Fine Wine: Happy Birthday, Roseanne Barr!

BY Patrick Wilson | Thu. November 1, 2012 | 12:00 AM | Fine Wine
While her roles as the scorned wife in She-Devil and as the sassy baby in Look Who's Talking Too are totally memorable, Roseanne Barr paved the way for many female comedians back in 1988 when she adapted her outspoken working mom stand-up character into a weekly sitcom. And so, in honor of Roseanne's 60th birthday tomorrow, we are paying homage to the Conners family!

was one of the first TV shows to positively portray feminist and gay characters, not to mention true blue collar America, and Roseanne fought hard for that distinction. The multitude of real yet totally taboo topics Roseanne tackled is astounding: Darlene gets her period, Becky loses her virginity, D.J. masturbates, Roseanne gets a breast reduction, Dan smokes pot, and Sandra Bernhard dates Morgan Fairchild. Roseanne also launched the careers of John Goodman, Tom Arnold, and, oh yeah, George Clooney (a factory boss and Aunt Jackie's love interest—I'm still bitter it didn't work out!).

Watching the show now is also an overwhelmingly inspiring early-90s dream of to-die-for tacky sweaters, jean jackets in every shape and size, rapidly changing hairstyles, and plaid, plaid, plaid. Her jokes are still killer, her messages are still relevant, and if you recently saw her campaigning for the Green Party or on Comedy Central Roast, you'll know she's looking better than ever! Happy birthday, Roseanne!