residency at Versace Versus . Womp womp. (But Jonathan "J.W. ... MORE

  • Tue, May 28, 2013
    As you may have heard, a cicada-geddon is forecast to hit the East Coast, including New York, at some point during the next two weeks. Obviously, we are super excited. ... MORE

  • Sat, May 25, 2013
    Bring on the summer of Rih! Today, as she travels the world on her Diamonds World Tour, OC's favorite Barbadian babe introduces her second collection for British high-street retailer River Island. ... MORE

  • Thu, May 23, 2013
    With so many fresh items popping up each day, OC's fashion editor, Alice, brings you her favorites in " THIS JUST IN ." Some things I loved at Shaun Samson's spring show: studded pool slides (worn with socks), skorts, and oversized ... MORE

  • Fri, May 24, 2013
    There is nothing that can't be assimilated into Mark McNairy 's vocabulary. Think seersucker's too preppy? Stick some daisies on it. Think plaid shirts are boring? Make it three plaids in one shirt. And then stick some daisies on it. ... MORE

  • Wed, May 22, 2013
    Nasir Mazhar 's Spring/Summer 2013 collection is about hot London summers hanging out outside the barbershop and getting sweaty to dancehall. This season, for the first time, that means clothing too. ... MORE

  • Tue, May 21, 2013
    For a lesson in how to wear shirts, Google Jane Birkin. She is the QUEEN BEE of the shirt. She has nailed that classic just-thrown-it-on French look at every age. ... MORE

  • Fri, May 17, 2013
    With so many fresh items popping up each day, OC's fashion editor, Alice, brings you her favorites in " THIS JUST IN ." Anything monogrammed, personalized, logoed—I'm on it. ... MORE

  • Thu, May 16, 2013
    People genuinely used to keep pennies in their penny loafers. Prep school kids in the 50s would stash change under the strap for making pay phone calls. ... MORE

  • Tue, May 28, 2013
    I never went to prom (I grew up in England) so prom season is doubly exciting for me. I like thinking about what I would have worn, but more importantly I like seeing what my friends actually did wear. ... MORE

  • Mon, May 20, 2013
    The second collection from New York- and Paris-based design studio Études is pure island vibes. The proportions are breezy, denim comes in sun-bleached shades, and bright pops of color were inspired by the markings of the Scarlet Macaw. ... MORE

  • Tue, May 14, 2013
    Earlier this month,  Harry and I stopped by Herald Street gallery in East London to see the current exhibition, by British artist Michael Dean. ... MORE

  • Thu, May 9, 2013
    It's nearly prom time guys! As in, it's nearly time for THE BEST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE. If we could do it all over again, we would. Actually we kind of did. ... MORE

  • Mon, May 20, 2013
    Honestly, this should be called "In the Studio with Kit Neale and Two Puppies." When Harry and I turned up at Kit Neale 's London studio, the three of us watched as Harry's French Bulldog, Isaac , and Kit's whippet, Pigeon, fell in love. ... MORE

  • Wed, May 15, 2013
    These Kenzo shorts (left) are the look. Shorts for men can be tricky—there is a large margin for looking like an awkward 12-year-old—but this boxy knee-length style is spot-on. Pun intended. ... MORE

  • Mon, May 13, 2013
    I find picking out ice cream flavors hard. I get overwhelmed by the selection at the drugstore when I'm trying to buy toothpaste. So choosing a favorite from Opening Ceremony 's spring bag collection is tricky. ... MORE

  • Fri, May 17, 2013
    Lace and basketball are an unusual pairing. Unless you're Dennis Rodman or  Astrid Andersen . This season, the Danish designer takes it there with delicate lace jerseys, fur-trimmed tank tops, and organza jogging pants. ... MORE

  • Fri, May 10, 2013
    My guilty, obviously not-so-secret, secret is Nashville. For real, it's amazing. If you miss Friday Night Lights  and love melodrama, glitter, and the music of Patsy Cline, it's for you. ... MORE

  • Wed, May 8, 2013
    Sometimes you wake up in the morning and you just want to throw on jeans and a T-shirt, am I right? Maybe it's raining (like today), maybe you're running late, maybe you're having a Cher Horowitz-style clothing meltdown. ... MORE

  • Tue, May 7, 2013
    Mandals. I've never understood that word. When a man carries a bag, why does it suddenly become a "man bag"? And when he wears sandals, they're still just sandals. I mean, men and women wear sandals a pretty comparable amount. ... MORE

  • Mon, May 6, 2013
    If someone says the words "cool" and "schoolgirl" in the same sentence I immediately think of that mace-wielding Japanese teen assassin from Kill Bill . ... MORE

  • Tue, May 7, 2013
    When I told Lulu Kennedy that we could go absolutely anywhere in London she wanted for our interview, she e-mailed straight back, "Go-karting!" Not only had I not driven a car in three years, but Lulu (on paper) would be intimidating at ... MORE

  • Thu, May 2, 2013
    Julien David's dinosaur print is toying with our hearts this spring! Those tiny T-Rex arms! So we arranged the ultimate playdate: a playdate with Proenza, Eli Reed, and Comme des Garçons. ... MORE
  • Thu, May 2, 2013
    Kaal E Suktae 's Spring/Summer 2013 collection is all about white. Let's not get into the whole Memorial Day question—people wear orange before Halloween and pastels before Easter. ... MORE

  • Thu, May 9, 2013
    Seeing Solange in her custom  Kenzo dress on the Met Ball red carpet was too much! As if we weren't already obsessed with the entire Kenzo korner at OC's Howard Street store. ... MORE

  • Thu, May 30, 2013
    "Apparently I have a love affair with this building," said Pamela Love , sitting in the tchotchke-filled office of her garment-district studio. ... MORE

  • Fri, May 3, 2013
    If you see me in anything but denim shorts, a T-shirt, and sandals past June 1st, something's wrong. But finding the perfect pair of shoes to see you through til September can be tough. ... MORE

  • Tue, April 30, 2013
    In an early episode of  The X-Files , Mulder spray paints the street to mark the location of an alien disturbance (while looking like a mega babe, as always). In my head, that's what all of those neon sidewalk markings in New York are. ... MORE

  • Tue, April 30, 2013
    I headed home to England earlier this month to see friends and get my fix of scones, Pimms, and Percy Pigs (the best gummy candies in world, available only at British food store Marks & Spencer). ... MORE

  • Fri, April 26, 2013
    Mark your calendars and start practicing your eggs Benedict: it's Mother's Day in two weeks today! To help you show your mama you care this May 12th, we've put together a special selection of goodies just for moms. ... MORE
  • Thu, April 25, 2013
    Did you notice anything different this morning? Like how you didn't have to double over against the cold? Spring is here FOR REALZ. It's time to ditch your coat and bring out the crewnecks and cardigans. Because, guess what, you can. ... MORE

  • Wed, May 1, 2013
    Anything that glows in the dark, like anything inflatable, is automatically amazing. Like those little plastic glow dogs? And the planet and star stickers that are probably still on your bedroom ceiling at home? I can't! I love this stuff! When ... MORE

  • Mon, April 29, 2013
    Christopher Kane 's spring collection is FrankenFINE —a beautiful monster pieced together with tape and bolts. We could just eat it up with all its candy colors. ... MORE

  • Tue, April 23, 2013
    Here to make that game of crazy eights a lil bit crazier this spring: limited-edition playing cards by Opening Ceremony x  Spring Breakers . Ring of fire, suck and blow... ... MORE

  • Tue, April 23, 2013
    Merpeople are having a moment. ( Eric Ducharme , haters gonna hate.) But my real crazy obsession is Risto Bimbiloski's spring collection. ... MORE

  • Wed, April 24, 2013
    Each season, Mother of Pearl designer Maia Norman collaborates with a different artist to create a collection printed with their work. For Spring/Summer 2013, she approached Brooklyn-based, Sicilian-born artist Francesco Simeti . ... MORE

  • Mon, April 22, 2013
    Newsflash: It's officially spring in New York. The English person in me wanted to wear shorts this weekend even though it barely hit 60. ... MORE

  • Wed, April 17, 2013
    The little spinning wheel that appears before your iPhone dies is my NEMESIS. This week I've been in London and my phone has died with precision timing every time I am lost, running late, and it's pouring with rain. ... MORE

  • Tue, April 16, 2013
    On Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez's spring runway, the models carried their shoulder bags in their hands, not over their shoulders. This is the girl who wears her hair mussed-up and five-days-old with a beautifully ornate silk dress. ... MORE

  • Fri, April 19, 2013
    There is nothing more fun than working with your friends (as anyone at OC will tell you). And Paula Selby Avellaneda and Juan Hernandez Daels prove it's also a total creative win-win. ... MORE

  • Thu, April 18, 2013
    Can you look at Nektar de Stagni 's pearl necklace without smiling? Seriously? If you can, you may also want to avoid sunshine, puppies, and fun. ... MORE

  • Thu, April 11, 2013
    A good leather jacket is the investment piece to end all investment pieces. Like a white T-shirt or a pair of jeans, it can look punk, femme, James Dean, or Johnny Rotten. And it will only get better with age. ... MORE

  • Mon, April 8, 2013
    These silver leather pants are everything. I love shiny things and pushBUTTON 's spring runway at Seoul Fashion Week  was like magpie heaven. The collection is now on the racks at OC. ... MORE

  • Wed, April 10, 2013
    Track pants, they're not just for exercising (or for being a couch potato). Recently, we at the OC Online office have been wearing a lot of track pants. This doesn't mean we're always on the way to the gym, sadly. ... MORE

  • Fri, April 5, 2013
    Last week Zoe Latta, one half of  Eckhaus Latta,  dropped by OCLA, where the line's Spring/Summer 2013 collection is now on the racks. ... MORE

  • Tue, April 23, 2013
    Gerlan Marcel wants to open the first Gerlan Jeans flagship store in the town of Jean, Nevada. "It's in the desert in the middle of nowhere outside Las Vegas. But it's worth it to be in Jean, Nevada," she says. ... MORE

  • Wed, April 3, 2013
    You can never own too many stripey T-shirts. Fact. To help you broaden your range this spring, here's a selection of super sweet stripes covering everything from canvas clutches to seersucker caps. ... MORE
  • Tue, April 9, 2013
    I accidentally ended up with a HuluPlus subscription this month (obviously I forgot to unsubscribe after my free trial ended). ... MORE

  • Tue, April 2, 2013
    After Kye 's Fall/Winter 2013 show, the OC buying team headed to the designer's Seoul showroom to play with the collection. (And to decide which pieces we'll be stocking in OC stores next season, of course. ... MORE

  • Wed, April 3, 2013
    Drum roll... The spring Kenzo x Vans are now in stock at OC Online! Put your pair on lockdown  here *, before the frenzy begins (imagine Discovery Channel-style scenes of wildlife at watering holes). ... MORE

  • Fri, March 29, 2013
    New York, Paris, and Milan make way for Seoul Fashion Week! This week, check the blog for the latest collections from our featured country of the year, KOREA ! It's official: baby blue fuzz has gone global. ... MORE

  • Tue, April 2, 2013
    My friend and contributing OC photographer  Harry Carr  has a pair of vegetable-print pants. They are patterned with radishes and turnips and they are the envy of everyone we know. ... MORE

  • Fri, March 29, 2013
    Think back: what were you doing on the night of the Millennium? There's a strong chance you were dancing to Euro anthems in a halter top. ... MORE

  • Mon, April 1, 2013
    "The theme for spring is LOVE!" Jenny Fax designer Jen Fang told me last week. Jen's fifth collection has just arrived at OC, and we're super excited to be stocking the Tokyo-based line for the first time. ... MORE

  • Thu, March 28, 2013
    It almost goes without saying that we're fans of Frank Ocean. Who isn't? Scott Sternberg is a fan too. Following in the footsteps of everyone from Rupert Grint  (let's be real: Ron Weasley) to Ed Ruscha , Frank put on the latest Band of ... MORE

  • Wed, April 3, 2013
    Take a look at these platform sneakers by Swedish brand EYTYS (pronounced "80s"). Aren't they kind of perfect? They're called Mother and they are the line's very first shoe style. ... MORE

  • Mon, March 25, 2013
    New York, Paris, and Milan make way for Seoul Fashion Week! This week, check the blog for the latest collections from our featured country of the year, KOREA ! Although it is nominally spring in New York, we're still thinking about coats. ... MORE

  • Fri, April 12, 2013
    Christopher Shannon is a mix master. That goes for his clothing and for his musical compilations, which delight us both at his shows and right here on the blog. Christopher's spring collection has a little of something from everywhere. ... MORE

  • Wed, March 27, 2013
    All I can think about now is Sebastian the calypso crab from  The Little Mermaid. Give me a second... OK. Fleamadonna 's shell-covered bomber jacket is the last word in underwater chic. ... MORE

  • Tue, March 26, 2013
    Zubaz. Bodybuilders wore them, entire NFL teams wore them, even Claudia Schiffer wore them. And if you've seen Spring Breakers , you'll know that Alien wears them too. (He has shorts, in every color. ... MORE

  • Mon, March 25, 2013
    Inspired by several friends who won't stop talking about theirs, I'm finally buying a 202 Factory clutch this week. Things I'm looking forward to about life with a see-through bag: Never scrambling to find my Metro card and missing my train. ... MORE

  • Fri, March 22, 2013
    Pack your bags and spray on the tanning oil. The countdown is over. Today, the Opening Ceremony x Spring Breakers collection launches exclusively at our US and online stores. ... MORE

  • Thu, March 21, 2013
    Old-school skate wear and Soviet-era Olympic sportswear inform Gosha Rubchinskiy 's spring collection. Produced in conjunction with Comme des Garçons, the offering also references 90s Russian club culture ("my favorite mood," says ... MORE

  • Wed, March 20, 2013
    Pack your bags! These spring pieces weren't just inspired by outdoor gear, they actually look like they might be handy on a real life mountaintop, rapid, or campsite. Be prepared. ... MORE
  • Wed, March 20, 2013
    Last season, we introduced Korean brand Goen.J to the US for the first time. (You may have seen Rih rocking the long lace jacket from the fall collection.) Well, this season designer Goen Jung is bringing pretty back once again. ... MORE

  • Tue, March 19, 2013
    Buying a "99% angel, 1% devil" T-shirt from my local shopping center was a big deal. It was the first piece of clothing my mom didn't buy for me. My Gap Kids days are over, I thought as I pinned back my bangs with butterfly clips. ... MORE

  • Sat, March 16, 2013
    Jeremy Scott's new sneakers for adidas Originals have arrived at OC. So go big or go home. Starring in the Spring/Summer 2013 collection are flames, giant logos, and a hologram-effect leather that looks like the prize piece from your grade-school ... MORE

  • Mon, March 18, 2013
    As you can see, Juun.J 's spring collection is awesome. What you can't see is that it also feels awesome. The OC-Exclusive Sweatshirt feels like the lovechild of your favorite hoodie and a wetsuit. ... MORE

