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Opening Ceremony OCNY Suede Rectangular Satchel
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Inspired by the Sunshine State, OC's resort bags come in lilac, pink, and suede the color of key lime pie! With a large satchel-style body, the OCNY bag is designed for city life. Keep your notebooks, iPad, camera, and keys strapped to your side at all times thanks to three zip-up compartments and oodles of space!
Suede flap front bag | 3 zippered compartments | Detachable shoulder strap | Top handle | Front pocket under flap | Back pocket | Front stud closure | Detachable key ring pouch at side | 100% leather | Made in Portugal.

(SKU: 10140302 | GID: 33010)

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Bag measures 11.5"L X 6-8"W x 9"H.

Opening Ceremony

Passport: USA

Established: 2005 by Humberto Leon & Carol Lim

Opening Ceremony Collection, launched in Spring 2005, captures the youthful, fun, and forward-thinking design aesthetic that defines the company as a whole. A different traveling couple–brother and sister, boyfriend and girlfriend, or best friends–inspires each season. Incorporating basics, wovens, knits, men’s suits, women’s dresses, accessories, leather goods, and men’s and women’s shoes, the collection strives to represent all aspects of our customers’ closets.


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