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  • Wed, April 2, 2014
    At first glance, Kaal E Suktae 's Spring/Summer 2014 collection––filled with garter belts, corsets, sheer paneling, and high-cut skirts––would seem as far away from the Bible as fashion gets. ... MORE

  • Wed, March 26, 2014
    Kaal E Suktae 's Fall/Winter 2014 show Monday at Seoul Fashion Week was a vibrant, luxurious throwback to vintage aesthetics. ... MORE

  • Fri, February 14, 2014
    Let’s be real: the best thing about gifting to your partner is the idea of it working for you both! When shopping for your significant other, especially with clothing, it can be hard to forget about those shoes you’ve been eyeing or ... MORE

  • Tue, January 28, 2014
    I'm prone to hyperbole, and I tend to use words like "obsessed" more than I should. But believe me when I say I'm still O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with the Kiko Mizuhara for Opening Ceremony collection, and definitely still crazy about Kiko herself. ... MORE

  • Mon, January 13, 2014
    On any given night, Sue Chan could be sampling new David Chang innovations, launching an issue of  Lucky Peach , or karaoking after-hours with Danny Bowien. ... MORE

  • Fri, December 27, 2013
    There's not much that gets us going like food. We love it on clothing (Kiko Mizuhara's pizza Print leggings ), on art (Andrew Kuo's pizza painting ), and of course, on our plates. Our stories from the past year show as much. ... MORE

  • Tue, December 17, 2013
    You've already seen it all over the Internet on Beyoncé , and now it's official: the new Kiko Mizuhara for Opening Ceremony collection that launched earlier this year at OC Japan has dropped in the US. ... MORE

  • Tue, December 3, 2013
    These days, chefs are treated like celebrities who also have superhuman powers. So who are these Croc-wearing food wizards? Where do they find their BITES ON A BUDGET ? And where do they go to splurge? In " TOP CHEF, TOP EATS ," we ask ... MORE

  • Wed, November 27, 2013
    Head to Eli Zabar's Upper East Side store in the weeks leading up to Hanukkah and you'll find jelly donuts, chocolate gelt coins, and candy boxes on tantalizing display. ... MORE

  • Mon, October 14, 2013
    Wool sweaters, check. Plaid shirts, check. It’s suddenly fall and Patrik Ervell ’s latest collection has everything you need to do it in. ... MORE

  • Mon, July 22, 2013
    Make It Snappy is a photo series showcasing quick snaps from OC friends! Disclaimer: JK on the hottest bods part––though we'll let you be the judges of that. ... MORE
  • Wed, June 12, 2013
    Have you stocked your dad's bathroom cabinet with a lifetime supply of boutique shaving creams and razors? It's time to mix things up with our  GIFT GUIDE . ... MORE

  • Thu, May 30, 2013
    Check out what the staff are coveting! Pick: Acne Studios ace chalk jeans This piece is perfect for:  Block parties in Harlem If this piece were a movie, it would be :  Midnight Cowboy Favorite spot for a weekend summer getaway ... MORE

  • Thu, May 23, 2013
    With so many fresh items popping up each day, OC's fashion editor, Alice, brings you her favorites in " THIS JUST IN ." Some things I loved at Shaun Samson's spring show: studded pool slides (worn with socks), skorts, and oversized ... MORE

  • Thu, May 9, 2013
    Last week was the opening for Pornalikes , a show at Karma by the New York-based Polish artist Piotr Uklanski. Uklanski, who started out as a photograper, found and selected imagery of porn celebrity lookalikes from various online, film, and print ... MORE

  • Wed, May 8, 2013
    Popsicle sticks stuck to a card that will leave glitter all over the house for the next two months is no longer an acceptable Mother's Day gift. It's time to mom up and get your #1 something fantastic for Mother's Day. ... MORE

  • Tue, May 7, 2013
    With so many fresh items popping up each day, OC's stylist Daria brings you her favorites in " THIS JUST IN .' " With their wide leg and stretchy waist, Mother of Pearl artist collaborator Francesco Simeti 's pants are a game-changer for ... MORE

  • Thu, May 2, 2013
    Kaal E Suktae 's Spring/Summer 2013 collection is all about white. Let's not get into the whole Memorial Day question—people wear orange before Halloween and pastels before Easter. ... MORE

  • Wed, April 3, 2013
    Having seen the Kaal E. Suktae Fall/Winter 2013 show , Carol and Joyce dropped by Lee Suk Tae's showroom in Sinsadong Kangnamgu to chat more about the collection. ... MORE

