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Kenzo Kenzo Bijoux by Delfina Delettrez Walnut Bracelet
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Fresh from the Kenzo runway, this brilliant bijou was imagined by jewelry designer par excellence Delfina Delettrez. To complement the grape prints and citrus hues of the fall collection, Delfina teamed up with Kenzo creatives Carol Lim and Humberto Leon to produce ornaments filled with real fruit! Halved walnuts and slices of orange are set in gold and shiny transparent acrylic.

Chunky multi-color walnut shell bracelet | Adjustable clasp and chain closure | Measures 1.25"W x 9"L | Can be adjusted down to 7.5"L | 60% brass, 30% walnut, 10% resin.

(SKU: 10134679 | GID: 25980)


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