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Pictureplane Munchies by Cameron Dang Teengirl Fantasy Cyber Essentials, condoms by DIS Magazine Mykki Blanco, having an acapella moment Patrik and Lauren Mykki, logging in Michel Magnan, getting oxygenated Travis (Pictureplane) and Venus Genesis P-Orridge light box by OC alum Christelle de Castro Raul cyberlounging in front of Christelle's light box Daniel (Physical Therapy) and Haley Logan and Nick (Teengirl Fantasy) Raul, Ryan and Patrik Best dressed – HANDS DOWN Me fanning out over my favorite HDBOY, Max The blacklight life...
Snack the Planet: Mess with the Best, Die Like the Rest
by Zachary Ching
It was all about Hackers this weekend at the Museum of Arts and Design, where Patrik Sandberg and Lauren Devine opened the cyber cafe of their (and my) dreams with an event called "Snack the Planet." Inspired by the hangout in the classic 1997 film Hackers, Lauren and Patrik covered all their cyber bases with a scented oxygen bar, caffeinated beverages, mind-elevating munchies, inflatable furniture and enough smoke and black light effects to make falling into the Angelfire chatroom vortex completely unnoticeable. Patrik and Lauren also enlisted this generation's "elite" to provide the IRL entertainment – Teengirl Fanstay, Pictureplane, Mykki Blanco and Physical Therapy all performed alongside tripped out visuals by Casey Jane Ellison and Thunder Horse Video.

Check out this video of Pictureplane performing.

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1 comment
THU, OCTOBER 27, 2011
Correction: Thunder Horse actually designed the entire party / bar / lounge =D
- jude
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