  • Thu, March 28, 2013
    New York, Paris, and Milan make way for Seoul Fashion Week! This week, check the blog for the latest collections from our featured country of the year, KOREA ! Perhaps what is so unique and exciting about the current Korean fashion scene is its ... MORE

  • Tue, February 19, 2013
    In the bustle before New York Fashion Week, we dispatched cameras to a handful of OC designers. The aim: to see how many snacks, coffee runs, and late-night pizzas go into making a collection. ... MORE

  • Fri, February 8, 2013
    The invitation to the N.Hoolywood Fall/Winter 2013 show was a piece of silver card that you could assemble into a tiny model aircraft. The I-beams in the show space, an old industrial building on Eleventh Avenue, were also painted silver. ... MORE

  • Thu, January 3, 2013
    It's always a treat to pick the brain of a creative who's as articulate about their work as much as they are innovative, like the electronic artist Nicolas Jaar. ... MORE

  • Mon, December 10, 2012
    The holiday season is upon us and this year it's time to HOLIDAY YOUR WAY ! We asked members of the OC family to share their favorite holiday recipes. ... MORE

  • Tue, November 20, 2012
    What do designers in Seoul get for lunch? What do they keep on their desks? And what music do they work to? We asked Seoul-based fashion journalist and photographer Hong Sukwoo to scope out the office of Korean menswear brand MVIO , and we were not ... MORE

  • Tue, November 20, 2012
    OCNY's Kyle Wukasch talked to Gavin Russom (formerly of LCD Soundsystem) and Viva Ruiz about their new musical project, The Crystal Ark. ... MORE

  • Wed, October 24, 2012
    New York, Paris, and Milan make way for Seoul Fashion Week! This week, check the blog for the latest collections from our featured country of the year,  Korea ! Today, Paris-trained womenswear designer Lee Suk Tae of Kaal e Suktae once again ... MORE

  • Fri, October 19, 2012
    With so many fresh items popping up each day, OC's stylist Daria brings you her favorites in " THIS JUST IN ." This week we explore the arrivals at OC that have made themselves at home at both our 35 Howard Street store, and our men's ... MORE

  • Thu, October 4, 2012
    Who says downtown creative types are apathetic and apolitical? Last night's Downtown for Democracy and VICE Fight Night event proved otherwise, with plenty of OC friends (including the original downtown democrat Glenn O'Brien) gathering around ... MORE

  • Sun, September 30, 2012
    Carol and Humberto took Kenzo jungle fever to a new level with an incredible spring collection. During a fitting last week, Humberto described its story as a girl entering the jungle and emerging transformed as a beautiful wild creature. ... MORE

  • Fri, September 21, 2012
    With so many fresh items popping up each day, OC's stylist Daria brings you her favorites in " THIS JUST IN ." A cozy knit with neon threading, wide-leg patchwork pants, a suede bucket hat, and a structured bag... ... MORE

  • Mon, August 27, 2012
    I can't believe it, Opening Ceremony Tokyo is three! How time flies! Last Friday night, we celebrated this momentous occasion with everyone who has supported us over the years. ... MORE

  • Mon, August 20, 2012
    It’s been a big year for OC (our adidas Originals collaboration , the London pop-up shop, the OC Annual , and the 10 year book with Rizzoli), and it’s about to get bigger! Today, we are excited to announce our next featured country, ... MORE

  • Fri, June 29, 2012
    Everybody knows that when you're dining for a good cause, you digest your food better. That's why we love Downtown for Democracy's new series of foodie fundraisers, Dining for Democracy. ... MORE

  • Mon, April 23, 2012
    A couple of weeks ago, we excitedly unveiled Opening Ceremony Japan's second store in Tokyo's Shinjuku train station, but recently, we took the shop to a whole new level, opening up the doors to its second floor! Drop by the one-stop commuter shop ... MORE

  • Mon, March 5, 2012
    OC chouchoute   Olympia Le-Tan launched her eponymous clothing collection on Saturday with a typically OLT wink: Bettie Page look-alikes stripped down while dancing to Mickey & Sylvia and Biggie in the kitchen of the Musée Nissim de ... MORE

  • Thu, March 1, 2012
    Have you heard? We're opening a brand new Tokyo location, Opening Ceremony Shinjuku, this Friday, March 2nd! To celebrate, the OC Japan crew will be hosting a snap contest at the new shop on Saturday, March 3rd . ... MORE

