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  • Thu, December 26, 2013
    The beginning of a new year is fast approaching, and we're here to make sure you start it off in style. Champagne? Check. "Happy New Year" crowns? Check. Outfit? Let's do this. ... MORE

  • Tue, November 12, 2013
    In " THE LOOK " OC friends drop by to try on our favorite new arrivals, and tell us about their wardrobe preferences past and present. ... MORE

  • Fri, October 25, 2013
    Let's be real––how many times have you bought a last minute costume and thrown it away a few weeks later? Halloween is an opportunity to embody your fantasies for a night, but there's no reason you shouldn't be able to relive them on ... MORE

  • Thu, August 1, 2013
    Code red! Code red! Kenzo skirts, Gaultier clutches, Acne Studios shoes—this season we're seeing every shade of red. Is it the new black? We'll let you decide! Clockwise from bottom left: clutch by  JEAN PAUL GAULTIER ; s kirt by Kenzo ; ... MORE
  • Tue, July 2, 2013
    With so many fresh items popping up each day, OC's fashion editor, Alice, brings you her favorites in " THIS JUST IN ." The Fourth of July is about being outside, eating, drinking, and hanging out with friends. ... MORE

  • Wed, June 5, 2013
    Gingham in Opening Ceremony 's spring collection, "Rock Around the Clock" on Olypmia Le-Tan' s spring bags—this can only mean one thing... ... MORE
  • Fri, May 31, 2013
    May has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you should stop pampering mother dearest. June just means it’s dad’s turn in the spotlight on the 16th—so break out the fishing poles and TiVo the big game! With the help of our ... MORE
  • Mon, May 6, 2013
    Depending on your definition, punk began in one of two places. If you ask Patti Smith, it all began in the fetid bathrooms of New York’s CBGB. ... MORE

  • Thu, May 2, 2013
    Julien David's dinosaur print is toying with our hearts this spring! Those tiny T-Rex arms! So we arranged the ultimate playdate: a playdate with Proenza, Eli Reed, and Comme des Garçons. ... MORE
  • Mon, April 29, 2013
      Some say staring into a girl's handbag is like staring into her soul. In this series, we ask friends and family to spill their bags and show us what their daily essentials are. ... MORE
  • Fri, April 26, 2013
    Mark your calendars and start practicing your eggs Benedict: it's Mother's Day in two weeks today! To help you show your mama you care this May 12th, we've put together a special selection of goodies just for moms. ... MORE
  • Wed, February 6, 2013
    OC's content director and OC Annual editor Rory Satran  shows  us her NYFW essentials. Shop all OC handbags HERE . 1. ... MORE
  • Mon, February 4, 2013
    In kindergarten we made glittery cards, in school we passed notes, and this year we'll probably send Snapchats. But for the BFs, GFs, BFFs (and, let's be honest, moms, brothers, and pets ) who deserve more than a stream of emoticons this February ... MORE
  • Thu, January 3, 2013
    Our man in Seoul JIHO HWANG shares his favorite street style looks from FEATURED COUNTRY Korea Name: Nanjeong Lee Hometown:  Seoul Astro sign: Cancer Currently obsessed with: Raising a cat! Last movie I downloaded: The new Twilight movie Go-to ... MORE

  • Fri, December 21, 2012
    The holiday season is upon us, and this year it's time to HOLIDAY YOUR WAY ! Audrey Gelman, Downtown for Democracy organizer, SoulCycle enthusiast , and the youngest press secretary in the city (!) sent us her holiday picks: how about a little ... MORE

  • Mon, December 17, 2012
    The holiday season is upon us and this year it's time to  HOLIDAY YOUR WAY ! We asked Chime what she wants, needs, and is gifting this year. ... MORE

  • Fri, December 14, 2012
    The holiday season is upon us and this year it's time to  HOLIDAY YOUR WAY ! We asked Joyce what she wants, needs, and is gifting this year. ... MORE

  • Thu, December 13, 2012
    The holiday season is upon us and this year it's time to  HOLIDAY YOUR WAY ! We asked Bettina what she wants, needs, and is gifting this year. ... MORE