  • Fri, March 15, 2013
    Eastpak has a knack for backing new talent ( geddit ?). The backpack giant has previously partnered with the likes of Christopher Shannon as well as fashion stalwarts like Raf Simons. ... MORE

  • Fri, March 15, 2013
    This spring, Opening Ceremony has teamed up with costume designer Heidi Bivens to create a clothing collection inspired by writer/director Harmony Korine’s upcoming film, Spring Breakers. ... MORE

  • Wed, March 13, 2013
    We fell head-over-heels in love with the fantasy prints at Rodarte's  SPRING/SUMMER 2013 SHOW . A little punk and a lot Dungeons and Dragons , the otherworldly patterns brought out our inner goth gamers. ... MORE

  • Mon, March 11, 2013
    OC loves to travel. And shop. Which means packing space is always tight. Which means that a bag with the capacity of two bags is a dream come true. ... MORE

  • Thu, March 7, 2013
    The phrase "statement piece" fills me with horror. But I kind of love the idea of a statement beanie or cap. Gypsy Sport is brand new to OC this season and the line's spring collection of metallic snapbacks and hats trimmed with soda can ... MORE

  • Wed, March 6, 2013
    Like my favorite candy from England (Percy Pigs), or French beauty products , Korean brand  Low Classic is a treasure that's closely guarded by its home country. In fact it's all but impossible to find anywhere outside of Korea . ... MORE

  • Tue, March 5, 2013
    Acne has been a collaborative project since the get-go, and this season proved Jonny Johansson still plays well with others. For Fall/ ... MORE

  • Tue, March 5, 2013
    Dial M for MAJOR! Today is the global launch of Rihanna's debut collection for British brand River Island. This is the singer's first-ever clothing collaboration, and we couldn't be more excited to be its exclusive stockist in the US and Japan. ... MORE

  • Fri, March 1, 2013
    The only thing cuter than SUNO 's spring collection (which just touched down at OC), is seeing its silk sundresses in action in Christelle de Castro 's new campaign video. ... MORE

  • Thu, February 28, 2013
    Motels, margaritas, and matching denim. For all these reasons and more, Florida is Opening Ceremony 's destination of choice for Spring/Summer 2013. To be specific, we headed to Key West—(literally) the most far out all the Florida keys. ... MORE

  • Fri, March 8, 2013
    The perfect height for a heel is the height at which you feel a little taller but can still walk like a human. It's 2.75 inches. ... MORE

  • Wed, February 27, 2013
    This season, it's all about Kathleen  Kye 's knee skirts. As in tiny skirts for your knees. If you haven't seen one before, obviously click through. If you have, Kye's new collection will still be full of surprises. ... MORE

  • Mon, April 15, 2013
    You've met the  Marques'Almeida   girl  and now it's time to meet the boy. This season, Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida debut their first ever menswear collection, exclusively at OC! In keeping with the grit 'n' grunge feel of their ... MORE

  • Mon, March 4, 2013
    Summer jobs. Most of them sucked. But don't you miss messing around with your hometown friends in the stockroom/kitchen/neighbors' backyard? This season Highland takes us back with a collection inspired by long, fun (work-filled) summers. ... MORE

  • Tue, February 26, 2013
    Surfing and girls. Girls and surfing. Hentsch Man 's spring collection sent me deep, deep into a Beach Boys hole. They literally have about ten songs with the word surfing in the title. ... MORE

  • Mon, February 25, 2013
    I have a couple of beanies on heavy rotation throughout winter, but now that the sun is out, it's time for a change. These printed, paneled, metallic, and all-round awesome caps all spell spring. ... MORE

  • Fri, February 22, 2013
    Last weekend, our friend and former OC photographer Lyndsy Welgos opened her second solo show at Rawson Projects in Greenpoint. ... MORE

  • Fri, February 22, 2013
    Raf and Fred are back! That sounds like the long-awaited third  Bill and Ted movie. It's not. But it's just as good. This spring, the design double threat that is Raf Simons x Fred Perry regroups to create its eighth collaborative collection. ... MORE

  • Thu, February 21, 2013
    Fannie Schiavoni 's exceptionally beautiful chain mail pieces have just arrived at OCNY and OCLA. I find it hard to write about chain mail without bringing up my obsession with LOTR , GOT , etc. So that will be the only mention. ... MORE

  • Wed, February 20, 2013
    Last year, my sister and I found some dancing bear socks on St. Marks Place in New York. I have been kicking myself (in boring white ankle socks) every day since for not buying them. So I am ALL about  J.W. ... MORE

  • Tue, February 19, 2013
    Defina Delettrez 's pieces pretty much defy words. Exhibit A: a collar made from rainbow stripes of rubber connected by silver zigzags inset with crystals in multicolor settings and finished with a single large pearl at the center. ... MORE

  • Mon, February 18, 2013
    Camo, velvet, feathers, and BRAINS! If you had to break down Christopher Kane's massive fall collection into categories, those would be them. ... MORE

  • Mon, February 18, 2013
    When I think about 90s Italian Vogue , I think about beauty marks, blowouts, and gold jewelry. In other words, it was a totally glorious time for fashion. ... MORE

  • Fri, February 15, 2013
    On your marks! Today, Opening Ceremony and adidas Originals release a second collection of sports-inspired men’s and women’s ready-to-wear and footwear. This season, the pieces riff on tennis and running gear. ... MORE

  • Wed, February 13, 2013
      Pull out your yearbooks! The Opening Ceremony varsity jacket—now in navy!—and Olympia Le-Tan's bookish clutches have given us a serious case of high school nostalgia. Let's go make out in the projector room above the auditorium. ... MORE
  • Thu, February 14, 2013
    Designer (and OCNY store associate) Layla Racy  will be in her backyard or Prospect Park when she's not working in her studio. Yes, she has a backyard in New York. But we can't be that mad at her, because it inspires her beautiful designs. ... MORE

  • Thu, February 14, 2013
    In the bustle before NYFW, we dispatched cameras to a handful of OC designers. The aim: to see how many snacks, coffee runs, and late-night pizzas go into making a collection. ... MORE

  • Tue, February 12, 2013
    The walk from the R train to the Mark McNairy show yesterday was a clear sign of the designer's cult following. A flood of guys in customized New Era caps, crazy prints, and McNairy brogues walked down West 26th Street. ... MORE

  • Wed, February 13, 2013
    Women with shaved heads clearly play a big role in Shayne Oliver 's imagination. As we saw at the designer's show for  Hood by Air 's  fall collection  on Sunday, San Francisco performance arist Boychild (also of the shaved head) is ... MORE

  • Mon, February 11, 2013
    Everyone was grinning at Lucio Castro's fall presentation yesterday. It was a combination of all the yellow (on the clothes, the floor, and a translucent vinyl partition), the rotating lineup of male models (I love menswear shows), and the story ... MORE

  • Wed, February 13, 2013
    In the bustle before NYFW, we dispatched cameras to a handful of OC designers. The aim: to see how many snacks, coffee runs, and late-night pizzas go into making a collection. ... MORE

  • Sun, February 10, 2013
    The room at the Ostwald Helgason presentation yesterday was packed. The only person missing was Susanne Ostwald (whose flight had been canceled thanks to Nemo) but the show went on. ... MORE

  • Sun, February 10, 2013
    Some key words for Altuzarra Fall/Winter 2013: buttons, hips, fur, mittens, MAJOR. Everything about yesterday's show was on a grand scale. The bass was so heavy it felt like your particles were being rearranged. The lighting was Fierce. ... MORE

  • Mon, February 11, 2013
    Proper Gang launches exclusively at Opening Ceremony this season. For the un-initiated: the line of minimalist streetwear is designed and produced in NYC by OC alum from way back when Max Vanderwoude Gross. ... MORE

  • Fri, February 8, 2013
    The invitation to the N.Hoolywood Fall/Winter 2013 show was a piece of silver card that you could assemble into a tiny model aircraft. The I-beams in the show space, an old industrial building on Eleventh Avenue, were also painted silver. ... MORE

  • Fri, February 8, 2013
    It's been a while since linen vests have been seen around. There's something very Melrose Place , or photo of your mom from the early 90s, about them. ... MORE

  • Thu, February 7, 2013
    Fresh (as in brand new) and fresh (as in COOL) from Korea this spring, is Keenkeee . We're hooked on the label's trippy prints: melting tartan, prowling tigers, and wet-look camouflage with peeping eyes. ... MORE

  • Wed, February 6, 2013
    I love cats. Snoopy is my sprit animal, Grace Coddington is my hero, and I refuse to believe that my own cat is evil despite all the signs. If that makes me a "cat lady," WHATEVER. ... MORE

  • Tue, February 5, 2013
    Last year, Forfex x OC 's collab No Kill Flight Shoes took off ( Rihanna  wore a pair). So for Spring/Summer 2013, we teamed up with Forfex creator Gio Forbice again to bring you the Flight Shoe mark two. ... MORE

  • Mon, February 4, 2013
    It's just ten days until Valentine's Day. Are you ready? If you're yet to book that string quartet and train those doves, OC's favorite man of letters, Derek Blasberg , has come to the rescue once again . ... MORE

  • Mon, February 4, 2013
    In kindergarten we made glittery cards, in school we passed notes, and this year we'll probably send Snapchats. But for the BFs, GFs, BFFs (and, let's be honest, moms, brothers, and pets ) who deserve more than a stream of emoticons this February ... MORE
  • Fri, February 1, 2013
    OC meets DKNY for Spring 2013! This season, we team up with the iconic New York label to present a capsule collection of re-issued styles available exclusively at OC. ... MORE

  • Thu, January 31, 2013
    The Komakino guy can skate and quote Nietzsche at the same time. And we thought texting while we walked was multitasking. This season, designer Federico Capalbo was into the way skaters tuck their T-shirts into their shorts and sling their ... MORE

  • Wed, January 30, 2013
    Pompoms, raccoons, and movie memorabilia. This season OC designers have taken prints and run with them—for a mile. So it's time to get up close and personal with our favorites, seen here on ten perfect printed shirts. ... MORE

  • Tue, January 29, 2013
    The SAG Awards on Sunday night were unexpectedly great, fashion-wise. Now at the mid-point between the Golden Globes and the Oscars, we are officially in high Awards Season—and jacked up on heart-wrenching speeches and best-dressed lists. ... MORE

  • Mon, January 28, 2013
    It's snowing in New York this morning (again, really?), but  Pamela Love 's new collection rides in on a sunny southern breeze. We can always count on the Brooklyner to inject something exotic into even the greyest of days. ... MORE

  • Fri, January 25, 2013
    Kenzo was only the menswear guest designer at Pitti Uomo this season! To mark the occasion, the designers, OC’s own Carol and Humberto, have created a special capsule collection of jungle-themed goodies. ... MORE

  • Mon, January 28, 2013
    We admire anyone who has a look, and whose approach to fashion is as obsessive as ours. In this column we ask OC friends and family to let us rifle through their collections and celebrate their hoarding situations. ... MORE

  • Wed, January 23, 2013
    This season, Parisian brand Wanda Nylon presents its first-ever collection of vinyl rain gear. Transparent PVC is super Polly Maggoo (the kind of thing you wear with drawn-on eyelashes and a sassy leggy pose). ... MORE

  • Thu, January 24, 2013
    Before you read this, watch this . It's the video for "Ray of Light," and it's the inspiration behind Jonny Johansson's latest Acne collection. ... MORE

  • Tue, January 22, 2013
    Raver pants. Gotta love 'em. At Komakino 's Fall/Winter 2013 presentation in Paris last week, designer Federico Capalbo continued to expand his line's angsty vocabulary with nylon bomber jackets, lanyards full of spring clips, and super wide-leg ... MORE

  • Tue, January 22, 2013
    This spring, the OC boy heads south. Destination, Florida! On his to-do list: Cruising the boardwalk in brightly colored denim. Hitting the courts in stripes and sweats. And exploring the Everglades in hi-tech outdoor wear. ... MORE

  • Mon, January 21, 2013
    Animals in miniature versions of human clothing are the best. Even better? Animals in clothing that looks like other other animals. ... MORE

  • Thu, January 17, 2013
    OMG we're in the girls' locker room. (No boyz allowed.) And  House of Holland 's new collection is your maybe once-in-a-lifetime chance to join the cheer squad. So don't blow it. ... MORE

  • Fri, January 18, 2013
    We have some news. There's a new addition to the family (big hug—we still love you just as much). This season, we welcome London-based menswear brand Sibling  to the OC fold. ... MORE

  • Wed, January 16, 2013
    I have a really low tolerance for cute. As in, 99% of pictures of cats on the Internet, or even a photo of a lizard balancing raspberries on its head on Andrew Kuo 's Instagram , will disable me for minutes. Cute is my crack. ... MORE

  • Tue, January 15, 2013
    When life hands you lemons... hold on to them! (If they look anything like this  Alexander Wang bag.) Made from textured leather with a vitamin-C-rich glow, the Dumbo clutch is like a cool, refreshing glass of lemonade. ... MORE

  • Mon, January 14, 2013
    Postalco founder Mike Abelson invented his own crazy contraption to print these notebooks with their deckchair stripes. Inspired by the marks left on a piece of paper trapped under the sliding door in his Tokyo home, Mike wondered about the marks ... MORE

  • Fri, January 11, 2013
    Yesterday, wrapped in "K" blankets and clutching Kenzo hot water bottles, we watched as Carol and Humberto's menswear collection entered new terrain at Pitti Uomo in Florence. ... MORE

  • Fri, January 11, 2013
    Turn that frown upside down and put away the Emergen-C. Here's our recipe for avoiding winter blues and flus. And it doesn't involve hand sanitizer. ... MORE

  • Thu, January 10, 2013
    Only Alexander Wang could make chlorine look cool. Equally, if you told me last week that I'd be into culottes... But the designer's latest collection scores wild card wins with both. ... MORE

  • Wed, January 9, 2013
    I think we can all agree that the phrase "arm candy" is the worst. But the reality can be a different story, as Joomi Lim 's new collection, "Let Them Eat Cake," demonstrates. ... MORE

  • Tue, January 8, 2013
    Versace safety pins made Liz Hurley in 1994. And for Spring 2013, Versace Versus has brought them back—but minus the thigh-high splits (unlucky, Hugh). This time around, the look is more Camden girl than vamp. ... MORE

  • Mon, January 7, 2013
    John Peters started the Cordura messenger bag craze in the 80s (you remember, the ones with the Manhattan skylines...?). And this season the relaunched Peters Mountain Works line delivers even more frenzy-inducing colors. ... MORE

  • Fri, January 4, 2013
    Korea would win the gold in the stationery Olympics every time. So there was no way we were going to miss the opportunity to design our own pencils, paper, and note cards during OC's year of Korea . ... MORE

  • Thu, January 3, 2013
    Walk into any OC store, eyeball an associate, and you'll see we're are hoop earrings' #1 fans. Two rings (plus) per ear is pretty standard. But when you want to get creative, there haven't been many options until now. ... MORE

