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  • Wed, April 16, 2014
    If you are like me and regularly roll out of bed ten minutes before you are supposed to leave for work (apologies to my boss who is reading this right now), you can't be bothered with trying on multiple outfits. ... MORE

  • Fri, April 11, 2014
    Meet Gia Seo, OC model and associate at OC ACE! When this Alaska native isn't sporting the latest Marques'Almeida , Low Classic , or  Steve J & Yoni P   s he's a freelance stylist and film editor who has a soft spot for ... MORE

  • Wed, April 9, 2014
    When Marques'Almeida’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection debuted on the runway last September, the tell-tale designer aesthetic of blue denim was awash with some new specimens of the acid-colored chiffon and taffeta variety. ... MORE

  • Tue, February 18, 2014
    There's no chance of catching a cold next season—the Marques'Almeida designers, Marta and Paulo, have made sure of it. For Marques'Almeida Fall/Winter 2014, the models went to the ball in elaborate party furs made from Icelandic goat hair. ... MORE

  • Thu, February 13, 2014
    Dressing for fashion week can be tricky. But our women's buyers, aka the dream team responsible for many of the awesome collections you see at OC, can't help making it look easy. ... MORE

  • Sun, February 9, 2014
    Dressing for fashion week can be tricky. But our women's buyers, aka the dream team responsible for many of the awesome collections you see at OC, can't help making it look easy. ... MORE

  • Fri, January 31, 2014
    My turn-of-the-Millennium was the stuff a young girl's dreams are made off. I tried my first WKD alcopop, had my hair glitter sprayed bright blue, and got a bit mental on rainbow dust sherbet tubes with my pals while we danced to "C'est La ... MORE

  • Wed, January 22, 2014
    In SHOW AND TELL , we learn about the style, stories, and obsessions of OC friends and family, and find out their latest scores from the store. ... MORE
  • Tue, December 24, 2013
    A bodysuit can be the most perilous of thoughts for the holiday season. In fact for me, during December (aka, the month of non-stop eating and drinking) they're pretty much a no-entry zone. ... MORE

  • Wed, November 27, 2013
    Marques'Almeida 's Spring/Summer 2014 show was like the millennium party I wish I'd had. Acid brights and sheer, spaghetti-strapped dresses floated down the runway in what was the brand's biggest show yet. ... MORE

  • Tue, July 2, 2013
    In a world in which J-Lo insured her butt for $27 million and Tom Jones insured his chest hair for $7 million, how would Jerry Hall even begin to work out her premiums? The Texan model's super-human attributes include endless legs, an endless smile, ... MORE

  • Mon, June 17, 2013
    Hip-hop legend, celebrated actor, style icon: the seminal west coast gangsta rapper was born yesterday in 1971 to Black Panther Party activists Afeni Shakur and Billy Garland. ... MORE

  • Fri, June 14, 2013
    No other word awakens the senses quite like the word sale , but the combination of the words  sample and sale  can cause heart palpitations! The Opening Ceremony sample sale opens today! We dropped by the space (located just under the ... MORE

  • Thu, June 6, 2013
    My sister and I turned up to a family dinner in double double denim last week. I guess that's quadruple denim. We looked like Britney and Justin, or a country music sister act (dreams do come true), or toddlers whose parents dress them in matching ... MORE

  • Thu, May 23, 2013
    With so many fresh items popping up each day, OC's fashion editor, Alice, brings you her favorites in " THIS JUST IN ." Some things I loved at Shaun Samson's spring show: studded pool slides (worn with socks), skorts, and oversized ... MORE

  • Fri, May 3, 2013
    If you see me in anything but denim shorts, a T-shirt, and sandals past June 1st, something's wrong. But finding the perfect pair of shoes to see you through til September can be tough. ... MORE

  • Thu, April 25, 2013
    There must be something in the water over in London. How else can we explain the amount of dynamic talent coming from there? London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013 for both men and women was absolutely out of control. ... MORE

  • Mon, April 15, 2013
    You've met the  Marques'Almeida   girl  and now it's time to meet the boy. This season, Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida debut their first ever menswear collection, exclusively at OC! In keeping with the grit 'n' grunge feel of their ... MORE

  • Fri, April 12, 2013
    Meet Pink, interning with the OC Showroom. Name: Pink Prasitjutrakul Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand Astro sign: Libra Currently obsessed with: Sweets Last movie I downloaded: Amour Supernatural power I would like to posses: The ability to read ... MORE

  • Tue, April 9, 2013
    For the next 10 days the Opening Ceremony store in Los Angeles is offering 1 0% off all purchases* when you mention "Music Festival" at the cash register — all in the name of festival fun! Today Kerri shows us her ultimate festival ... MORE