  • Tue, December 4, 2012
    It's time to Holiday Your Way with OC! We've packed our gift guides with handpicked goodies for everyone on your list.   A rainbow of Proenza bags, star-spangled Comme wallets, and some very shiny shoes make our gift guide for girls fail-safe. ... MORE
  • Fri, November 30, 2012
    It's written in the stars! Susan Miller says today is about "lighting up your fun sector." And, right on cue, here are the very sparkly, fun with a capital F, new wallets from Comme! No two wallets from CDG's latest "Bright Star" ... MORE

  • Mon, November 12, 2012
    With a career that spans over thirty years, Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele is responsible for the fashion in some of the most memorable Richard Avedon and Irving Penn images, Anna Wintour’s first Vogue cover, and just about every sexed up story in V ... MORE

  • Mon, October 8, 2012
    At 28, Gosha Rubchinskiy has experienced life in Russia both before and after the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Based in Moscow, he works with a group of friends—skater kids and other creatives—to design clothes inspired by a ... MORE

  • Wed, September 26, 2012
      Some say staring into a girl's handbag is like staring into her soul. If that's the case, then the girls of our OC handbag editorial are 100% cute. We asked them to spill their bags and show us what their daily essentials are. ... MORE
  • Mon, September 24, 2012
    Ryan McGinley has shared this awesome video diary from his recent trip to Tokyo for his shows  Reach Out I'm Right Here  and  Animals. ... MORE

  • Sat, September 8, 2012
    See what Celestine Cooney, Fashion Director for  TWIN ,  packs for NYFW in our series, "Case by Case" . Hint: it involves a little bit of Alexander Wang, Christopher Kane, J.W. ... MORE

  • Wed, August 8, 2012
    There aren’t many designers who can claim both the fashion darlings and the sneaker freaks as factions of their fan base, but Jeremy Scott has found a way to unite their disparate closets. ... MORE

  • Tue, August 7, 2012
    Meet Kam, the newest OC blog intern and latest transatlantic import from London. Name: Kam Dhillon  Hometown: Birmingham/ ... MORE

  • Wed, July 4, 2012
    The sky is blue, the smell of hotdogs is in the air, and we’re setting up camp on the roof until the fireworks. Which means we’ve got all of ten hours to spend painting our faces, BBQing, and making like Miley and partying in the USA! To ... MORE

  • Tue, June 5, 2012
    With just under two weeks until Father's Day , we asked OCers from around the world to share their favorite dad moments. And what better way to remind us of just how much we love them, than by flicking through the old photos—from a time when ... MORE

  • Tue, June 5, 2012
    Sending virtual flowers to this year's CFDA winners! Congratulations to  Joseph Altuzarra  for winning the Emerging Talent in Womenswear award, The Row for Womenswear Designer of the Year, and Rei Kawakubo  awarded The International ... MORE

  • Fri, May 4, 2012
    Next Sunday is Mother's Day and, in the immortal words of the Spice Girls, "Mama, we care." Here to help you show your appreciation for the years of unconditional love and affection is our Mommy Dearest Gift Guide . ... MORE

  • Fri, March 16, 2012
    Raise those shamrocks high! Tomorrow is Saint Patrick's Day, the most widely celebrated of all national holidays around the world. ... MORE

  • Thu, March 1, 2012
    For our latest online editorial, OC stylist Daria Radlinski, prop stylist Amy Henry, and photographer  Jeremy Liebman came together to play their own version of Supermarket Sweep . ... MORE

  • Mon, February 20, 2012
    It's Carol Lim's birthday! The OC co-founder and owner's dear friend Maryam L'Ange wishes her a happy one. To my dearest Carol, I'm thrilled to be wishing a very special happy birthday to a rare gem. ... MORE

  • Tue, February 14, 2012
    Rei Kawakubo's wallets are as iconic and timelessly cool as, well, Rei Kawakubo. Season after season Comme des Garçons has fed our obsession with polka dots, plaid, fur, and fluo. ... MORE

