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Yuketen 6" Lace Up Boots
$ 395.00 95.00
Size & Fit

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100% leather upper. available in suede toast.

(SKU: 0 | GID: 2857)

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when you find a classic boot that's made with the quality and care that yuketen provides, you know there's no reason to look elsewhere. these 6" lace up boots feature a looped back tab, contrasting laces, and a suede body that encases the entire foot, on top of a solid rust colored sole that complements the shoes toast shade.

Passport: USA

Established: 1995 by Yuki Matsuda

With a deep, well-researched appreciation of traditional American shoemaking, Yuki Matsuda creates immediately familiar yet uniquely modern footwear with an array of authentic textiles. Enlisting the most experienced, capable hands to carefully craft each pair, Matsuda sees the entire process through--from conception to reality. Prominently influenced by historic Native American detailing, Yuketen often showcases a playful, contemporary take on the moccasin or chukka boot each season.


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