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Alexis Mabille Sequin Bow Brooch - Pink/Beige - BRFIA
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Sequined bowtie brooch | Gold pin closure on back.

100% PVC.

Available in black, gold, matte black, or pink/beige.

Made in France.

Brooch measures 5" x 2".

(SKU: 10068212 | GID: 14807)

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excellently animated, the accessory collection from imaginative frenchman alexis mabille reaffirms the designer's penchant for all out fun. addicted to invention, mabille continues to tussle with traditional silhouettes, turning this classics into invigorated ornaments.

Passport: France

Established: 2005 by Alexis Mabille

Inspired by the fanciful things you might find in your grandparents' attic, French iconoclast Alexis Mabille harnesses all the charm, antiquity, and unexpectedness of vintage throwaways to create buoyant and bold mens and womenswear. Undeniably free-spirited yet meticulously tailored, too, Mabille's collections reliably deliver fresh and vivid ways to look smashing.


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