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illesteva Harrison Sunglasses
$ 220.00
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I spy with my little eye… another round of vintage-fresh frames from Illesteva! Daniel Silberman and DJ Jus Ske bring back top styles Harrison and Freida in your new favorite neutrals, while the cult classic Leonard gets a revamp with fluo mirrored lenses.

Wayfarer-style sunglasses | 100% Acetate | UV400 lenses | Made in France.

(SKU: 10158200 | GID: 44644)

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Arms: 152.4 mm | Lenses: 50.8 mm wide x 44.5 mm long | D.B.L: 19mm. 

Passport: USA

Established: 2009 by Daniel Silberman & Jus Ske

Despite just debuting its first collection in the spring of 2010, young eyewear label Illesteva proves with their tastefully nostalgic frames that they have some serious vision (pun intended!). Drawing inspiration from the "Latin Las Vegas" that is 50s-era Havana and working with superior Italian and German manufacturers to craft the highest quality handmade pairs, founders Daniel Silberman and Jus Ske achieve a timelessly stylish aesthetic.


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