  • Wed, January 2, 2013
    Who couldn't do with a bit of Soleil right now? Jean Paul Gaultier 's sunny-sounding subcollection turns out vacation wear year-round. ... MORE

  • Mon, December 31, 2012
    If New Year's Eve is about setting good precedents for the year ahead, I want to spend it wearing Christopher Kane . Forget about going to the gym and waking up at seven every morning, I want to wear lace pencil skirts and cracked leather jackets in ... MORE

  • Fri, December 21, 2012
    End of days? No way! Recently, it's seemed like people have been forecasting the apocalypse left, right, and center. Today, though, is that big red cross on your Mayan wall calendar. ... MORE

  • Thu, December 20, 2012
    ¡Que precioso! Venessa Arizaga 's Resort pieces spell out cheeky messages in ceramic beads. This season we'll be lookin' caliente in fuchsia bracelets strung with painted eyeballs, flowers, hearts, and letter beads best worn with a wink. ... MORE

  • Mon, December 24, 2012
    OMG, it's OCJP! This whopping collection (pictured is only a small fraction) of bags, stationery, and pocket-size city maps was created specially for OC Tokyo. And now it's gone global. There are pouches. There are pencil cases. ... MORE

  • Fri, December 28, 2012
    Gahhh! Proenza 's metallic mini PS11 is like a bag from beyond the void! Is it leather? Is it metal? Is it even real? I want to live in its shiny futuristic world! For Resort 2013, Proenza has remade classic styles in an all-new finish, Silver ... MORE

  • Thu, December 20, 2012
      What's cuter than gold ballet shoes? Gold ballet shoes with pop socks. Look down at any OC party and you'll know it's a look we can always get behind. ... MORE
  • Wed, December 19, 2012
    I love cats. And one of the few things that has made me happier than the "staff" of Japanese cat cafes recently (follow wa_sabi  on Instagram now) is the new collection of OC cat sweaters ! The latest versions of our ... MORE

  • Wed, December 26, 2012
    What do you carry to match Resort's mini tennis dresses and cardigans? A bag the color of frosted pink lipstick or a poolside margarita, of course. Opening Ceremony 's Resort 2013 bags (our second ever collection) are now in stores. ... MORE

  • Thu, December 27, 2012
    By the time you read this I will be sipping pina coladas on the beach in Mexico. And if I had packed anything other than swimwear and the strongest sunscreen available over the counter, it would be from Rachel Comey 's resort collection. ... MORE

  • Thu, December 13, 2012
    Marcelo Burlon is a major multitasker. He's a consultant, a stylist, an editor, a DJ, and Riccardo Tisci's right-hand man, and now he can add T-shirt designer to the list. ... MORE

  • Tue, December 18, 2012
    This season, British artist Pablo Bronstein has created a not-so-typical silk scarf specially for OC. Represented by Herald St  (one of Carol and Humberto's favorite galleries in London), Pablo is known for his fantastical paintings of ... MORE

  • Tue, December 11, 2012
    Yesterday, Anna and I visited Le Labo in Nolita. As founders Fabrice and Edouard like to say, it's almost pointless to try and describe a scent in words. But if I had to, I'd say the perfume laboratory and store smells like the South of France. ... MORE

  • Fri, December 7, 2012
    New York is getting seriously cold right now. But it doesn't mean your coat has to be serious too. The leopard-print lining in this Yves Salomon parka is the perfect way to avoid looking like an extra from the The Addams Family all winter, aka ... MORE

  • Wed, December 5, 2012
    Larose caps are the five-star hotel of the five-panel world, so of course they're from Paris. Designed by three obsessive hat-lovers—Marc Beaugé, Isaac Larose Farmer, and Pauline Brosset—each one is handmade by a professional ... MORE

  • Tue, December 4, 2012
    Kuho Jung laughs so much you'd never guess he was the Creative Director of Korea's largest fashion powerhouse, Samsung Cheil, which can't be an easy job. He also designs one of its most successful and talked-about brands, Hexa by Kuho . ... MORE

  • Fri, November 30, 2012
    It's written in the stars! Susan Miller says today is about "lighting up your fun sector." And, right on cue, here are the very sparkly, fun with a capital F, new wallets from Comme! No two wallets from CDG's latest "Bright Star" ... MORE

  • Thu, November 29, 2012
    Lava lamps, UFO lights, and blow-up chairs... my golden year for home decor was probably sixth grade. Somehow, these trays, designed by Opening Ceremony and produced by California's Neal Feay Studio, deliver all the shimmer and psychedelic colors of ... MORE

  • Wed, November 28, 2012
    To accompany the launch of " Fashion for Men: 1969-2012 ," YOKO ONO and Opening Ceremony have printed posters and published a book of ONO's original artwork. ... MORE

  • Tue, November 27, 2012
    In 1969, YOKO ONO presented John Lennon with a series of sketches as a wedding gift. The illustrations were designs for clothing and accessories intended to celebrate John's "hot bod. ... MORE

  • Fri, November 23, 2012
    This year it's personal! The 2012 festive season is about holidaying your way: turkey or tofurkey, palm trees or pajamas, friends, family, or a little bit of both. ... MORE

  • Mon, November 26, 2012
    I used to own a puffer coat that had a zoo of tiny stuffed animals peeping out of its pockets. It was magical. I've never loved a jacket as much until I saw Kenzo's reversible paisley puffer. ... MORE

  • Wed, November 21, 2012
    202 Factory : yet another great name from Korea. What does it mean? Does anyone know? Does it even matter? Because we know we love the line's super sleek envelope clutches. ... MORE

  • Mon, November 19, 2012
    I Googled " Baby Centaur " when I began researching OC's newest Korean brand. Let me tell you, a baby plus a pony is not as cute as you'd think. ... MORE

  • Fri, November 16, 2012
    US Marine uniforms inspired Nicola Formichetti and Romain Kremer's latest Mugler menswear collection (their fourth to date). But you could also file this one under  Star Trek , superheroes, and eveningwear. ... MORE

  • Tue, November 20, 2012
    What do designers in Seoul get for lunch? What do they keep on their desks? And what music do they work to? We asked Seoul-based fashion journalist and photographer Hong Sukwoo to scope out the office of Korean menswear brand MVIO , and we were not ... MORE

  • Thu, November 15, 2012
    Jeanette Thomas rides a motorbike, owns an enormous dog, and designs jewelry. So, yeah, we wanted to visit her studio! Sadly, Baron, Jeanette's mastiff, wasn't home when Brayden and I stopped by her Brooklyn apartment, but we did get to see Jeanette ... MORE

  • Thu, November 15, 2012
    Guillaume Henry's Carven girl is always pretty as a picture. But in her latest outing, she also wears the art. As if she fell asleep in a gallery and dreamed herself into the tapestries, her favorite waisted dresses and skirts are remade in ... MORE

  • Tue, November 20, 2012
    It's Resort 2013 and the OC girl is living it up in the Sunshine State! It's a sun-filled vacation in the homeland of pastels, palm trees, kitsch, and Hemingway's cats. ... MORE

  • Wed, November 14, 2012
    Ok, real talk. It's not every day that you can scoop up a piece of Mary Katrantzou or Christopher Kane runway. But don't despair! While you're waiting to say yes to the dress, Mary, Christopher, and a gang of others have translated their ... MORE

  • Tue, November 13, 2012
    Fleamadonna , a Korean brand loved by K-pop idols and fans alike, toes the line between super adorable and super dark. The fall collection is a complete cute overload (in the best way) but with furry creepers mixed in. ... MORE

  • Mon, November 12, 2012
    Études is the next evolution of an art and fashion project headed by French artists Aurélien Arbet and Jérémie Egry (the brains behind clothing line Hixsept). ... MORE

  • Wed, November 7, 2012
    Making a pencil skirt covered in pencils is a very Alice in Wonderland  move. ("Why, of course a pencil skirt is made of pencils. ... MORE

  • Thu, November 8, 2012
    Rome is home for Delfina Delettrez . And for her latest collection she let her imagination run wild in the Eternal City.  "The collection was inspired by Rome's statues, architecture, and marble," she explains. ... MORE

  • Tue, November 6, 2012
    We love any opportunity to geek out. And the annual in-store clinic with the guys from ISAORA is a reliable nerdfest. While designers Ricky and Marc are far from dweebs themselves (they like snowboarding and drunken nights in Las Vegas), the level ... MORE

  • Mon, November 5, 2012
    It's only November 5th, but I'm going to talk about the holidays (don't hate me). Blame James Long 's metallic hot pink skirt. It's just so special and shiny it couldn't not make you think of whatever parties you have penciled in for this year. ... MORE

  • Fri, November 2, 2012
    A beanie is not just a beanie. When you're wearing a hat, the stakes can seem high. It's hard to tune out questions like Do I look like I have a freakishly small head? Or, at the other extreme,  Do I look like a Smurf?  So, to help you ... MORE

  • Thu, November 8, 2012
    Anndra Neen's metal clutches are so curious and beautiful it's no wonder they've already become collector's items. "There's a man in Japan who has bought every cage clutch and uses them as tissue box holders!" designers Phoebe and Annette ... MORE

  • Wed, October 31, 2012
    Feeling fancy? How about a ruffled shoulder seam? Or a trio of 70s-style frills for your button-down?  Christopher Shannon  is keeping it classy this fall. ... MORE

  • Fri, October 26, 2012
    Why buy one coat when you can buy two—or even three? Having endless options doesn't have to be about going on an next-level spending spree. It can also be about smart design and smart choices. ... MORE

  • Thu, October 25, 2012
    A. Halford designs unisex clothing in California under the equally mysterious name 69 . A. Halford is a person of few words, but we think the clothes speak volumes. And we love the few words that A. Halford does say. ... MORE

  • Fri, November 9, 2012
    I wish my pet were as cooperative as Sarah Swash and Toshio Yamanaka's whippet, Candy. For every Instagram of my cat I get a new claw mark and a tense hour of being stared at from across the room; the Swash team's dog poses for detailed watercolor ... MORE

  • Wed, October 24, 2012
    Even before I knew Lou Dalton was inspired by vintage military uniforms this season, I pictured her Fall/Winter guy walking up to a porch  Pearl Harbor- style, kit bag over shoulder. ... MORE

  • Tue, October 23, 2012
    This week, we try our hand at a little light alchemy. OC is brimming with precious metals for fall: solid gold cuffs, silver skirts, and purses made of brass. With a magpie's eye, we picked out the shiniest of them all. ... MORE
  • Tue, October 23, 2012
    Arielle de Pinto 's shoes "are just different to other shoes," says Arielle's friend and partner Mary-Catharine Anderson. Arielle's jewelry, too, looks unlike anything else. ... MORE

  • Mon, October 22, 2012
    It's so perfect we don't know why nobody thought of it before. Mark McNairy has teamed up with Eastland to create some seriously McNasty boots! Eastland has been making authentic American footwear since 1955 and to this Mark has added his own brand ... MORE

  • Thu, October 18, 2012
    Quilted copper silk, embroidered oriental birds—this jacket is everything! It's what Ryan Gosling's female sidekick would have worn in Drive , if Ryan Gosling had had a cool female co-driver who was friends with Jack McCollough and Lazaro ... MORE

  • Wed, October 17, 2012
    If Jeremy Scott got into your computer, this is what it would look like. Endless browser windows of Bart Simpson, unicorns, IMs, and bubble fonts. Multicolor peace signs. Melting emoticons. Jeremy's new collection is as catchy as a virus. ... MORE

  • Thu, October 18, 2012
    Nathalie Bouhana is a knitwear designer with experience at labels including JPG , David Sdika is a photographer, and together they make up knitwear brand Chauncey . ... MORE

  • Wed, October 17, 2012
    What does Roksanda Ilincic listen to while she works? "A lot of female singers like Grimes and Kate Bush, but also techno." This is the designer whose dresses have been worn by Rooney Mara and Lady Gaga but also by Michelle Obama. ... MORE

  • Tue, October 16, 2012
    This season, OC introduces Korean brand Covernat .   Based in Seoul, Covernat is a menswear line that's all about creating the best possible products using the best possible suppliers. ... MORE

  • Mon, October 15, 2012
    Inspired by Peace, Love, and Understanding ’s manga tees, we gathered together our favorite cartoon-covered pieces for a Saturday morning-style TV party. Zone out with unicorns, teddy bears, and Bart Simpson. ... MORE
  • Mon, October 15, 2012
    Sweater, pants, bomber jacket, cap. Done. I love the idea of having a uniform. Rolling out of bed and knowing what you're going to wear is both time-saving and weirdly empowering. No more throwing clothes onto your bed in a last-minute panic. ... MORE

  • Fri, October 12, 2012
    About five minutes into talking with  Chris Lee , I realized that her scarf was patterned with chickens. It's made from a printed silk she created for her graduate collection, "Rooster. ... MORE

  • Thu, October 11, 2012
    Just a guy, his boat, and the ocean. Does that sound familiar? For fall,  N. Hoolywood made shirts, coats, pants, and vests (with no adjectives) inspired by Ernest Hemingway. ... MORE

  • Wed, October 10, 2012
    Hanging around Howard Street (OCNY's home turf) sometimes feels like a safari. It's hard to make it to  The Smile for lunch without scoping out a cute dog, guy, or, lately, backpack . ... MORE

  • Tue, October 9, 2012
    Just when you thought it couldn't get any more adorable, Opening Ceremony has rained down another shower of Fall/Winter 2012 cuteness. ... MORE

  • Mon, October 8, 2012
    At 28, Gosha Rubchinskiy has experienced life in Russia both before and after the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Based in Moscow, he works with a group of friends—skater kids and other creatives—to design clothes inspired by a ... MORE

  • Fri, October 5, 2012
    No city parties quite like Buenos Aires (find out where it all goes down  here !). For fall,  Opening Ceremony Collection gets down like our amigos from the subtropics, naming its styles after BsAs neighborhoods, the city's celebrated ... MORE

  • Tue, October 9, 2012
    The colorful waves of K enzo keep rolling in! As pre-Fall turns to Fall/Winter, the standout marble print of Carol and Humberto's runway collection is making its way onto the OC shelves. And so, of course, are those grapes you've been waiting for. ... MORE

  • Thu, October 4, 2012
    Silver, platforms, zippers, laces! For OC's latest collaboration with Italian sneaker brand Forfex , we pulled out all the stops to bring you one perfect pair of metallic boots. ... MORE

  • Wed, October 3, 2012
    Chic on the outside, freak underneath. It's a perfect formula for life, boys, even clothes. Just take a look at  Highland 's fall collection. The Brooklyn line's newest coats are fitted with technicolor animal-print linings. ... MORE

  • Tue, October 2, 2012
    Korean brand  Human Potential has been worn by NU'EST, JJ Project, GLAM, and 2NE1. I don't want to name drop, but the names are so awesome I can't help it. ... MORE

  • Mon, October 1, 2012
    When I first saw this collection at SUNO 's fall show , it made me think of Pimms, England, and cricket lawns. During a freezing New York February, that's pretty special. ... MORE