  • Wed, February 29, 2012
    Get excited––we're opening a second store location in Japan,  Opening Ceremony Shinjuku , on Friday, March 2nd! Just like our  Opening Ceremony Japan flagship store in Shibuya, which opened in 2009, OC Shinjuku ... MORE

  • Tue, February 14, 2012
    Any show that begins with a Mexican wedding cookie from Momofuku bakery is off to an excellent start. The second taster of what was to come? A soundtrack that brought to mind an outlaw returning to a one-street town or blowing through saloon doors. ... MORE

  • Fri, February 3, 2012
    Last night, OC friends gathered at Tiny's in Tribeca to toast the recently completed Fall/Winter 2012 men's collection, which has come a long way since the early days of colorblock diamond hoodies and woven sweatshirts. ... MORE

  • Mon, January 23, 2012
    To celebrate the start of the lunar new year, we raided OC for these red, fiery, and show-stopping finds to bring you all the luck you need in the Year of the Dragon. Gong hei fat choy! MORE

  • Fri, December 2, 2011
    Designer Yuki Matsuda, the mastermind behind footwear brand Yuketen , also finds the time to collect whole racks of vintage military jackets (how does he do it?!). ... MORE

  • Wed, November 9, 2011
    Japanese-born Yuki Matsuda makes some of the best all-American shoes. It's kind of like how Americans make the best French fries (in my opinion). ... MORE

  • Thu, October 27, 2011
    Hobbyist is a new, seven-part series in which our good friends and OC blog correspondents  Twin Bike  (Mariko Munro and Rachelyn Remz-Porter) look into the extra-curricular activities of some of their favorite people in pop culture. ... MORE
  • Sat, September 10, 2011
    N. Hoolywood's Daisuke Obana took to the silver screen for SS12 with a collection heavily inspired by Saul Bass, the iconic 60s graphic designer known for his title sequences. ... MORE

  • Sat, September 3, 2011
    Just like he did for last year's Fashion's Night Out, Cookie monster Scott Sternberg has teamed up with Momofuku Milk Bar superstar Christina Tosi to whip up another OC FNO-exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime confection. ... MORE

  • Wed, August 10, 2011
    Humberto and OC wish our friend Justin a happy birthday! Dear Justin, A huge happy birthday to you! Wishing you tons of fun and laughs from everyone at Opening Ceremony! Xx MORE

  • Fri, June 24, 2011
    Going into your friend's studio for the first time is a bit like going back to the house they grew up in and stepping into their teenage bedroom. Except instead of band posters and action figures, it's overly decorated with relics of the present. ... MORE

  • Thu, June 16, 2011
    Meet our new blog intern, Pardis! Name: Pardis Saberi Hometown: Columbus, OH Astrological sign: Cancer One can never go wrong wearing: Silk blouses or anything lace Last thing I downloaded on iTunes: "Painted Eyes" by Hercules and ... MORE

  • Mon, May 30, 2011
    We're ready for summer to hit! Matty and Megan pick outfits to go with their favorite summertime activities. These pics are for entertainment purposes only -- we do not recommend jumping rope in heels. Photographs by Teena Sahebi MORE

  • Wed, May 11, 2011
    Remember when Ryan of Yuketen stopped by to visit us at OCLA ? Well he's been keeping busy ever since. This photo set is from Ryan's journey to Maine, where he visited master shoe makers Leo and Jerry. ... MORE

  • Thu, May 5, 2011
    Member:  Ayame Suzuki Book/Magazine:   L'Etranger by Erika Altosaar Published in : Brooklyn Price: $8.00 Why it's so great:  Sometimes you walk into a café or something and you think, "Who's that girl?", because her ... MORE

  • Wed, May 4, 2011
    The gents from Yuketen came in to remind the OCLA staff of the wonderful intricacies that make their shoes truly special. Ryan and Yusuke showed us the different styles of hand-stitched moccasins and boots, all made in a small workshop in Maine. ... MORE

  • Sun, February 13, 2011
    Make It Snappy is a photo series showcasing quick snaps from OC & friends as we navigate New York Fashion Week. Who:  Daisuke of N. Hoolywood What: Digging into vintage watches Where: The Indoor Antique Fair on 26th St. ... MORE
  • Fri, February 11, 2011
    Replete with rucksacks, hatchets, and scruff, the N. Hoolywood FW11 show today at the decadent Park Avenue Armory was all about the mountain boy. ... MORE

