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  • Wed, April 2, 2014
    It seems like everyday you come across a new "heritage" brand, proclaiming the virtues of vintage styles from the good old days where things were meticulously handmade. ... MORE

  • Mon, July 15, 2013
    Say hello to Ashley, our  super sweet styling intern at OC Worldwide with a sweet tooth! Name:  Ashley Isokpehi Hometown: Houston, TX Astro sign:  Aries Instagram:   ashleyiso Currently obsessed with:  Asiadog , Hi-Chews, ... MORE

  • Wed, January 23, 2013
    For the third year in a row, the MAN tradeshow is back in town but this time it's bigger. The event, which showcases the latest collections by brands that include OC picks Études , Peters Mountain Works , Haerfest , and Steve Mono ... MORE

  • Fri, December 21, 2012
    End of days? No way! Recently, it's seemed like people have been forecasting the apocalypse left, right, and center. Today, though, is that big red cross on your Mayan wall calendar. ... MORE

  • Fri, July 13, 2012
    Haerfest 's bags are as satisfying as clean white sneakers, arriving at the subway platform when the train pulls in, or opening a pack of new pencils. ... MORE

  • Wed, January 4, 2012
    When was the last time you were inspired by your friends? Last winter, I was lucky enough to be asked by Tim and Dan Joo of Hærfest  to document the production of their SS12 bag collection in Seoul, Korea. ... MORE

  • Mon, December 26, 2011
    Humberto wishes Alex a happy one! Happy Birthday, Alex!!! Hope your day is as special and fun as that meal we had at Bellagio Café in Shanghai! xHumberto MORE

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