  • Mon, October 1, 2012
    A man walks out of a bar. What's the punch line? Watch Lucio Castro 's new video below and get your chuckles here first. "Last Call" (the name of the video and the collection) was inspired by Aki Kaurismäki, the Finnish movie director ... MORE

  • Fri, September 28, 2012
    When I first saw Flat Apartment 's fuzzy zipper bags, I wanted a human-sized one to nap in. I did some research and sadly they don't come in XXXL. ... MORE

  • Fri, September 28, 2012
    Look down, and nearly every other person in downtown New York—or in Paris this week—is wearing a pair of grape-patterned Vans . ... MORE

  • Thu, September 27, 2012
    Feeding into OC's lifelong tradition of "you heard it here first" introductions, this year we welcome Seoul-born designer Jin Kay into the fold. ... MORE

  • Wed, September 26, 2012
    Paging all leather daddies (and mommies). One of our new Korean brands,  99% Is- , is now on-hand to help you live out all your studded, buckled, and zippered dreams. ... MORE

  • Mon, September 24, 2012
    This season, OC & Timberland takes a trip down memory lane. With a nod to our first ever collaboration in 2009, we welcome back the definitive 7-Eye Lug Sole Boot and issue our own version of the shorter 3-Eye Moc fresh for 2012. ... MORE

  • Thu, September 20, 2012
    Mary Katrantzou  is a global phenomenon. And if you needed further proof, it came this season in a world-tour of stamp and currency prints. ... MORE

  • Fri, September 21, 2012
    To give you an idea of Kathleen Kye 's vibe: for her final collection at Central Saint Martins she made a sweater enveloped in an inflatable gorilla hand —inspired by a dream she had about King Kong. ... MORE

  • Tue, September 18, 2012
    OMG. Look at the size of that "clutch" bag. Of the two new directions that Roksanda Ilincic went in this season, the oversized proportions were certainly the hardest to miss. ... MORE

  • Wed, September 19, 2012
    Patti, PJ, Charlotte— James Long 's favorite ladies were written all over his Spring/Summer 2013 collection (the last of those three being his sister!). ... MORE

  • Thu, September 20, 2012
    The dancing kids in Yestadt Millinery 's fall video (below) definitely looked familiar. "We met them on the subway!" Molly explained when I met her at her studio last week. ... MORE

  • Tue, September 18, 2012
    As a procession of white gave way to pink in Christopher Kane 's show yesterday, we prepped ourselves for a sugar high. When buttercup yellow and pale Parma Violet followed, a candy binge seemed like a sure thing. ... MORE

  • Fri, September 21, 2012
    If Baker-Miller pink is a ticket to zen, orange is the color of E-N-E-R-G-Y! We're bouncing off the walls this fall as citrus shades come in from Kenzo , Steve J & Yoni P , and Proenza ! Get your RDA with a vitamin C-packed cocktail of ... MORE
  • Wed, September 19, 2012
    In the bustle before NYFW, we dispatched cameras to a handful of OC designers. The aim: to see how many snacks, coffee runs, and late-night pizzas go into making a collection. ... MORE

  • Tue, September 18, 2012
    When most of us get together to make stuff with our friends, it means tie-dye, cookies, or mischief. But when Jen Brill and Olivia Kim put their creative minds together, a shoe collection happened. ... MORE

  • Fri, September 14, 2012
    Bomber jackets, meet broderie anglaise . When OC Online's own Joyce Lee  returned from Seoul recently with a broderie-sleeve varsity jacket embroidered across the back with "Mademoiselle" (like a Korean Pink Lady), we wanted in. ... MORE

  • Wed, September 19, 2012
    At the moment of writing this, at least three people at 35 Howard Street are wearing an item of camouflage, and, statistically, there are probably five or six more OC-wide. ... MORE

  • Thu, September 13, 2012
    Make It Snappy is a photo series showcasing quick snaps from OC & friends Who:  Lisa and Carol Where: Norma Kamali's showroom, checking out Norma's Future Vintage collection for Spring/Summer 2013 When:  This morning! MORE
  • Thu, September 13, 2012
    In the bustle before NYFW, we dispatched cameras to a handful of OC designers.  The aim: to see how many snacks, coffee runs, and late-night pizzas go into making a collection. ... MORE

  • Wed, September 12, 2012
    I own a creepy number of black and white shoes. This is because, growing up, one of my mother's favorite questions was "But what would you wear that with?" While this rule scuppered my preteen dreams of croptops, it steered me towards a ... MORE

  • Tue, September 11, 2012
    Put on your dancing shoes! The first wave of the fall Kenzo x Vans collab is now in stores, patterned with stripes and florals that make us want to throw serious shapes. ... MORE
  • Sun, September 9, 2012
    Philanthropist Frances Lasker Brody is famous for second-guessing Matisse; the wealthy Californian asked the artist to reconsider a mosaic he was creating for her Los Angeles home. ... MORE

  • Thu, September 13, 2012
    What's cooler than an old-school A Guess T-shirt? A Guess T-shirt spliced with a picture of the moon. These shirts from Korean brand Reblank  are like a new generation of hybrid supertee. ... MORE

  • Fri, September 7, 2012
    A Toga Pulla girl is always ladylike. This season she prefers tweed-print dresses and houndstooth pants. But on the weekends she likes to let her hair down: come Friday, she's repping mohair, rabbit, and faux fur! Topping her satin pencil skirt is a ... MORE

  • Thu, September 6, 2012
    I'm not saying that first impressions aren't important, but I will say that a perfectly executed exit can be very effective. Production Artisanale 's new pieces all look excellent from behind. ... MORE

  • Wed, September 5, 2012
    Nothing says summer like steel drums and swimsuits. As hot pink silk dresses and printed athletic shorts came down Rachel Comey 's runway today to a breezy calypso beat, you could practically smell the suntan lotion. ... MORE

  • Wed, September 5, 2012
    "I’ve been really into 42nd Street recently. The style there is off the wall," said Telfar Clemens when I asked him about his current fashion heroes. ... MORE

  • Tue, September 4, 2012
    A faux leather mermaid skirt and a conical bra. Want! Cult Korean brand  pushBUTTON  just checked in at OC. The line is famous for its avant-garde shapes and all-round boundary-pushing aesthetic, making it a favorite among Seoul fashion ... MORE

  • Fri, August 31, 2012
    An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but we all know the power of Emergen-C. Filling the Kenzo runway show with all the citrus zing of a Florida orange grove, Delfina Delettrez 's acrylic Kenzo jewels star slices of real fruit! The pieces, just ... MORE

  • Tue, August 28, 2012
    As world travelers, we need a lot of places to keep our things. So this season, we introduce our first-ever line of OC bags —ranging from the petite Pop-Up to the spacious OC Tokyo tote! Now that you've seen them looking lovely on the arms of ... MORE

  • Mon, August 27, 2012
    Newsflash! This year we welcome two new shoe collections to the OC family. Say hello to the first-ever batches of Kenzo and Carven men's kicks. Fresh from the runway, shimmery submarine sneakers and work boots tackle the great outdoors Kenzo -style. ... MORE

  • Tue, September 25, 2012
    We're in the middle of that weather when people constantly suggest you bring a jacket (because it's cold in the shade now, you know?). ... MORE

  • Fri, August 24, 2012
    Every summer, my mom used to buy ballet shoes from a little store in France, near where we went on vacation. The shop was very hard to find but worth it once you arrived. ... MORE

  • Thu, August 23, 2012
    One of the newest additions to the OC Showroom family, Outdoor Products was founded in Los Angeles in 1973. The creators, native Californians, started out working at the legendary (as the name suggests) Famous Department Store in LA. ... MORE

  • Mon, September 17, 2012
    This fall, Opening Ceremony journeys into the Argentinean Pampas and Patagonian ice fields! In keeping with the spirit of OC's recent featured country, our latest collection is about braving the great outdoors. ... MORE

  • Thu, August 23, 2012
    It's happening. This is really it. The end. No more. For a limited time only shop in stores and online at up to 70% off a MAJOR selection of brands . It's the last stage of our summer sale, which means absolute lowest prices of the season. ... MORE

  • Thu, September 27, 2012
    As the resident authority (literally—as in he works in the same building as OCNY) on suiting, sweaters, and perfect pants, it makes sense that Patrik Ervell took a leaf out of the real authorities' ticket books this season. ... MORE

  • Wed, August 29, 2012
    House of Style , where you saw Cindy Crawford buying underwear for Duran Duran, and where they showed you how to customize your DMs with a hacksaw. Seminal doesn't even begin to cover it. ... MORE

  • Tue, September 11, 2012
    The Cyrillic lettering on KTZ 's fall pieces spells out "Do you really want to hurt me?". If George Alan O'Dowd had been born in the USSR, this is what he would have sung. ... MORE

  • Wed, August 22, 2012
    There are days when you want to wear flowers and cardigans—because the sun is shining, you've done your laundry, and you've paid your rent on time. But for mornings when you don't feel like Marsha Brady, there's  Lena Lumelsky . ... MORE

  • Mon, August 20, 2012
    Suggested soundtrack for wearing the latest collab line from Bean Pole: Kraftwerk, Suicide, and Cabaret Voltaire. Designer and new BP partner in crime Christophe Lemaire rides the New Wave hard for his first season. ... MORE

  • Fri, August 17, 2012
    Robots, rhinestones, and tiny animals. Excuse me while I hyperventilate. I can't decide what I like most about  Mark Walsh and Leslie Chin's fall collection: the little glass ducklings suspended in silver hoop earrings or the monsters with ... MORE

  • Thu, August 16, 2012
    The world would be a better place if we all had more Peace, Love and Understanding . Gummy bear T-shirts and manga girl hoodies for everyone! PLU is a Korean brand that we're crazy about. ... MORE

  • Wed, August 15, 2012
    Last night, OC got sporty to celebrate the launch of the first-ever Opening Ceremony Annual magazine. Things kicked off at OC's 10 Greene Street pop-up shop, where the shelves were piled high with Annual s and mini bottles of Chandon champagne. ... MORE

  • Wed, August 15, 2012
    Multicolor stripes and kimono florals! The latest batch of Kenzo x Vans is now available for pre-order—for 3 days only! For the second season in a row, OC's own Carol and Humberto add Kenzo color to our favorite skate shoes. ... MORE

  • Tue, August 14, 2012
    Men in white T-shirts. Hot. Always. James Dean, Chet Baker, cute guys who work in coffee shops. When in doubt, put on the white T-shirt! Alexander Wang makes a really mean one. ... MORE

  • Fri, August 10, 2012
    Sunday marks the closing of the 2012 Summer Games. By now, the major events have all been won and lost, but the question left hanging in the air: who takes the fashion gold? Let's take a minute to look back at some of the unsung sporting stars of ... MORE

  • Thu, August 9, 2012
    Juun.J is new to OC this season. The Korean designer has sent his all-black looks into the men's store like a cyber army and we're powerless to resist. ... MORE

  • Mon, August 13, 2012
    Tailored shorts and caps are Patrik Ervell mainstays. So when we tapped the designer to make us an exclusive collection for OC London it only made sense that he chose tennis as his starting point. ... MORE

  • Mon, August 13, 2012
    Sunpocket glasses were the thing on the French slopes in the 70s. Because who doesn't like the sound of lightweight, foldable, unbreakable sunglasses? Especially when they come in shades to match your neon ski suit. ... MORE

  • Wed, August 8, 2012
    Things that are normally built using Lego: pirate ships, castles, underwater lairs. Demi-couture dresses don't usually come into it. But Roksanda Ilincic 's pieces are always imagined a little outside the box. ... MORE

  • Tue, August 7, 2012
    Simon Porte Jacquemus ' fall collection, "Le Sport 90," is le look for the modern girl on the go. Mini pinstripe jumpers are perfect for a business meeting or dashing out to meet friends, and boxy Day-Glo tops and PVC skirts are just the ... MORE

  • Mon, August 6, 2012
    To celebrate the opening of OC London, we've put together a fantasy team of Keds for OC favorites! Over the years, we've teamed up with the original American sneaker brand on numerous joint  projects (including Keds at OC  clothing!). ... MORE

  • Sat, August 4, 2012
    Multicolor teddy bear high-tops. In floral plush. IRL. Jeremy Scott x Adidas takes a trip back through the Internet Generation hardrive this season—to a time of neon flowers, stuffed toys, and shelltoes. ... MORE

  • Fri, August 3, 2012
    Say hello to herrinbgone 2.0! Alexander Wang 's pre-Fall collection is in, and the first piece that caught my eye was the dissolving herringbone pullover . ... MORE

  • Mon, August 6, 2012
    We admire anyone who has a look, and whose approach to fashion is as obsessive as ours. In this new column we ask OC friends and family to let us rifle through their collections and celebrate their hoarding situations. ... MORE

  • Thu, August 9, 2012
    On one of the hottest days of the summer, trying on satin bunny ears in Jennifer Behr 's airy studio was hands down the most fun way to escape the heat. ... MORE

  • Wed, August 1, 2012
    Part two of  adidas Originals x Opening Ceremony 's debut collection has landed! Now available online, in stores, and at OC's athletic outpost, 10 Greene Street , the second installment follows on from the first,  swimwear-inspired ... MORE

  • Wed, August 1, 2012
    I've been waiting for Christopher Kane 's fall collection to arrive at OC since I saw the first pictures tweeted from London. From those first blurry glimpses, you could tell he'd done something Amazing (capital A). ... MORE

  • Tue, July 31, 2012
    The opening ceremony has been and gone (yes, that was real) and the Olympics are here! Late last week, we checked in with OC friend Ian Hundley in London. Ian's first collection of swim shorts is now available exclusively at OC. ... MORE

  • Mon, July 30, 2012
    Starring toucans, palm trees, and cubes that dance like Magic Eye puzzles, the fourth collection from  Heart Heart Heart is like some trance-y, tropical festa . ... MORE

  • Tue, July 31, 2012
    If you've ever put on a pair of Crocs, you'll know that they are supremely comfortable. "It's like walking on air," says my dad when he's trying to channel Mario Batali. ... MORE

  • Fri, July 27, 2012
    The things that must go on inside Tsumori Chisato 's head! This season, her magical universe, which I like to call Tsumoriland, is filled with fur-lined clogs, glitter-coated booties, and tights printed like technicolor cartoon seas! It's a place ... MORE

  • Fri, July 27, 2012
    This is major! As we head onto their home turf this summer, OC partnered with the Brits at Topshop to create a capsule collection specially for London! Kitted out in Union Jack colors, crop tops, mini shorts, and tees were styled after real life ... MORE

  • Thu, August 9, 2012
    Now you see it, now you don’t! In honor of our new London store, Barton Perreira stamped the lenses of these sunglasses with OC’s iconic bandana print. ... MORE

  • Mon, July 30, 2012
    Flippy skirt, check. Team colors, check. House of Holland 's striped mini dress feels so right for an Olympic year—it's like OC's very own cheerleading uniform. ... MORE

  • Thu, August 2, 2012
    Geri Halliwell's dress, Ryan Lochte's grill—red, white, and blue spell patriotism on both sides of the Atlantic. To celebrate OC's new London store, sunglasses designer Anna Laub has created three OC-exclusive styles. ... MORE

