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Small Soft Satchel T-Pass Attache International Framed Expandable Wheeled Carry-On Electric Adapter $55 Luggage Tag $30
Countdown to the Ace: I Want to go There (With my Tumi for OC)
You can bet we know a thing or two about travel.  Between buying trips to Europe four times per year, visits to our Japan and LA stores, international inspiration hunts, and the occasional vacation here and there, we have tested many a travel bag.  When Carol, our CEO and co-founder, began her career after college, she purchased a beloved Tumi carry-on.  The bag, which maintains its near perfect condition till this very day, is all about durability, utility, and no frills precision--the essential attributes that make Tumi luggage the perfect complement to our growing Ace shop assortment. When we began thinking about our partnership with Tumi, Carol envisioned her favorite, trusty Tumi bag in a rainbow of colors.  Luckily, Tumi was down to let us customize some of their reliable travel bags for our new shop.  Check out the final product, three candy-colored, color-blocked travel bags in two colorways, pictured here: the International Expandable Carry-On, T-Pass laptop case (no need to take out your laptop at airport security with this baby!), and the Soft Satchel.  Get 'em while you can: Tumi and O.C. are making 100 of each of these limited edition bags, and then they're gone forever!

Available to pre-order now, and on display at the new Ace shop beginning this Sunday.

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THU, FEBRUARY 11, 2010
Y'all ever considered doing a collaboratory with Torrid or Ashro? I love that store! They the only stores online that carry Rondell's size.
- Rondell Jenkins
FRI, FEBRUARY 12, 2010
This gear looks AMAZING. I'd never confuse this at the airport. I am coveting that Satchel! Awesome collaboration OC.
- Timothy
TUE, APRIL 6, 2010
Any way to order a custom color expandable wheeled carry on?
- Russ Richker
FRI, APRIL 16, 2010
How do I order one of the Tumi tri-color luggage ?? By email or phone or at your store ?
- david tam
SAT, APRIL 17, 2010
Hi David!

You can call our store at the Ace Hotel to place a pre-order.

Phone # (646) 695-5680

or email us at

- Opening Ceremony Ace Hotel
TUE, JUNE 29, 2010
i love the new colors of tumi. where can i order a pair of the soft satchel and international framed expandable wheeled bag? i would to own a pair of this. just looked up this website so i just saw this. i hope there is still some left. I really hope so.
- disi alba
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