5 Questions for: The Big Pink

BY Rachelyn Remz-Porter | Mon. April 23, 2012 | culture club
RACHELYN REMZ-PORTER does a short Q&A with Milo Cordell of the London electro act The Big Pink with some help from INSTAX!

I have been mildly obsessed with The Big Pink since the duo's album A Brief History of Love came out a few years ago. I hung out with Milo and asked him some questions right before he played a rad set at Austin's Spin Lounge.

Tacos or BBQ?
Tacos. Definitely. Korean tacos.

Willie Nelson or Roy Orbison?
Roy Orbison

What's your desert island disc?
Right now, "Take These Chains from My Heart" by Ray Charles

What's your spirit animal?

Tell me a joke...


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