  • Thu, July 26, 2012
    When Ari Marcopoulos walked around New York in Adam Kimmel x Carhartt 's new collection earlier this year, people thought he was going to ticket them. What he was actually doing was shooting (and starring in) the collaboration's fall lookbook. ... MORE

  • Wed, July 25, 2012
    Cropped mohair sweaters and princess coats put a 60s stamp on Carven' s pre-Fall collection. 60s! Mohair! I'm already thinking about Nicholas Hoult wearing that white angora pullover in A Single Man . ... MORE

  • Mon, July 23, 2012
    Wait... is that a Nantucket red cap? With a winking emoticon on it? Yes. Yes, it is. The brother and sister team behind Harding-Lane's worn-in, preppy caps has switched marlins and lobsters for aliens and smileys this summer—specially for ... MORE

  • Tue, July 24, 2012
    Pennies are as English as it comes. Nearly every English saying involves either spending one or saving one (my Granny basically only speaks in penny phrases). You counted out pocketfuls at the sweet shop when you were little. ... MORE

  • Fri, July 20, 2012
    Taking part is great. But taking part and taking home a shiny gold medal is better! When we asked Venessa Arizaga to make an exclusive collection for OC London, she brought her A game. ... MORE

  • Thu, July 19, 2012
    It's true! Believe your ears—Chloë has re-released her all-time favorite  Chloë Sevigny for OC pieces specially for the opening of OC London! That Liberty-print dress you missed from her first ever collection? The infamous ... MORE

  • Wed, July 18, 2012
    The first wave of Alexander Wang 's new pre-Fall accessories is in! You could spend a paragraph waxing lyrical about each piece: the adorable mini version of the Rocco bag , the pony-skin  monk strap shoes , the sunglasses with faux leather ... MORE

  • Tue, July 17, 2012
    Polka dots, camo, and leopard print! London’s calling and we’re bringing the best of OC across the pond. To toast the opening of our first London store (in just two days), we rounded up a roll call of Opening Ceremony favorites to create ... MORE

  • Tue, July 17, 2012
    Christopher Kane described the deep red that runs through his fall collection as the color "of a vial of blood." Very Angelina and Billy Bob. ... MORE

  • Mon, July 16, 2012
    Basil the cat is back! When we planned our move to London this year, we knew we couldn't leave our favorite feline behind. This summer, the furry star of the OC cat sweater makes his transatlantic debut—on his own line of colorful crewnecks! ... MORE

  • Fri, July 13, 2012
    Haerfest 's bags are as satisfying as clean white sneakers, arriving at the subway platform when the train pulls in, or opening a pack of new pencils. ... MORE

  • Thu, July 12, 2012
    OC London opens in seven days! To celebrate this, and the other major opening ceremony on July 27, we’ve created a special line of exclusive OC London tees and sweats! Because we're all about souvenirs (our very first stock was carried back ... MORE

  • Thu, July 12, 2012
    We admire anyone who has a look, and whose approach to fashion is as obsessive as ours. In this new column we ask OC friends and family to let us rifle through their collections and celebrate their hoarding situations. ... MORE

  • Thu, July 12, 2012
    Belts. Sometimes you forget about them. Sometimes you're halfway down the street when you realize and it's a problem. But, functionality aside, belts are mostly overlooked as an interesting way to pull together outfits. ... MORE

  • Fri, July 20, 2012
    If you've ever read Seventeen , you will know that Reese Witherspoon has a heart-shaped face, and that drawing around your reflection in a mirror is the best way to identify your own. ... MORE

  • Wed, July 11, 2012
    Jordan Askill 's jewelry is the stuff of fairy tales. Galloping crystal horses, china swallows, and amethyst hearts sound like they come from Hans Christian Andersen stories, not East London. ... MORE

  • Tue, July 10, 2012
    In the words of Bananarama, "This heat has got right out of hand." When it hits 100 degrees, the feel of any kind of clothing against your skin is enough to make you loose it—your calm, not your clothing (however much you want to). ... MORE

  • Mon, July 9, 2012
    Rubber riot gear: not effective against riots, very effective otherwise. This season Komakino has remade police vests in rubber and wool. ... MORE

  • Fri, July 6, 2012
    Kid in a candy store. That’s how the PS1 alcove at OCNY makes me feel. But I love candy more than any 10-year-old (yeah, I’d steal it from them) and it’s about so much more than that. ... MORE

  • Thu, July 5, 2012
    In a family portrait, taken when she was 19, Frida Kahlo appears dressed as a man. She was badass. Frida is an inspiration because she didn't care what people thought, or at least she didn't let on that she did. ... MORE

  • Mon, July 16, 2012
    Girl by Band 's new collection reminds me of packing for vacation. It nails that elusive combination of easy dresses, cropped pants, and sweaters for cool evenings that would make you feel like Jackie O in Capri if you ever actually packed it. ... MORE

  • Wed, July 11, 2012
    Jordans, Chuck Taylors, Wellingtons. Having a shoe style named after you means you've arrived! This year OC turns ten, and to celebrate, we named Opening Ceremony 's latest shoe styles after our family! From the Carol , Naomi , Dylan , and ... MORE

  • Wed, July 4, 2012
    The sky is blue, the smell of hotdogs is in the air, and we’re setting up camp on the roof until the fireworks. Which means we’ve got all of ten hours to spend painting our faces, BBQing, and making like Miley and partying in the USA! To ... MORE

  • Thu, July 5, 2012
    Like the heroes of the professional pool, the swim-inspired pieces from adidas Originals x OC  combine techinal expertise with a whole lot to look at. ... MORE

  • Tue, July 3, 2012
    This week, we'll be bringing you action-packed commentary on our swim and cycling-inspired collection with adidas Originals ! First up, it's the women's swim division, starring OC's iconic bandana print. ... MORE

  • Tue, July 3, 2012
    The print on this shift dress is an aerial view pulled from Google Earth! Proenza Schouler 's Jack and Lazaro work just around the corner from OCNY in Soho, but they travel almost as much as we do. ... MORE

  • Fri, June 29, 2012
    Polka dots and platforms in the same sentence will always be great. On the same shoe? A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Henry Holland loves a big print, and this season his East London funhouse lent its supersized spots to Superga 's iconic tennis shoes. ... MORE

  • Thu, June 28, 2012
    We admire anyone who has a look, and whose approach to fashion is as obsessive as ours. In this new column we ask OC friends and family to let us rifle through their collections and celebrate their hoarding situations. ... MORE

  • Thu, June 28, 2012
    What are these? We had no idea when the Tenga x Keith Haring  Eggs first arrived. Then we read the taglines ("easy beat" and "different yolks for different strokes") and it clicked. ... MORE

  • Thu, July 5, 2012
    Plaid shirts with ruffled necks and corduroy pantsuits— Boy by Band 's pre-Fall collection could only have come from one place: Manhattan ! From the comfort of his California home, Scott Sternberg switched coasts this season thanks to his ... MORE

  • Wed, June 27, 2012
    Last year we formed a beach crew with the guys at Warriors of Radness (we called it BEACH CREW! ). And this year, in the fashion of beach crews from the  Lords of Dogtown  to the California cuties who hung out at The Max, we bring you ... MORE

  • Mon, July 2, 2012
    We've talked about the shapes—OC favorites like babydolls and flared skirts—and the fabrics—lurex, fur, and satin—so now it's time to think prints. ... MORE

  • Mon, June 25, 2012
    Venessa Arizaga based her new collection on her favorite treats. So what does the sunniest New Yorker we know love? Chocolate-dipped strawberries, cupcakes, and milagros —silver prayer charms from south of the border! We would expect nothing ... MORE

  • Fri, June 22, 2012
    Peters Mountain Works has made a backpack just for OC! Featuring panels the colors candycorn and space suits, it may be compact but it's not going to slip under the radar. ... MORE

  • Thu, June 21, 2012
    Norma Kamali  has dressed everyone from Brooke Shields to Beyoncé, works out daily , and produces her own line of olive oil. She also makes jumpsuits out of parachutes, which settles any doubts about whether or not she is a superhero. ... MORE

  • Tue, June 19, 2012
    "An Englishman Abroad" was the tagline for Orlebar Brown 's spring presentation in London last week. While the setting couldn't have been more English—Mayfair in the pouring rain—potted palms and studly models in short shorts ... MORE

  • Wed, June 20, 2012
    Chances are, your baby blanket was the first piece of clothing you owned. When you had no hair, it told people whether you were a boy or a girl, when you were cold it kept you warm, and you may still have it now. ... MORE

  • Tue, June 19, 2012
    Bernhard Willhelm has been collaborating with Camper for seven seasons! His take on the hiking boot has been a repeat performer, and this season's version (to the left) is a strong contender for our all-time favorite. ... MORE

  • Mon, June 18, 2012
    Baby-doll dresses, peplum tops, and moto jackets are true-blue OC . Since our very first in-house clothing collection hit the racks in 2005, certain shapes have become OC shapes, and this season (our very first pre-fall!) we’ve decked them out ... MORE

  • Tue, June 26, 2012
    When we interviewed art director Peter Miles in 2010, he told us how much he loved the signs at New York's Key Food supermarkets. ... MORE

  • Fri, June 15, 2012
    Pineapples, waves, and hula girls! It’s our second collab collection with Reyn Spooner ! RS is the original creator the Hawaiian shirt. ... MORE

  • Wed, June 20, 2012
    The OC spring sale is turning up the heat! Starting Thursday, June 21, shop selected brands at up to 60% off, both in stores and online! Get ready for soaring temperatures with Hawaiian shirts, silk shorts, platform espadrilles, crocheted bikinis, ... MORE

  • Thu, June 14, 2012
    On my fifth birthday, I cried into my Alice in Wonderland cake because I loved it so much. For Thierry Lasry 's fifth birthday, the team at the ever-cool French eyewear house created a flawless special edition of its signature Sexxxy sunglasses. ... MORE

  • Tue, June 12, 2012
    Sometimes this happens: you have minus ten minutes to be at work and you're still in a towel. Rather than going fetal or throwing your granola at the wall, the answer is often to put on a dress. ... MORE

  • Fri, June 8, 2012
    This is major! Wait no, it's MAJOR LEAGUE. Kenzo has teamed up with the original creators of the baseball cap, New Era, to smash one out of the ballpark. ... MORE

  • Fri, June 8, 2012
    T.G.I. Friday! All signs are pointing to a scorching hot weekend, so here's the second edition of our summer survival guide, this time for the boys! Swimmers, trunks, Speedos—whatever you want to call them, and however short you like to wear ... MORE

  • Wed, June 6, 2012
    "Grigri" is my new favorite word. A grigri is a voodoo amulet used to fend off bad juju (or bring it down on other people—up to you). But mostly, you wear one around your neck or carry one in a small pouch for protection. ... MORE

  • Wed, June 13, 2012
    Last summer, Bernhard Willhelm  relocated his studio to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where his team spent two months working on a new collection distracted only by monkeys and mezcal. ... MORE

  • Mon, June 11, 2012
    We were so taken with Andrea Dieppa and Elisa Restrepo's loafers that we got creative and asked the Colombian duo to make them in exclusive OC-selected colors! So here you have them: leopard-print pony skin, pale washed denim, and zebra. ... MORE

  • Thu, June 7, 2012
    This season, OC welcomes back Timberland ! For the latest installation of our ongoing collaboration, we rummaged through the Timberland archives, looking for a fresh silhouette that would still have the sturdy build we know and love. ... MORE

  • Tue, June 5, 2012
    HOMECORE was the first French hip-hop clothing label. Back in the late 80s, Alexandre Guarneri and his friend graffiti artist Steph Cop began making T-shirts printed with their work. ... MORE

  • Tue, June 5, 2012
    With just under two weeks until Father's Day , we asked OCers from around the world to share their favorite dad moments. And what better way to remind us of just how much we love them, than by flicking through the old photos—from a time when ... MORE

  • Mon, June 4, 2012
    Canadian cutie Arielle de Pinto introduced her bold signature aesthetic to the world in 2007, simultaneously reintroducing us to crochet. ... MORE

  • Fri, June 1, 2012
    Tomorrow we celebrate The Queen's Diamond Jubilee, marking 60 years of her glorious pastel-clad, Corgi-filled reign. Since 1953, Elizabeth has ruled with unshakable British resolve, riding horses through assasination attempts, talking down bedroom ... MORE

  • Fri, June 1, 2012
    Style arbiter and Tumblr idol Nick Wooster has co-designed a trio of camo-print basics with Swedish underwear obsessives The White Briefs (you may remember them from such collaborations as last year's tighty-whities for  Fantastic Man ). ... MORE

  • Wed, May 30, 2012
    What could be cuter (or more OC) than a bandana-print high-top? Or a bandana-print button-down? This season, by pure coincidence, Japanase label Sunny Sports is working OC's favorite paisley pattern! As seen on ranch hands and OC ephemera around the ... MORE

  • Fri, June 1, 2012
    When you hear, "Let's go to the beach!" you need to be ready. Like flashlights, tinned food, and blankets in an emergency, the perfect bikini, sunglasses, and towel would, in an ideal world, be packed in a bag by the door. ... MORE

  • Thu, May 31, 2012
    Shaun Samson was on the train home to San Diego when we chatted last week. What better time to interview him—when he couldn't escape and when the scenery matched his California-Mexican spring collection? Last season was Shaun's first at ... MORE

  • Tue, May 29, 2012
    One of my earliest memories is of being trussed up in a tiny piece of tiger-print fabric to play a very fat Mowgli in my sister's home video remake of The Jungle Book . Apparently, we weren't the only ones obsessed with Rudyard Kipling. ... MORE

  • Mon, May 28, 2012
    “When your textile is strong, you don’t have to invent trousers with three legs,” Stephan Schneider has said. His spring collection, "Common Ivy," is proof that he's right. ... MORE

  • Tue, May 29, 2012
    For his latest menswear collection, "Third Generation Italians,"  Umit Benan  imagined the grandson of his mentor—iconic clothing designer Nino Cerruti—as a young man, wearing clothes from his grandfather's wardrobe. ... MORE

  • Fri, May 25, 2012
    In 1997, my friend got a birthday cake iced with Leonardo DiCaprio's face. Earlier that year, he'd sketched Kate Winslet in nothing but a heart-shaped necklace, which then sunk to the bottom of the ocean and stayed there, until Britney's astronaut ... MORE

  • Thu, May 24, 2012
    I love a collar poking out from under a crewneck sweater, preferably in a weird color combination. And now our favorite British sportswear genius  Christopher Shannon has added a new world of possibility, splicing his spring pullovers with ... MORE

  • Wed, May 23, 2012
    If you remade a Fellini movie with a cast of female basketball players, it might look a bit like Marios Schwab 's spring collection. ... MORE

  • Tue, May 22, 2012
    Our annual OC-exclusive Soludos espadrilles arrived last week, officially marking the start of summer! Picture those, on the feet of a picnicker, as the end-point in a dizzying Eames " Powers of 10 "–style video, then zoom back 4,000 ... MORE