  • Fri, March 29, 2013
    Created by Brits Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin, the comic book Tank Girl was released in a 1988 issue of comic magazine  Deadline , introducing us all to our favorite tank-driving outlaw. ... MORE

  • Fri, March 29, 2013
    Think back: what were you doing on the night of the Millennium? There's a strong chance you were dancing to Euro anthems in a halter top. ... MORE

  • Tue, February 19, 2013
    Just a few months have passed since our last visit to the world of Marques'Almeida. In that time our girl has grown up and so has her wardrobe. ... MORE

  • Mon, February 18, 2013
    Make It Snappy is a photo series showcasing quick snaps from OC & friends. Who: Paulo and Marta of Marques'Almeida  Where: At the OC London store When: Today! MORE
  • Sat, February 16, 2013
    Who: OCNY's Jayna Lin and OC London's Dot Burns What:  Wearing Fall/Winter 2012 and Spring/Summer 2013  MARQUES'ALMEIDA ! Nice  PS11 , Dot! Where: Outside the Marques'Almeida FW13 show. Check back for our show coverage. ... MORE

  • Tue, February 12, 2013
    Listen up, Londoners! We're giving tickets to 3 Fall/Winter 2013 shows this London Fashion Week: Marques'Almeida, JW Anderson, and KTZ! Tweet or Instagram a photo of yourself styled in your Fashion Week-ready look (anything from OC is highly ... MORE

  • Mon, December 31, 2012
    The year is just about finito so we asked some of our friends and family to chime in on their favorite people, looks, songs, and moments of 2012. ... MORE

  • Fri, December 28, 2012
    Between the opening of two new shops (OC London and another outpost in Tokyo's Shinjuku station), the introduction of an OC handbag line, interviews with some major iconic figures (Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, Glenn O'Brien, Larry Clark, and M.I.A. ... MORE

  • Tue, November 20, 2012
    Givenchy and Hepburn, Saint Laurent and de la Falaise... the relationship between designer and muse has been integral to fashion history. Our favorite contemporary designers and their influences are no exception. ... MORE

  • Mon, November 5, 2012
    Like their previous sell-out collections, the latest delivery from Portuguese designers Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida looks and feels as though it was sent express from the 1990s. ... MORE

  • Tue, October 9, 2012
    Our new model Simone spends her free time writing historical non-fiction and has a pet turtle named Daedalus, and I can't decide which fun fact makes me like her more! Get to know Simone here. ... MORE

  • Tue, October 9, 2012
    Polly Jean Harvey stormed the boys' club that was indie music during the early 90s, and has been leaving us guessing since. Every album brings a completely new sound and always with a look to match (or clash. ... MORE

  • Fri, September 21, 2012
    With so many fresh items popping up each day, OC's stylist Daria brings you her favorites in " THIS JUST IN ." A cozy knit with neon threading, wide-leg patchwork pants, a suede bucket hat, and a structured bag... ... MORE

  • Mon, September 17, 2012
    The buzz at the Portico Rooms was clearly discernible as a crowd of loyal Marques'Almeida supporters and new converts made their way to their seats for the SS13 show. ... MORE

  • Fri, September 14, 2012
    OC's Most Wanted presents our favorite and most coveted items available at OC. Smoking by the school gates, making out in the bike shed, Marques'Almeida's girl is always kicking up trouble. ... MORE
  • Thu, May 3, 2012
    JT had the moves, JC had the vibrato, but Lance? Lance was the only *NSYNC cutie who (almost) became an astronaut! He is the boy band boy with the highest aspirations and for this reason, on his birthday, which is tomorrow—we just wanted to be ... MORE

  • Thu, April 26, 2012
    These are the shoes of our tween years! This spring, Christopher Kane , Jeremy Scott , OC , and Marques'Almeida have given the outcasts of this decade's shoe world—the pool slide, the water shoe, and the sneaker-shoe—a teen-movie ... MORE

  • Thu, March 15, 2012
    English council estate girls and Nirvana fans hanging out together after school. That's how I would describe Marques'Almeida 's aesthetic. ... MORE

  • Fri, March 2, 2012
    OC's Most Wanted is a new series presenting our favorite and most coveted items available at OC. OC is all about these traction-terrific  MARQUES'ALMEIDA  CHUNKY SANDALS , pulled from the London-based brand's very first collection. ... MORE
  • Wed, February 22, 2012
    It's London Fashion Week and we’re nearly as excited to find out what’s playing during the shows as we are to see what’s on the catwalks. We asked some OC friends to hit us with their Fall/Winter 2012 show soundtracks. ... MORE
  • Wed, February 22, 2012
    For Fall/Winter 2012 Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida, the duo behind the young label Marques'Almeida, showed a focused collection that oozed with their now trademark grunge appeal. ... MORE

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