  • Mon, January 31, 2011
    Having a lobster roll that’s more like lobster salad doused with mayo on a bun happens all too often. But this is not the case for Luke's Lobster , which I checked out Friday afternoon with my friend Samantha after hearing claims that it was ... MORE

  • Fri, December 17, 2010
    Every day up until December 23rd, we're featuring a different category from our Holiday Gift Guide, which we created for everyone on your gifting list! Grizzly Bears and Lumber Janes: a little rough and tumble is never out of the question for these ... MORE

  • Wed, December 15, 2010
    Every day up until December 23rd, we'll be highlighting one category from our Holiday Gift Guide, which we curated with everyone on your list in mind! This time up: the Smart Alec and Smart Alice! Growing up, they were that kid who went home after ... MORE

  • Mon, October 4, 2010
    How to Shuck an Oyster with David Chang from Opening Ceremony on Vimeo . OCTV is happy to share its newest production, "How to Shuck an Oyster with David Chang. ... MORE
  • Mon, October 4, 2010
    Despite the implications of its name (which stands for the designer's greatest loves, daughter "Monica," "military," and "Italy"), Monitaly actually pays tribute to the most historic styles to come out of the US. ... MORE

  • Fri, September 10, 2010
    After our chat with Daisuke Obana of N. Hoolywood this past July, we were excited to see the final Spring/Summer 2011 looks at his presentation. ... MORE

  • Wed, September 8, 2010
    Two days away and too excited to hold back, we'll truly be churning out the Fashion's Night Out news in the next 48 hours, starting with the very nibbly notion below. ... MORE

  • Mon, August 30, 2010
    If you got to ask Scott Sternberg of Band of Outsiders any one question, you'd probably want to hear his musings on the perfect suit, or the perfect polo shirt, or advice on how to gain a cult following, but we opted to ask for his sage opinion on ... MORE

  • Fri, August 27, 2010
    As we previously let you know , we've asked some of our favorite designers to hand-pick their own friends to model for our online store. ... MORE

  • Fri, August 13, 2010
    In the next week, we will be premiering our first "OCTV" original video, wherein master chef and entrepreneur David Chang shares some secrets of seafood in the kitchen of MomofukU Noodle Bar. ... MORE

  • Fri, August 6, 2010
    We're always in awe when Ryosuke visits us here at OC Ace ! Name: Ryosuke Suzuki Hometown: Tochigi, Tokyo, Japan. Go-to interview outfit: Dior Homme jacket + pants. Clothes on pets, right or wrong? Wrong. Pets are not fashion. ... MORE

  • Tue, July 27, 2010
    Summer equals weekends at the beach. And finding a place to crash at the beach. Thankfully, Jen Brill opened her Montauk door this past weekend and chick-fest 2010 was born! A house in Ditch Plains was the site for BBQs, naps on the porch, car rides ... MORE

  • Mon, July 19, 2010
    Over iced coffees at the OC showroom on one of the hottest days of the year, longtime OC friend Daisuke Obana of N. Hoolywood told me about his plans to begin showing in New York this fall. N. ... MORE

  • Fri, July 16, 2010
    Raymond Cauchetier’s photographs from behind the scenes of French New Wave cinema are every bit as romantic as you would want photos of Jean Seberg, Anouk Aimée, Jeanne Moreau, and Anna Karina to appear. ... MORE

  • Thu, July 8, 2010
    OC friend Jen Brill (of Total Management) sits down with her Montauk housemate, architect extraordinaire Rafael de Cárdenas , to discuss Oribe, Limelight, Pop Swatches, and a few non-nostalgic topics. ... MORE

  • Wed, November 11, 2009
    Toga 's head designer Yasuko Furuta popped into Opening Ceremony Los Angeles last week to visit our LA store for the first time. ... MORE

  • Fri, October 30, 2009
    Having just come back from Japan where I indulged in one Kimukatsu too many, I thought it would be best to temporarily wean myself off of fried foods. ... MORE

  • Mon, October 26, 2009
    Last Friday we enjoyed the good fortune of a visit from Ryan Keenan and designer Yuki Matsuda of Yuketen for a very special clinic for the special accessories we carry.  Ryan was actually slated to come alone, but apparently when Mr. ... MORE

  • Fri, June 5, 2009
    Common Space isn't a place or publication, but rather a platform for introducing the latest in design and art. Their current project, "Blind Carbon Copy" brings together Asian artist who work under a slew of media into one cohesive space. ... MORE

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