  • Mon, May 21, 2012
    Where does  Q-Pot.  jewelry come from? In my head: a place like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, with chocolate rivers, bubblegum trees, and easily-provoked singing. In reality: Japan. Q-Pot. ... MORE

  • Fri, May 18, 2012
    Beaded? When I read the names of Toga 's spring pieces I thought that maybe there'd been a mistake. But no, the saturated sunflower patterns that decorate the line's latest cardigans and dresses really are made up of thousands of infinitesimally ... MORE

  • Wed, May 16, 2012
    With summer approaching, we knew another collab collection with NYC espadrille experts Soludos was in order. This year, we couldn't get enough of the standout stripes, cut-out flowers, and woven silk from OC's spring collection , so here they are ... MORE

  • Tue, May 15, 2012
    What makes a perfect summer? If you ask Warriors of Radness , it's bikini contests , muscle pants, and good waves. The California beach bums turn up the heat and sass this season with printed T-shirts ("My wave, go home"), palm-tree ... MORE

  • Mon, May 14, 2012
    "It's a meeting of 60s French couture with the nonchalance of 90s grunge," says Roksanda Ilincic of her spring collection. ... MORE

  • Fri, May 11, 2012
    If you combined a science fair with a Victorian wake and thick coat of gold, you might come close to visualizing the creepily beautiful feat of imagination that is Delfina Delettrez 's spring collection. ... MORE

  • Thu, May 10, 2012
    Colloquially known as "vellies," Veldskoen boots (pronounced Vel-skoon ) are worn by just about everyone in Namibia, from bushrangers to university students. ... MORE

  • Wed, May 9, 2012
    Maybe this makes me a 10-year-old boy but crystals, spikes, and skulls immediately make me think of Indiana Jones. I'm already in love with Joomi Lim 's juicy jeweled pieces but if I wasn't, the thought of Harrison Ford alone would be enough to make ... MORE

  • Fri, May 4, 2012
    Our favorite skater sneakers have been Kenzo-ed! These patterned lace-ups are the first of three limited edition installments of customized Kenzo x Vans kicks. ... MORE

  • Fri, May 4, 2012
    Next Sunday is Mother's Day and, in the immortal words of the Spice Girls, "Mama, we care." Here to help you show your appreciation for the years of unconditional love and affection is our Mommy Dearest Gift Guide . ... MORE

  • Fri, May 4, 2012
    At summer camp, all the cool French kids made scoubidous,  while we slaved over poorly color-coordinated friendship bracelets. Typically, they were ahead of the game. ... MORE

  • Wed, May 2, 2012
    Genius is the word that comes to mind when you look at Christopher Kane 's spring pieces. This season, the Scottish designer looked at photographs of schoolgirls' scrapbooks, and out came sublime appliqué dresses. ... MORE

  • Tue, May 1, 2012
    With a shock of snow-white hair, jutting cheekbones, and thoughtful grey eyes, it's easy to see why River Phoenix was not only a teen idol but also one of the 90s' most heralded talents. ... MORE

  • Mon, April 30, 2012
    Like the power couple that they are, Donatella Versace and Christopher Kane channel a basketball hero and a cheerleader this spring. But who's who? I'm not sure. ... MORE

  • Mon, May 7, 2012
    When Humberto and the buyers came across David Obadia and Nelson Hassan's embroidered sweatshirts in Paris, they knew they needed to bring them back to New York. ... MORE

  • Fri, April 27, 2012
    If Carven 's new collection were a time and place it would be just before dinnertime in France in the summer—when everyone gathers after a day in the sun. ... MORE

  • Fri, April 27, 2012
    Like something from the Brothers Grimm, the silver roses in German-born designer  Husam El Odeh 's spring collection are actually real flowers. Not so long ago they were growing in London gardens, until the designer cycled by and picked them. ... MORE

  • Thu, April 26, 2012
    These are the shoes of our tween years! This spring, Christopher Kane , Jeremy Scott , OC , and Marques'Almeida have given the outcasts of this decade's shoe world—the pool slide, the water shoe, and the sneaker-shoe—a teen-movie ... MORE

  • Wed, April 25, 2012
    Dr. Martens , jeans, and bombers—the  PUNKS AND SKINS  of British photographer Gavin Watson's studies couldn't be any further from Miami beach-goers. ... MORE

  • Wed, May 2, 2012
    Looking at Henry Holland's studio, you just want to hang out with him. OC's friend in London Harry Carr dropped by the space to check out the scene in the aftermath of House of Holland 's Fall/Winter 2012 show. ... MORE

  • Tue, May 8, 2012
    Taking a very Calla -like path to festival bliss, Calla Haynes' latest collection interprets rock music through her much-loved prints. ... MORE

  • Mon, April 23, 2012
    Ek Thongprasert 's necklaces are shaped like million-dollar heirlooms but molded from gummy plastic—which makes me think of just about every heist movie ever. ... MORE

  • Tue, April 24, 2012
    When Norma Kamali sat down to talk to OC at her Wellness Café in uptown New York, neither Gillian  nor I was prepared for the semi-religious experience that followed. The iconic American designer radiates health and a guru-like aura. ... MORE

  • Fri, April 20, 2012
    Last week I watched a "Visit New Jersey" ad and thought it looked exotic. It's time to plan a vacation! And I would love it to look like Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos' trip to Java. ... MORE

  • Thu, April 19, 2012
    Lou Dalton is actually short for Louise Dalton, but she likes that "Lou" could be a boy's name. "When I decided to call the collection Lou Dalton, I was quite adamant that Lou could be Lou Reed," she says. ... MORE

  • Wed, April 18, 2012
    Titled "Craft Goes Machine," J.W. Anderson 's spring collection comes accompanied by a nine-part video operetta. And because no one but the slightly eccentric Londoner would combine a picture of Princess Anne with a video of milk bottles ... MORE

  • Tue, April 17, 2012
    "Les Vacances," Family Affairs ' spring collection is like a perfect holiday wardrobe. Flowy cotton dresses and charming printed blouses are just what we would pack for a weekend of sitting on shady porches and lounging on lawns. ... MORE

  • Mon, April 16, 2012
    At 25, Simone Rocha is pretty young to be three collections into such a buzzed-about brand. But then she's a pretty special lady. ... MORE

  • Thu, April 12, 2012
    Jim Ganzer, the founder of reborn cult 80s skate and surf brand Jimmy'Z , has been likened to The Dude. He lives in Malibu, speaks in a slow California baritone, and when I asked him if he wears Jimmy'Z shorts every day, he said, "Pretty much. ... MORE

  • Wed, April 11, 2012
    Every season, Scott Sternberg, top dog at  Band of Outsiders , initiates a new member to star in the collection's lookbook. ... MORE

  • Thu, April 12, 2012
    If Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse got married, Maison Michel would make Minnie’s veil. The famous French milliner, headed by Chanel accessories designer Laetitia Crahay, may be a longtime couture collaborator, but its expertly constructed ... MORE

  • Fri, April 13, 2012
    Cult shoemaker and Twitter savant  Mark "McNasty" McNairy has just launched his first-ever ready-to-wear collection, Mark McNairy New Amsterdam . Having previously designed for classic American labels like J. ... MORE

  • Tue, April 10, 2012
    You could spend an hour staring at one of Mary Katrantzou 's pieces. Sometimes I almost do, and I know I'm not the only one. Like a magic eye puzzle or an aquarium ceiling, their power is the ability to stop people in their tracks and keep them ... MORE

  • Mon, April 9, 2012
    Is it summer yet? It's suddenly starting to feel so close, and we know exactly what we want it to look like this year: T-shirts striped like old sports jerseys, long shorts, and aqua jackets that look like something you dug up on a trip home to your ... MORE

  • Fri, April 6, 2012
    When I hear "pleats" I immediately think of my school uniform. So when our buying team told us that a young Belgian designer had won the super prestigious Hyères festival last year on the back of some incredible pleating, I was ... MORE

  • Thu, April 5, 2012
    This spring, cult Venice Beach surf label Jimmy'Z is relaunching, almost exclusively at OC! And so, If you haven't heard it already, here's a little story for you... ... MORE

  • Tue, April 10, 2012
    Bunnies, bunnies, and more bunnies. Just like her new jewelry line, Hillier , accessories designer and consultant Katie Hillier's London studio is filled with bunnies. ... MORE

  • Tue, April 17, 2012
    In part two of our conversation with Joseph Altuzarra , the designer and OCNY neighbor explains why he can watch The Ring but not The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,  what winning 2011's CFDA/ ... MORE

  • Wed, April 4, 2012
    OC friend and CFDA winning designer Joseph Altuzarra recently became OCNY's neighbor! He was already our almost neighbor—his old studio was on Walker Street, in what used to be Humberto's apartment and what then became the Proenza ... MORE

  • Fri, March 30, 2012
    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but tomorrow is going to be rainy in New York and much of the country. Oh, so you have to stay inside all day and catch up on 30 Rock and Parks and Rec ? And eat snacks all day? Oh? What a ... MORE

  • Thu, March 29, 2012
    The sunny weather in New York—and the prospect of Coachella in California—has got us all jacked up on spring energy. But last summer's shorts (and tanned legs) seem like a distant memory. ... MORE

  • Wed, March 28, 2012
    Pastels, neon, and tan leather soles—it's that K. Jacques pour OC  time of year again! This spring's collection of our favorite Tropezienne sandals has just arrived. Which got me thinking about my own pair. ... MORE

  • Mon, April 2, 2012
    Meet the latest addition to OC's jewelry cabinets: Repossi ! The storied Paris-based jewelry house has been producing graphic gold creations since 1920, when current creative director Gaia Repossi's great-grandfather established the line in ... MORE

  • Tue, March 27, 2012
    Sometimes a piece comes into the store and I can't stop playing with it (see the Gerlan slime bra in the post below), and this 3-D patterned  Hexa by Kuho  medal dress is one of those pieces. And so are the tasseled heels . ... MORE

  • Mon, March 26, 2012
    After season upon season of creating sell-out women's bags, Alexander Wang has finally turned his magic touch to men's accessories! The designer echoes the angular shapes of his much-loved Prisma collection, bringing clean lines and sharp ... MORE

  • Fri, March 23, 2012
    Woah woah woah. It's happening. Proenza Schouler 's spring PS1s have descended on OC. Like the Popsicle freezer at the Crosby Street deli we've been raiding all week, OC's shelves are overflowing with sugary summertime treats. ... MORE

  • Thu, March 22, 2012
    As Hentsch Man 's Spring/Summer 2012 collection of coastal classics sails into OC, we took a moment to check in with our bow tie-wearing buddy Alexia , one half of the HM team. ... MORE

  • Wed, March 21, 2012
    Londoner  Nasir Mazhar  is breathing new life into hat design, pulling inspiration from what he sees as London's last true subculture: the grime scene—the culture that has sprung up around the bass-heavy, Garage-Dancehall hybrid that ... MORE

  • Tue, March 20, 2012
    Fishnet prints, waves of crochet, and silks the color of seafoam! Kenzo 's debut collection under the creative direction of our very own Carol and Humberto is living the life aquatic. ... MORE

  • Mon, March 19, 2012
    SXSW may just have cheered its final act, but the party isn't over. Summer's music festivals have just begun (the Coachella buzz is building) and this season's Opening Ceremony  men's collection is riding the high. ... MORE

  • Fri, March 16, 2012
    Raise those shamrocks high! Tomorrow is Saint Patrick's Day, the most widely celebrated of all national holidays around the world. ... MORE

  • Thu, March 15, 2012
    English council estate girls and Nirvana fans hanging out together after school. That's how I would describe Marques'Almeida 's aesthetic. ... MORE

  • Wed, March 14, 2012
    Before Christmas, James Long dropped by OCNY to talk about his spring collection. And somehow, by the time he left, we were even bigger fans of his lovably English, jewels with T-shirts, approach to design. ... MORE

  • Mon, March 12, 2012
    It's spring break! And Carven 's resort collection is the perfect capsule wardrobe for a European getaway. High-waisted shorts and blouses cut from habotai silk are printed with chalets, mountains, and bright wild flowers—ready for a trip ... MORE

  • Tue, March 13, 2012
    Cats, The Cosby Show , Berber rugs, and Texas. What do they have in common? I found them all on  Growing designer Christy Curcuro's tumblr . ... MORE

  • Fri, March 9, 2012
    Frieda Gormley and her husband Javvy M Royle have created a chintz-patterned empire in London's Hackney. Nailing an aesthetic somewhere between crumbling Victorian town house and 90s Laura Ashley, House of Hackney 's printed homeware has found ... MORE

  • Wed, March 7, 2012
    Ami 's debut presentation summed up everything we love about the new Parisian brand. On a warm June evening, designer Alexandre Mattiussi found a picturesque Paris street, strung lights from the trees, and dressed his models in clothes that looked ... MORE

  • Thu, March 8, 2012
    Combine down-and-dirty outdoors experience, high-performance construction, and a conceptual artist, and what do you get? Peters Mountain Works and Cyril Duval's technicolor backpack. ... MORE

  • Tue, March 6, 2012
    Getting dressed when you were five was awesome because you knew that, if you wanted, you could wear a ballerina outfit down the street and no one would bat an eyelid. Now, not so much. But Bilitis Dix-Sept Ans is giving us something better. ... MORE

  • Fri, March 2, 2012
    Homey linen, boxy cuts, and colors that look perfect with bare legs. Jacquemus ’ latest collection of airy pleated dresses, “Le Chenil” (the kennel), is about country comforts and taking the dogs out. ... MORE

  • Tue, February 28, 2012
    To celebrate this freaky day, we pay tribute to "Leap Day," last week's freakiest of freaky 30 Rock  episodes. As Criss told Liz Lemon—quoting holiday classic  Leap Dave Williams,  starring Jim Carrey and Andie ... MORE

  • Thu, March 1, 2012
    As a man obsessed with American heroes—his shows have referenced cowboys, Snoop Dogg, Bigfoot, and Area 51 researchers—it makes sense that Adam Kimmel would gravitate towards Carhartt, the home of the original American overall. ... MORE

  • Mon, March 5, 2012
    This is Lucio Castro 's debut collection, not just at OC, but full stop. And the list of reasons why it's special goes on... For one, the designer was born in Argentina , which also happens to be OC's country of the year. ... MORE

  • Tue, February 28, 2012
    Having piles of clean, neatly folded shirts in your wardrobe is the stuff of dreams. In real life, shirts hang out in the corner of your bedroom, in your friends' closets, or in that awkward place where they're not clean enough to wear but not dirty ... MORE

  • Mon, February 27, 2012
    Cat prints, crochet, flowers, and neon— Opening Ceremony 's Spring/Summer 2012 collection is about everything we love when the sun comes out. ... MORE

  • Fri, February 24, 2012
    Master leathermakers brothers Chris and Kirk Bray have teamed up with OC this season for another round of tiny but perfectly formed leather goodies that balance rustic details with mouthwatering ice cream colors. ... MORE