  • Mon, February 6, 2012
    Sixty black diamonds, three ruby tears, and nine-karat gold! It's just over a week until Valentine's Day, but Delfina Delettrez's heart-shaped stunner (made specially for OC) has already got us all worked up—and it's not the only thing... ... MORE

  • Thu, February 2, 2012
    Farrah Fawcett was the girl all the boys wanted and all the girls wanted to be. With a hairdo that was basically "The Rachel" of her generation, the TV commercial model-turned-Charlie's Angel made it to icon status when she famously posed ... MORE

  • Mon, January 30, 2012
    Humberto wishes Elijah Wood a happy one for his birthday, which was this past weekend. Dear Elijah, Have the HAPPIEST of birthdays––yet another year! I'm so sad I couldn't be there to celebrate!! Instead, we put together a little ... MORE

  • Fri, January 20, 2012
    The white button-down, the coiffed hair, and the cigarette firmly placed between his fingers—David Lynch is not only a style icon but is responsible for some of the most iconic and surreal cinematic moments from the last 40 years. ... MORE

  • Mon, December 26, 2011
    Humberto wishes Alex a happy one! Happy Birthday, Alex!!! Hope your day is as special and fun as that meal we had at Bellagio Café in Shanghai! xHumberto MORE

  • Wed, December 21, 2011
    Happy Socks , Chlo ë  Resort  and Mark McNairy with orange laces. Forget Oprah, these are a few of Darcel 's favorite things! MORE

  • Fri, December 16, 2011
    In honor of Gregg Araki's birthday, we asked V Magazine editor and unofficial president of the Araki fan club, Patrik Sandberg , to say a few words on our cinema hero. ... MORE

  • Sat, December 3, 2011
    The flash, brightness and boldness of his designs embodied everything about the decadent fast life of the 90s. Between the bondage-esque leather dresses, bejeweled tops, wild prints and regal, and Greco-roman-inspired motifs, it goes without saying ... MORE

  • Fri, December 2, 2011
    Happy Holidays from OC! To welcome the festive season, we’ve put together an array of MEN ’s, WOMEN’ s, and KIDS ’ gift guides. ... MORE

  • Fri, November 25, 2011
    Happy holidays from OC! To welcome the festive season, we’ve put together an array of MEN ’s, WOMEN 's, and KIDS ’ gift guides. ... MORE

  • Tue, November 22, 2011
    Happy holidays from OC! To welcome the festive season, we’ve put together an array of MEN ’s, WOMEN’ s, and KIDS ’ gift guides. ... MORE

  • Fri, November 18, 2011
    Happy Holidays from OC! To welcome the festive season, we’ve put together an array of men ’s, women ’s, and kiDS ’ gift guides. ... MORE

  • Tue, October 18, 2011
    Here's a special Fine Wine for our dear friend Ryan. Dear Ryan, Happy birthday!!!!!! We love you! XHumberto MORE

  • Tue, October 18, 2011
    ' Ask Dars ' is an advice column in which no sartorial dilemma is too big or small for Daria , our lead stylist, to address. Write her with your real-life questions and she'll answer them in the weeks to come! Dear Daria, What is something you can ... MORE

  • Wed, September 28, 2011
    For all of our favorite classic staples–from gingham (which she wore when she wed Jacques Charrier in 1959), to Repetto BB flats (which Rose Repetto created just for her ), to the bikini (which she immortalized in countless photos and ... MORE

  • Wed, September 7, 2011
    Chrissie Hynde, as the leading lady of the Pretenders, you have been a inspiring icon for girl power since the ‘80s. We're glad you haven't stopped oozing effortless cool, ‘cause there’s truly “no one like you”. ... MORE

  • Fri, August 19, 2011
    John Stamos, all we have to say is: Have mercy! Most (if not all) Full House fans couldn't help but have a crush on the ever-so-charming Uncle Jesse. ... MORE

