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Jean Paul Gaultier Guy de Jean Striped Long Umbrella - Khaki/Black - JPG206
$ 55.00 17.00
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Polyester long umbrella | Classic Jean-Paul Gaultier stripe print on umbrella  | Sturdy metal skeleton interior | Transparent clear retraction button | Embossed metal logo tag on hook handle and snap closures | Manual retraction.

100% polyester.

Available in black/sand, ivory/navy, or khaki/black.

Made in France.

Umbrella diameter, when open: 46". Handle: 36.5".

(SKU: 10076154 | GID: 9389)

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Put two wildly talented, freethinking Frenchmen together, and what do you get? Well, something explosively beautiful, bien sûr! For their newest round of collaboration,  Jean Paul Gaultier and Guy de Jean create a stunning series of parapluies that will have you praying for rain! Pairing elegantly structured silhouettes with a number of illustrious JPG patterns straight from the designer's runway collection, these umbrellas have that stop-you-in-your-tracks style.

Passport: France

Established: 1976 by Jean Paul Gaultier

Never a follower, seminal designer and demagogue Jean Paul Gaultier has been honing an irreverent and mesmerizing aesthetic for nearly 40 years. Known for mixing men’s and womenswear as well as for sending unconventional models down the runway, the French firebrand bothers less with submitting to the norms of fashion and more with inventing sophisticated, surprising designs that do justice to his above-and-beyond creative vision.


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