  • Wed, February 22, 2012
    From Ophelia to Frida Kahlo to Blossom, fashion innovators have been putting flowers in their hair for centuries. Who doesn't love it? In case you need further reason, have a look at Argentinean designer Marina Callis ' pieces; they're what happens ... MORE

  • Thu, February 23, 2012
    Incorporating elements from urban tribes is a KTZ trademark. As the in-house label of the cult Paris-London store Kokon To Zai, KTZ “has always been about a tribe of people who think a little differently” say its designers. ... MORE

  • Tue, February 21, 2012
    What's cuter than OC's camouflage mini dress? Two-year-old  Miette  singing the alphabet in  Opening Ceremony by A for Apple 's miniature version . ... MORE

  • Mon, February 20, 2012
    Every season Venessa Arizaga 's neon wrist-fulls blow my mind. The Spring/Summer 2012 collection just arrived and includes the following: gummy bears, rhinestones, smiley faces, oreos, fluorescent crochet, donuts, crutches, peace signs, and tiny ... MORE

  • Fri, February 17, 2012
    Steve Mono designer Gonzalo Fonseca carefully inspects each of his bags before hand-packing them into the shipping crate to send to OC. ... MORE

  • Thu, February 16, 2012
    Alexander Wang 's resort bags have squashed any lingering concerns I had about wearing backpacks (namely that people would mistake me for a lost out-of-towner or ask me why my mom wasn't walking me to school). ... MORE

  • Wed, February 15, 2012
    Like everything Norma Kamali does, the cut-out models at her presentation this morning were larger than life. A forest of spindly-legged giants, including OC-favorite Hyoni , towered above spectators in oversized-houndstooth dresses, swathes of ... MORE

  • Wed, February 15, 2012
    "A contemporary riviera look with a sports motif running through," is how Yasmin Kianfar describes her Spring/Summer collection of pristine whites and laser-cut dresses. ... MORE

  • Tue, February 14, 2012
    Rei Kawakubo's wallets are as iconic and timelessly cool as, well, Rei Kawakubo. Season after season Comme des Garçons has fed our obsession with polka dots, plaid, fur, and fluo. ... MORE

  • Tue, February 14, 2012
    Any show that begins with a Mexican wedding cookie from Momofuku bakery is off to an excellent start. The second taster of what was to come? A soundtrack that brought to mind an outlaw returning to a one-street town or blowing through saloon doors. ... MORE

  • Tue, February 14, 2012
    The print on my favorite piece from Ostwald Helgason's presentation on Saturday was a cross between between toile de jouy, camouflage, and a vintage map—complete with tiny ships. ... MORE

  • Mon, February 13, 2012
    Flicking through Confezioni Crosby 's Spring/Summer 2012 lookbook  reminds you of all the best bits of childhood vacations: paddling, riding bikes, flying kites, and existing in a time before deadlines and the Internet. ... MORE

  • Fri, February 10, 2012
    This year, OC's Valentine is Gitman! As the latest show of love from our ongoing partnership, we bring you this perfectly tailored button-down, covered in a shower of confetti hearts. ... MORE

  • Thu, February 9, 2012
    “Dotty in Love,” the title of Katie Hillier ’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection, sums up exactly how we feel about the season’s offering of gold bunnies, diamonds, and ladybug spots. ... MORE

  • Wed, February 8, 2012
    Like the perfect hostess in a Golden Age Hollywood movie, Rachel Comey ’s resort girl would answer the door in silk pajamas and a fur coat. ... MORE

  • Tue, February 7, 2012
    Before moving to their current location in New York's Fashion District, Philip and Courtney Crangi, the siblings behind  Giles & Brother , worked from a tiny space in the Meatpacking District, making the most of the McDonald's dollar menu. ... MORE

  • Mon, February 6, 2012
    Assistant to Alexandre Herchcovitch , bassist in explosive Brazilian band Cansei de ser Sexy, intern at Lanvin, and now designer of Paris-based scarf brand Heart Heart Heart ; Iracema Trevisan's is the resume to end all resumes. ... MORE

  • Tue, February 7, 2012
    These iPhone cases are the bomb! Essentially all my favorite things come from Japan (candy sushi sets , Studio Ghibli movies, and game shows where kittens sit in bowls), so it's no surprise that these guys come straight from Tokyo—where they ... MORE

  • Sat, February 4, 2012
    He's done it again! Next up on Jeremy Scott's sneaker safari: leopards. Riffing on his favorite themes—America, pop culture, and the urban jungle—Jeremy Scott launches another season of craze-inducing customized Adidas Originals ... MORE

  • Mon, February 6, 2012
    Sixty black diamonds, three ruby tears, and nine-karat gold! It's just over a week until Valentine's Day, but Delfina Delettrez's heart-shaped stunner (made specially for OC) has already got us all worked up—and it's not the only thing... ... MORE

  • Fri, February 3, 2012
    Yesterday was Groundhog Day, and furry oracle Punxsutawney Phil emerged from his hole, saw his shadow, and left us with six more weeks of winter. ... MORE

  • Thu, February 2, 2012
    Kat & Bee 's first collection, "Momento Mori," is about going big or going home. From her studio in East London, designer Kat Barry hand-makes intricate mishmashes of metal: fat red fimo roses, glittering gold beads, and hunks of ... MORE

  • Tue, January 31, 2012
    What could be more English than roses and track jackets? London brand Komakino takes its name from a 1980 Joy Division song , and its visual language of skinhead bomber jackets and boyish vulnerability taps into something innately British. ... MORE

  • Wed, February 1, 2012
    For Resort 2012, Proenza Schouler 's Jack and Lazaro get crafty. Macrame, patchwork, marbling, and tie-dye! If you haven't thought about these since the art barn at summer camp, it's time to reacquaint yourself! Start with the turquoise and burnt ... MORE

  • Mon, January 30, 2012
    Late 70s, early 80s Meryl Streep—so good! Side-swept blonde hair, two (A+) Woody Allen movies in one year, a never-ending stream of blouses, and an Oscar. ... MORE

  • Fri, January 27, 2012
    In case you didn't know, OC loves Instax . So, if you're like me and need your sunglasses on a cord and your mittens on a string, anything that will keep your camera attached to you at all times is big news. ... MORE

  • Thu, January 26, 2012
    Christopher Kane  describes his clothes as "original, intellectual, and very beddable." Which, in practice, means there's always something nerdy and weirdly sexy going on. ... MORE

  • Wed, January 25, 2012
    Joining rich backgrounds in sculpture, saddle making, and graphic design, couple Ilya Fleet and Resha Sharma produce the perfect fusion of fashion and fetish. ... MORE

  • Tue, January 24, 2012
    Having an imaginary friend doesn't mean you don't have any  real friends, it just means you have a more active imagination than all the other kids. ... MORE

  • Mon, January 23, 2012
    Philip Crangi and his sister Courtney were born and raised in Palm Beach, a place where priceless estate jewelry and miles of sand combine, so it's no wonder they grew up with fantasies of finding buried treasure. ... MORE

  • Thu, January 19, 2012
    When OC decided to partner up with Dubbel Duffel , we knew its classic two-in-one bags would be just the thing for our very own serial shopper... ... MORE

  • Tue, January 17, 2012
    Swapping metal for translucent pearl resins and clear quartz accents, Pamela Love 's first-ever resort collection is like an album of remastered classics that you want to listen to on loop. ... MORE

  • Wed, January 18, 2012
    I wonder what JPG 's been watching recently? For his first-ever menswear collection at OC, the French designer revels in the eye-popping colors and fast-flying shapes of big screen American sportswear. ... MORE

  • Mon, January 16, 2012
    Last week, over a crackly transatlantic phone line, I chatted with London-based designer Shaun Samson about his stand-out first collection, growing up in California, working at Jeremy Scott, and what he dances to in the studio when no one's watching. ... MORE

  • Fri, January 13, 2012
    What are you doing this National Hat Day ? Oh, wait, you didn't know? Honestly, neither did we until OC's Gil, known for her crazy Google tangents, discovered that Sunday is, in fact, the semi-official hat holiday. ... MORE

  • Tue, January 10, 2012
    In a meeting of minds akin to an awesome high school garage band, Calla Haynes has joined her psychedelic prints to April 77 ’s DIY denim. ... MORE

  • Wed, January 11, 2012
    Don't you miss coloring in? And new packs of Crayola markers? And peeling glue off your fingers?  Tsumori Chisato ’s resort collection reminds me of all the best bits of art class but without the rogue specks of glitter that used to ... MORE

  • Mon, January 9, 2012
    You can practically smell the lavender and taste the figs— Thierry Colson 's resort collection is fresh from the markets of Provence. ... MORE

  • Fri, January 20, 2012
    Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich— Roksanda Ilincic 's roll call of glamorous influences sounds like the lyrics to Madonna's "Vogue". ( Annnd I'm sold. ... MORE

  • Thu, January 5, 2012
    French eyewear impresario  Thierry Lasry is bringing sexxxy back. With names like Adultery, Agony, and Punchy, his sunglasses are made for mornings after. ... MORE

  • Tue, January 3, 2012
    Taking into consideration the outfits, the music, the boys, and the impressive tricks involved in each, surfing and basketball are, hands down, the two coolest sports. ... MORE

  • Fri, December 30, 2011
    Hello, shoulders! Hello, waist! Thanks to clever seams and a stretchy Italian knit,  Body Editions ' body suits pull off an optical illusion and a holiday miracle! We've eaten our cake and we're having it too. ... MORE

  • Wed, December 28, 2011
    My mom went on a mysterious writer's retreat last year, drank the Kool Aid, and came back laden with crystals. Ever since then, I've been getting more and more into the idea, but I am still NOT into the lumpen blob of rock she gave me to wear around ... MORE

  • Thu, December 29, 2011
    Aurélien Arbet and Jérémie Egry can kind of do everything. As well as designing the clothes for their super cool French clothing label Hixsept , they handle all of the brand's creative direction, are working on a ... MORE

  • Tue, December 27, 2011
    For their Fall/Winter collection, Danish bag makers Mismo have filled the OC stores with backpacks, totes, and card holders in a quintessential winter palette of army green, midnight blue, and deep red. ... MORE

  • Fri, January 6, 2012
    Ever since Kirsten Dunst stepped out in a hand-painted Patrik Ervell tuxedo , the hype surrounding the designer’s womenswear debut has been overwhelming. And now it’s here. ... MORE

  • Mon, December 26, 2011
    Bye bye, 2011! We've officially survived the rapture! 2012 is here and unless your calendar's Mayan, that's cause to celebrate! If the excitement of New Year's Eve is dampened by thoughts of what to wear, we've come to the rescue with our best looks ... MORE

  • Thu, December 22, 2011
    Put on your dancing shoes! OC Resort 's festival of florals continues below the knee with a range of colorful crowd-pleasers. Get ready for muddy fields with grungy zip-up boots , pack lace-up canvas sneakers as you head out into the Nevada desert, ... MORE

  • Wed, December 21, 2011
    Christmas is all about staying at home, and staying inside means staying in socks. Whether you're snowed in, overloaded with food, or just happy to be home, there's no better way to celebrate than  this . Or is there... ... MORE

  • Mon, December 19, 2011
    To all our friends going on vacation: in case you were wondering, Venessa Arizaga 's jewelry is what our ultimate holiday gifts would look like. OK? Thanks. ... MORE

  • Thu, January 12, 2012
    Rainbows, lace, sequins, and lamé! If Christopher Kane were a band, I would be a groupie, and during his resort show I would have painted his name across my eyelids and passed out. ... MORE

  • Wed, December 14, 2011
    Like so many American things (Bon Jovi, to name just one),  RP Miller made it big in Japan first. The American heritage brand began in Pennsylvania, fell to the wayside, and was picked up by a string of boutiques in Japan, where it quickly ... MORE

  • Thu, December 15, 2011
    When I asked Tara Subkoff to name her favorite pieces from Imitation of Christ 's new collection for OC, it wasn't like I'd asked her to pick her favorite child, it was like I'd asked her to list everything amazing that her children had ever done. ... MORE

  • Tue, December 13, 2011
    When a dress looks as awesome as it did on Chloë on Friday night, it doesn't need to do anything else. But the zip-off overall dress from her resort collection pulls off a hat trick in leather: it's a dress, a skirt, and, yes, a top too. ... MORE

  • Mon, December 12, 2011
    In 2005 Tara Subkoff put her cult line,  Imitation of Christ , on hiatus. Now, at Humberto's special request, she's picked up her scissors again. ... MORE

  • Thu, December 8, 2011
    Introducing Opening Ceremony 's first-ever resort collection! It's a happy-go-lucky tour around the world's music festivals and we’ve got flowers in our hair and on our dresses. ... MORE

  • Wed, December 7, 2011
    Killer sale prices at Medium Concepts this week! Medium Concepts Sample Sale @ 9 St. Marks Place - Suite 2 Wednesday December 7 / 10am - 6pm Thursday December 8 / 10am - 6pm Friday December 9 / ... MORE

  • Tue, December 20, 2011
    Chloë's ruffled dresses were all about undergarments circa Picnic at Hanging Rock but her swimwear looks more like the bondage-style bandages of The Fifth Element. Read, smoking hot. ... MORE

  • Fri, December 9, 2011
    Every year, my granny used to knit my sister, my brother, and I special Christmas pompom hats, with secrets pockets stitched into the brim (so you could stash your pennies on the way to the sweet shop). ... MORE

  • Tue, December 6, 2011
    "Retro-futuristic psychedelic folk," is how Pascale Koehl describes her aesthetic. This is  Moonchild's first collection and the designer talks about it as some kind of voyage into the beyond. ... MORE

  • Wed, December 7, 2011
    When I was younger, I used to steal my sister's stuff (for the record, the tables have now turned) but I could never borrow her shoes. Thanks to my oddly small feet, I missed out on a gold mine of platform sneakers throughout peak Spice Girls years. ... MORE

  • Mon, December 5, 2011
    While Keds womenswear was inspired by Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn, the menswear takes its cue from a swoon-inducing mixture of Humphrey Bogart, Paul Newman, and the American athletic hall of fame. ... MORE

  • Mon, December 19, 2011
    Tara Subkoff has known Chloë since way back when. They've made movies and mischief together in Los Angeles, hung in New York, and worked together on Tara's line, Imitation of Christ . ... MORE

  • Fri, December 2, 2011
    Designer Yuki Matsuda, the mastermind behind footwear brand Yuketen , also finds the time to collect whole racks of vintage military jackets (how does he do it?!). ... MORE

  • Fri, December 2, 2011
    Happy Holidays from OC! To welcome the festive season, we’ve put together an array of MEN ’s, WOMEN’ s, and KIDS ’ gift guides. ... MORE

  • Thu, December 1, 2011
    For its Spring/Summer pre-collection,  House of Holland has broken out in a rainbow of stripes a la Mexicana. Waves of neon unfold down ponchos, shorts, and handkerchief-skirt dresses, taking their cue from traditional Mexican textiles. ... MORE

