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Playbutton Opening Ceremony Love Button
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1. Baths - "Plea"
2. Girls - "Heartbreaker"
3. Vampire Weekend - "White Sky" (New Look Remix)
4. Stephin Meritt / Magnetic Fields - "Yeah! Oh Yeah!"
5. Matthew Dear - "Don and Sherri" (Hot Chip Version)
6. Coconut Records - "Slowly"
7. Native Korean Rock - "Body"
8. How to Dress Well - "Ready for the World" (Extended Version)
9. Owen Pallett - "Lewis Takes Off His Shirt"
10. Björk - "Unravel" (Brodsky Quartet Version)

Playbutton MP3 player features pause, skip, and volume functions. Music selection is unchangeable.

Rechargeable batteries included.

(SKU: 10083321 | GID: 10205)

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Opening Ceremony is excited to recreate the mixtape experience with Playbutton, the innovative company that produces button-shaped mp3 players!

The first OC Playbutton, Love Songs, includes a suite of new, previously unreleased, and exclusive songs. For tracklisting, please see the details tab to the right!

All proceeds from this Playbutton will be donated to Musicians on Call, a non-profit that brings live and recorded music to the bedsides of hospital patients. Limited edition of 500.

Passport: USA

Established: 2010 by Nick Dangerfield & Victor Esther

Playbutton is the innovative New York-based company responsible for the ingenious saftey pin badges that double as MP3 players. With its set programmed playlist of songs, each button is a collaboration with an artist, record label, or company--like with Opening Ceremony's very own Love Button! As Playbutton notes itself, "Why just play a record when you can wear it too?"


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