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Norma Kamali OC-Exclusive Spliced Dress
$ 805.00 242.00
Size & Fit

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What’s red, white, blue, and silver? Norma Kamali’s exclusive collection for OC London! The iconic designer has reworked some of her most beloved styles in eye-popping tricolor metallics this summer. Work it in dramatic stretch dresses, shiny swimwear, and fishtail flares!

Metallic stretch dress with nude mesh stripes | Crewneck | 80% nylon, 20% spandex | Made in the USA.

(SKU: 10128388 | GID: 23833)

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Fits true to size.

Anna is wearing a size small.

Meet the Model!

Norma Kamali

Passport: USA

Established: 1974 by Norma Kamali

From her disco days at Studio 54 to the power-woman shoulder pads she brought into fashion in the 80s, Norma Kamali has always known how to make an impression. Preaching glamor, comfort, and empowerment, Norma creates iconic multi-wear pieces that make every day feel like your birthday—thanks to no shortage of spandex and sparkles. And we're not her only fans; the native New Yorker has outfitted the likes of Cher, Madonna, Beyoncé, and Rihanna.


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