  • Thu, December 1, 2011
    After all the sneak previews, tweeting, and excited wish list comparing, the wait is finally over: IT'S HERE! Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Resort 2012 has arrived in a flurry of frills and leather. ... MORE

  • Wed, November 30, 2011
    Drop it like it's hot—it's the OC winter sale! And it's BIG. Starting tomorrow, we'll be wishing you happy holidays with 30-40% off  collections by Opening Ceremony, Pendleton x Opening Ceremony, Band of Outsiders, Patrik Ervell, Jean ... MORE

  • Wed, November 30, 2011
    Just one more sleep until Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Resort 2012 makes the final jump onto our shelves and site! As one last teaser, we're giving you this smokin' hot number—the first glimpse of Chloë's range of swimwear—modeled ... MORE

  • Wed, November 30, 2011
    Christopher Shannon ’s sportswear feels particularly British—forward-looking but with one eye firmly on the track pants and shell suits of the nation's High Streets. ... MORE

  • Tue, November 29, 2011
    I've worn Keds  Champion sneakers since I was tiny. At first it was kind of Olsens in Full House with frilly socks, then prepped-out with my summer camp uniform, before going Blossom with floral leggings and crushed velvet, and finally Saved by ... MORE

  • Mon, November 28, 2011
    Thanksgiving is over so snap out of your tryptophan coma, put down your leftovers, and feast your eyes on 80s beefcake Nick Kamen as he strips down to nothing but his Sunspel boxers: Sunspel introduced the UK to the boxer short in the 40s and has ... MORE

  • Fri, November 25, 2011
    A few weeks ago, OC online's Philip told me that if I were a designer collection, I would be Rachel Comey Fall/Winter '11. This wasn't an obvious connection for me, but when I sat down to do some recon  and I saw the diamond-print pants and ... MORE

  • Fri, November 25, 2011
    OC is proud to present the first clothing collection from American classic Keds ! The brand which first brought us the sneaker (a shoe so quiet you could “sneak” up on your boyfriend), is now spreading its sun-filled aesthetic from head ... MORE

  • Wed, November 23, 2011
    Join our happy hands club with Opening Ceremony Collection   touch screen gloves! We've harnessed the power of bioelectricity just so you can click, scroll, and tap away to your heart’s content, all without getting your fingers cold. ... MORE

  • Tue, November 22, 2011
    Until recently, I'd never worn a down jacket. Why had no one told me it's like wearing a comforter outside? These ones by ISAORA  are warm enough to make you get out of bed, pause Netflix, and say no to ordering food from the place that ... MORE

  • Mon, November 21, 2011
    One day closer to the  Chloë Sevingy for Opening Ceremony Resort 2012 drop, and here's another outfit to tide you over, this time with a tougher edge. Chloë has raided her 80s streetwear archive to bring us forgotten gems from her teens. ... MORE

  • Wed, November 23, 2011
    Wheat prints, Amish quilting, and colors that glow like a dawn sky: presenting Rodarte Fall/Winter 2011, shot by Tim Barber and featuring the beguiling Codie Young. ... MORE

  • Mon, November 21, 2011
    Ten days and counting!  Chloë Sevingy for Opening Ceremony  Resort 2012 is hitting the OC shelves and site on December 1st! As we mark off our calendars, we'll be sharing a look a day as a sneak preview. ... MORE

  • Fri, November 18, 2011
    A dog in a baby blanket! If you're not squealing right now, chances are you don't have a soul. This is Miso the pomeranian-chihuahua (pomhuahua?) and she kindly agreed to model Bonbon 's delectable Fall/Winter 2011 collection for us. ... MORE

  • Fri, December 16, 2011
    For Fall/Winter 2011, the Proenza Schouler boys went West! I was all over this collection quicker than you could yell "road trip!" I needed to know exactly what (or where) had inspired their Navajo prints and eye-popping palette of ... MORE

  • Tue, November 22, 2011
    Just when you thought you couldn’t love Wang bags any more, here's one more style to fuel your addiction. In honor of our current obsession with all things spotty ,  Alexander Wang has reissued his famous Diego bag in a furry Dalmatian ... MORE

  • Thu, November 17, 2011
    Last January, I arrived in Buenos Aires after months of traveling in beaten-up sneakers, and I wanted SHOES. I asked my Argentine friend where the best ones were and she yelled " Mishka !". ... MORE

  • Tue, November 22, 2011
    Happy holidays from OC! To welcome the festive season, we’ve put together an array of MEN ’s, WOMEN’ s, and KIDS ’ gift guides. ... MORE

  • Wed, November 16, 2011
    When I first saw  Lena Lumelsky's fall collection I was surprised—not only is it a total contrast to spring's "See-Through" collection, but I'd also read that it was inspired by Amish clothing, and harnesses and leather don't ... MORE

  • Tue, November 15, 2011
    "There always has to be something a bit ugly,” Jonathan Anderson said when he stopped by OCNY this weekend to talk us through his fall collection. “I think a really ugly shoe can make a look," he continued. ... MORE

  • Mon, November 14, 2011
    What Acne is to Sweden,  Ay Not Dead is to Argentina. Started by three brothers in 2003, the brand is worn by almost every cool kid in Buenos Aires. ... MORE

  • Fri, November 11, 2011
    When I read that London up-and-comer Elliot Atkinson had taken inspiration for his fall collection from There Will Be Blood,  I internet stalked Daniel Day-Lewis for an hour by mistake. ... MORE

  • Wed, November 9, 2011
    Japanese-born Yuki Matsuda makes some of the best all-American shoes. It's kind of like how Americans make the best French fries (in my opinion). ... MORE

  • Tue, November 8, 2011
    I've been dressing kind of like a teenage boy recently, which was great until I came face-to-face with a real one wearing the same outfit yesterday. I suddenly remembered that I do also like to wear dresses. ... MORE

  • Mon, November 7, 2011
    Londoner Ale Sly packed it all in and moved to Argentina, where she now makes multi-colored cowhide accessories. Jealous much? With her husband and two young daughters in tow, she toured the country's Andean villages and remote plains, trawling ... MORE

  • Fri, November 4, 2011
    Thomas Giorgetti and Christophe Lépine of French label Bleu de Paname make brilliant workwear-inspired men's clothing from scratch in an old metal factory in Paris. ... MORE

  • Thu, November 3, 2011
    Here's another hit of color from our featured country,  Argentina , this time courtesy of English sisters Felicity and Chelsey Henderson, AKA  Jungle Vi.Ai.Pi . ... MORE

  • Wed, November 2, 2011
    "Miami On Fire" is  Corrado de Biase 's first collection at OC and I'm slightly obsessed with its custom print of flaming palm trees and South Beach high-rises. ... MORE

  • Mon, October 31, 2011
    Welcome to the world of House of Matching Colours ! It's part runaway riot grrl and part doe-eyed innocent. Peaches, Saint Saviour, and Patrick Wolf have all lost it on stage in Paula Selby Avellaneda's costumes, and now her ... MORE

  • Thu, October 27, 2011
    When we decided to shoot Patrik Ervell 's fall collection, the whos, whats, and wheres were no-brainers. The Walker Street pop-up store was the perfect location and OC alum, and Patrik man-about-store, Mike Elmquist was just the guy to wear it. ... MORE

  • Wed, October 26, 2011
    Winter sun! I had totally forgotten about it until I was cycling down Grand Street yesterday morning and was nearly blinded by my reflection in the window of Fang Fang salon. ... MORE

  • Mon, October 24, 2011
    When I saw the new Jean Paul Gaultier Bébé pieces I wished that at least one of my friends had a baby. My sister's cat probably wouldn't find it as fun as I would, so I have no one to dress up in this tiny 3-D hat and bib set. ... MORE

  • Fri, October 28, 2011
    Feast your eyes on these exclusive outtakes and behind-the-scenes shots from the Carven Fall/Winter 2011 campaign shoot! Photographer and friend of OC Max Farago followed Anna de Rijk as she wandered through Paris with her hands in the pockets of ... MORE

  • Tue, October 25, 2011
    Calla Haynes is on a roll. She's made prints for Alexander Wang, collaborated with Jeremy Laing, and was married in a custom Olivier Theyskens dress—all before starting her own label. ... MORE

  • Thu, October 20, 2011
    Winter is coming. And clearly that means I'm spending too much time in bed reading Game of Thrones . It also means that I'm daydreaming about knitwear: layers of thick cable knits, marled wool, plaids, and pompoms. ... MORE

  • Tue, November 1, 2011
    SKULLS! More of them. Yes, I know it's not Halloween anymore. But these ones are different. They haven't come from a crypt or from Rickys, they've come from the sunny shores of Saint-Tropez. ... MORE

  • Fri, October 21, 2011
    Meet Simon Porte Jacquemus. For lack of a French word, he's a wunderkind. He makes beautiful clothes with a confidence designers twice his age would kill for, he's charming, French, and modest too—so we can't hate him. ... MORE

  • Wed, October 19, 2011
    "Candy Flip" is the name of Jeremy Scott 's Fall/Winter 2011 collection. But it could also be the name of a bad 90s electronic group. I thought this sounded funny, but then I googled it and it's TRUE. ... MORE

  • Tue, October 18, 2011
    I've been pretty hot on Warriors of Radness ever since they re-introduced the muscle pant a few years back. Early 90s 90210 has always topped Dynasty  on my list of daytime TV favorites. ... MORE

  • Mon, October 17, 2011
    Lemon yellow, sage, and champagne. With a palette like this, it was no surprise to learn that Florian Denicourt is big into food. (And he is French after all. ... MORE

  • Thu, October 13, 2011
    We're in Forfex-tasy! The OC-exclusive dalmatian print high-tops have arrived! Forfex 's signature sneakers have been pared-down with all-white detailings and a super slim shape—all the better to show off their furry new coat. ... MORE

  • Wed, October 12, 2011
    James Long 's female fans rejoice! This fall we're welcoming the designer's first ever womenswear collection to OC. Fresh out of East London, Long's knit-heavy menswear has been causing a stir since it launched back in 2008, and now he's ... MORE

  • Tue, October 11, 2011
    There's a fine line between worn-in and worn-out, distressed and actually disintegrating. Assembly New York reclaims the line this fall. ... MORE

  • Mon, October 10, 2011
    Layla Racy makes clothes she wants to wear. And a lot of other people want to wear them too, if the rate at which they're flying off our shelves is anything to go by. ... MORE

  • Thu, October 6, 2011
    With 55 years of experience under their belt, Eastland does not take change lightly. So when a new model is added to the line, it's big news. ... MORE

  • Fri, October 14, 2011
    Mary Katrantzou is a phenomenon! Her first runway presentation in 2009 left us speechless. Just two years later and her out-of-this-world prints and "where did that come from?!" shapes have turned Mary's pieces into collectors' items. ... MORE

  • Fri, October 7, 2011
    When Aurélie Bidermann  began making lucky charms for her friends in Paris, word spread so fast that she soon had to upscale production. ... MORE

  • Wed, October 5, 2011
    The designers behind our new shirts of choice, Sidian, Ersatz & Vanes , are a mystery. (Those aren't even their real names). What we do know is this: a) They are three friends, b) They have some pretty serious ideas about shirts. ... MORE

  • Tue, October 4, 2011
    You've seen it frolicking in snowy gardens, lounging moodily in living rooms, and popping to the corner shop, and now it's finally here: OC women's FW11, part two has hit stores. ... MORE

  • Fri, September 30, 2011
    Every season Pamela Love plumbs the depths for new inspirations—it might be the Mexican occult one year, African symbols the next—and this fall is no exception. ... MORE

  • Thu, September 29, 2011
    Our latest delivery of fall shoes means business. So let's get straight to the good stuff: J.W. Anderson has made a boot to end all boots. It sparkles and it's furry, but it would also have your back in a fight. ... MORE

  • Wed, September 28, 2011
    "I don't want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member," said Groucho Marx. Or was it Woody Allen? No, wait, it was both. But it could also have been Scott Sternberg. ... MORE

  • Tue, September 27, 2011
    Chains, smoke, and revolution have replaced Peter Pilotto 's familiar language of flowers and sea foam for fall. The duo's trademark twisted silks come in striking chain prints and powerful shades of poster paint red. ... MORE

  • Mon, October 3, 2011
    "True love burns through bright and white," said Terence once . And what is more lovable than a shoe that looks like a white bunny rabbit? Or a warm, soft, quilted boot (also in white). ... MORE

  • Fri, September 23, 2011
    You've seen the video and now the collection has landed! On six inch heels! Nicola Formichetti's alien goddess has descended on OC. ... MORE

  • Wed, September 21, 2011
    From Trainspotting to tartan, OC's fall menswear collection is chest-deep in Celtic heritage. At its heart are the thick wools and intricate patterns of Fair Isle sweaters and highland plaids. ... MORE

  • Tue, September 20, 2011
    When British sportswear prodigy Christopher Shannon met luggage giant Eastpak, great things were always going to happen. The latest bags from their ongoing collaboration took an unexpected trip, though. ... MORE

  • Fri, September 16, 2011
    This year the iconic Bass Weejuns loafer turns 75! The Weejuns, Maine shoemaker G.H. Bass's adaptation of a little-known Scandinavian moccasin (get it, Norweejun?), has become an American design classic. ... MORE

  • Mon, September 12, 2011
    On Wednesday night, over a million kids across New York were laying out their outfits and lining up their pencils, ready for their first day of school. ... MORE

blog posts tagged: Alice Newell-Hanson

  • Mon, September 30, 2013
    From the blinding white walls to the 15 or so pairs of pristine basketball socks worn by the models, Christian Wijnants ' spring show was FRESH. Pops of eclectic blue made his whites look whiter, and sheer fabrics kept things lighter than light. ... MORE

  • Fri, September 27, 2013
    Olympia Le-Tan 's show last night made you wish that more fashion shows involved sharks, nipple tassels, and a sense of humor. ... MORE

  • Thu, January 24, 2013
    Hair dying has been a super-trend for the last few years, to the effect that no hair is shocking. So what is there left to try? Well, there are always those famous hair moments that girls have filed away in their minds. ... MORE

  • Mon, August 6, 2012
    We admire anyone who has a look, and whose approach to fashion is as obsessive as ours. In this new column we ask OC friends and family to let us rifle through their collections and celebrate their hoarding situations. ... MORE

  • Thu, July 12, 2012
    We admire anyone who has a look, and whose approach to fashion is as obsessive as ours. In this new column we ask OC friends and family to let us rifle through their collections and celebrate their hoarding situations. ... MORE

  • Thu, June 28, 2012
    We admire anyone who has a look, and whose approach to fashion is as obsessive as ours. In this new column we ask OC friends and family to let us rifle through their collections and celebrate their hoarding situations. ... MORE

  • Mon, November 21, 2011
    OC blogger Paris Starn sent us a report of Thursday night's Creative Time ball! The invitation for Creative Time ’s “Flaming Youth” Fall Ball promised “dancing and outrageous fun" and it definitely didn’t ... MORE

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