  • Tue, July 5, 2011
    Meet our new design intern, Margaret! Name: Margaret Karczewski Hometown: Mountain Lakes, New Jersey Astrological sign: Cancer It's a deal breaker when my date wears: Cargo shorts Currently obsessed with: Everything 70s Last thing I downloaded on ... MORE

  • Mon, June 13, 2011
    Singer and OC friend Maluca  sends birthday love to her girl Robyn, whose big day was yesterday -- but it's never to late to celebrate. Dear RobynYa, I'm here at OC wishing you a very happy, fruitful and experimental birthday. ... MORE

  • Tue, June 7, 2011
    It started with the 1980  performance of "I Wanna Be Your Lover" on American Bandstand. Then as we cruised into the 80s, we found ourselves headed "Uptown" in a "Little Red Corvette" where the impossible was ... MORE

  • Wed, June 1, 2011
    Wined, dined and adored by the world’s most handsome and powerful men, Marilyn Monroe is the original blonde bombshell. And while her life was plagued by Hollywood Studio strictures and private darkness, her outward persona was that of pure ... MORE

  • Tue, May 31, 2011
    Oh Brooke, let’s get real girl, age has always been something that has defied you. As a child you were easily, and often controversially, mistaken for an adult and today your looks set you back dozens of years. ... MORE

  • Fri, May 27, 2011
    Happy birthday (tomorrow) to our favorite Aussie pop songstress! Since the late 1980s, we've watched Kylie Minogue evolve from girl-next-door to dancing queen to sex kitten and everything beyond. ... MORE

  • Mon, May 23, 2011
    Known for her temper as much as the "boom-boom" in her walk (as Vogue once put it), Naomi Campbell has been a force to reckon with since débuting as the face of YSL in the 80s. ... MORE

  • Thu, May 19, 2011
    Before Gaga brought you the meat dress and before Madonna wore Gaultier cone boobs, Grace Jones was bringing IT with her androgynous look and flawless face. She conquered the art world as an inspiration to both Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. ... MORE

  • Fri, April 15, 2011
    With her amazing sparkly bras, skin-tight pants and killer cumbia hip moves, there was no question that Selena Quintanilla, aka the "Mexican Madonna", was slated to become the next Gloria Estefan. ... MORE

  • Mon, March 28, 2011
    For me, it was the "Heartbreaker" Making of the Video -- the moment I became uncontrollably, embarrassingly obsessed with Mariah Carey. ... MORE

  • Mon, February 7, 2011
    Happy belated, Axl! The inked, long-haired and famously hotheaded GnR frontman with a notorious appetite for destruction turned 49 on Saturday. ... MORE

  • Mon, January 24, 2011
    What better way to beat the snowy, sleety, sludgy season than with a dose of super fluorescence? Reminiscent of your favorite one from childhood, Comme des Garcons 's new lineup of ultra-covetable wallets brings all the classic CDG style in striking ... MORE

  • Thu, January 20, 2011
    Japan certainly rocked the 80s, when designers like Rei Kawakubo, Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto, and Mitsuhiro Matsuda staged a fashion revolution, staunchly sticking to monochrome ensembles, imperfect cuts, and conventionally unflattering ... MORE

  • Mon, November 8, 2010
    Parker Posey dropped onto our collective radar by screaming, “All right, you little freshman bitches…AIR RAID!” to a ground full of quivering freshman girls in Richard Linklater’s classic high school flick Dazed and Confused ... MORE

  • Fri, August 13, 2010
    As if Rei Kawakubo hadn't already spoiled us rotten with choices, Comme des Garçons gives us even more ways to feel fine this season. ... MORE

  • Tue, March 30, 2010
    Little did we know that while we were dressing up Erykah Badu, she was dressing nothing. In her new, already controversial video, " Window Seat ," Erykah does her take on last year's MTV Breakthrough Video winner, Matt and ... MORE

  • Sat, February 13, 2010
    Sunday, February 14th, Opening Ceremony will open its second location in New York City at the new Ace Hotel this February. the 1500 square foot space has 20 foot ceilings and entrances facing Broadway and the bustling Ace Hotel lobby. ... MORE

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